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    The younger twin brother of Jodi

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    In 1981, Cyberjack intercepted a file that Miles Craven had sent to Kizen. It was an order to apprehend Lynn Morinaka and her newborn twins. Cyberjack figuring Marc Slatyon to be the father, informed Lynn of the impending danger while Kaizen's Hunter Killers were en route to Japan. Lynn, unable to take the male child due to complications with the birth, went into hiding with her baby girl, Jodi. Kaizen, wanting Gen-Actives, took the male child an groomed him to be his personal bodyguard while accelerating his growth to his present stat. Aries served as Kaizen's bodyguard until Team 7's asseult on Gamorra. During this conflict, Aries was pitted against his father, Backlah. Backlash was losing the fight due to anold injury. When Jodie saw this, she rushed in to help her father and in the process, she seemingly turned off Aries' abilities. Aries was then captured and used by Crimson and Burnout to enter Kaizen' lab. He was later freed by Minotaur and is, at this point, unaccounted for.


    Ares is part Kherubim as well as Gen-Active. He appears to possess augmented strength and a form of telekinesis which enables him to lift objects with his mind. As a child, Aries was genetically altered, thus speeding up the aging process.

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