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Team 7 was the seventh incarnation of a US Special Operations unit run by International Operations (I.O.), whose members are made up of the finest and best military operatives gathered from various military special forces units. The unit's main purpose was to safeguard the United States' national security abroad. Each member of the unit had a distinguishing red identification mark painted on their face.

Team 7 received its orders from I.O. Director, Miles Craven. With a multitude of Meta-human teams appearing around the world, Craven wanted his own private army of superhumans to rival Youngblood, so Project: Genesis was born. A substance called the Gen-factor, which is one of the sources of superhuman powers, was discovered by Dr. Simon Tsung who also worked on the project. He would later leave after discovering Craven's own plans for the use of the Gen-factor.

Dr. Tsung's work was continued by Gabriel Newman. After several failed experiments, the first successful application of the Gen-factor was the exposure of Team 7 to the substance, effectively giving each team member special abilities and powers to some degree. After an incident in which Craven wanted to test the true abilities of the team, they went into hiding except for John Lynch and Michael Cray, the latter would spend time in a military prison. Team 7 would finally disband and go into hiding again several years later after discovering Craven's keen interest in the team members' children. These children would later become part of the two teenage superhuman groups, Gen13 and Dv8.

DC New 52

With the merging of the DC and Wildstorm universe, Team 7 began to appear in the regular DC Universe. While seemingly broken up, the highly classified military team's known members were Steve Trevor, the Justice League's laison, and Kurt Lance, the thought-to-be-murdered husband of Black Canary, and Suicide Squad leader Amanda Waller. Current roster includes mentioned above Steve Trevor and Amanda Waller, as well as Alex Fairchild, Cole Cash, Dinah Lance, John Lynch, and Slade Wilson.

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Team 7 is sent on a mission to enter a floating prison fortress.The team concludes that 218 people, including prisoners and staff have been compromised. The team finds footage from a closed circuit TV. The footage shows Dr. Alex Montez, a research fellow at Arkham Asylum. Montez injects subject John Akara, a terrorist who was defeated by Team 7 in an earlier mission, with a liquified black diamond. The black diamond takes subject Akara, who beats up Montez and takes him hostage. The team delves deeper into the prison where Akara is hiding. The eclipsed Akara is easily holding his own against Team 7 until Montez uses a strong uv flashlight that he fires behind Akara, that takes away the eclipsed parts of Akara and the other rampaging individuals. The formerly eclipsed are unconscious and while the team sorts through the bodies they learn the prison was not heading toward Gamorra, but Sentinel Island. Montez has been taken over by Eclipso, but shows no signs. Montez tells the team there is a prison of the heart of the dead and Eclipso is God's vengeance. Team 7 arrives at Sentinel Island, where the team goes down a ravine and scales a mountainous outcropping. They find slain villager's and mercs when they arrive. Essence reveals herself to Slade and later the team when he chooses not to help her. Gamorra's men are all killed and the last man is killed by Slade when they arrive at The Heart of Hell. The Heartb of Hell is a barren area where The Black Diamond is housed. The Black Diamond sits upon a pedastalsurrounded by pointed, jagged rocks. The base is surrounded by lava with stone steps that someone must jump onto and across to arrive at the diamond. Slade grabs onto the diamond, a large, square cut version, and is quickly controlled by Eclipso. Essence gives Team 7 an ancient sword that drives Eclipso from Wilson when he stabbed through his body by it. Eclipso begins his escape from the the wounded Slade an his etheral form is shot back into the stone which is later placed in The Black Room by ARGUS.

Primary Team 7 Members (Wildstorm)


John Lynch (Current Member): Handle, Topkick.

He was the team field leader. He's a master strategist with an unquestioning belief in the command structure, strict adherence to the rules and can be counted upon to carry out any order, even if it strikes him as irrational. He was a highly decorated special warfare operator and was recruited by Craven into I.O. The Gen-factor exposure gave him powerful telekinetic and psionic abilities. He is the father of Burnout from the group, Gen13. His Team 7 identification mark was a red circle with a red vertical stripe placed above it over his left eye.


Cole Cash (Current Member): Handle, Dead Eye (he would later take on the name, Grifter).

Cash is an expert marksman, hence the name, and an expert in hand to hand combat. The Gen-factor exposure gave him powerful telekinetic and psionic abilities. His Team 7 identification mark was the same symbol which appears later on his "Grifter" mask. This red mark was over his left eye.


Michael Cray (Current Member): Handle, Deathblow .

Cray was a former Navy SEAL and is an expert in CQB (Close Quarters Battle), demolitions and tactics. The special abilities he gained after exposure to the Gen-factor, didn't surface until nearly twenty years later, so he was initially thought to be the only team member to gain no Gen powers. He later develops ultra-enhanced healing/regenerative abilities, making him practically immortal. He is the father of Sublime, formerly from the group, Dv8. His Team 7 identification mark are two red vertical stripes parallel to one another over his left and right eye, traveling from his hairline to his chin.


Marc Slayton (Current Member): Handle, Backlash .

He was formerly an Air Force Colonel. He is the father of Jet (her name was formerly Crimson) and Aries. Exposure to the Gen-Factor released several latent powers due to his Kherubim heritage, including the ability to generate psychic energy whips out the backs of his hands. His Team 7 identification mark is a red trapezoid, pointed downwards painted over his left eye.


Jackson Dane (Current Member): Handle, Arclight.

Dane was formerly with the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force). After exposure to the Gen-factor, he developed powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities. His Team 7 identification mark was a red lightning bolt over his left eye. He later becomes the team leader for a newer incarnation of Team 7, called Wetworks.


Alexander Fairchild (Former Member): Handle, Slaphammer.

He is a former Green Beret (Army Special Forces). Exposure to the Gen-factor gave him several strong psionic abilities like, telepathy, mind control and telekinesis. He is the father of Caitlin Fairchild and Freefall of Gen13. His Team 7 identification mark was a red Ace of Spades over his left eye.


Philip Chang (Former Member): Handle, Bulleteer.

He was formerly with the British Special Air Service (SAS). He has the uncanny ability to repair most things that are mechanical and also an expert in explosives. He is also the team's communications officer. After exposure to the Gen-factor, he gains strong telekinetic abilities as well as being able to project psychic illusions. He is the father of Grunge from Gen13. His Team 7 identification mark was a red crescent moon over his right eye.


Stephen Callahan (Former Member): Handle, Wraparound.

Formerly with Marine Force Recon, he is Team 7's demolitions expert. After exposure to the Gen-factor, he develops strong psionic abilities. Father of Threshold and Bliss of DV8 as well as Sarah Rainmaker of Gen13. His Team 7 identification mark was a red cross over his left eye.


Christine Blaze (New Member): No handle.

During the '70s, she was personally recommended by Lynch to join the first incarnation of Team 7 after a successful mission, greatly impressing him by her combat skills. However, she was ultimately kept out of the team by Miles Craven because he felt there was no place for a woman on Team 7 and he was quite aware of Lynch's close intimate relationship with Blaze, the main reason why he chose her to be a part of the team. After the roster for Team 7 was finalized, she strictly blamed Lynch for not making the team. Years later, Lynch would recruit her for the reformed Team 7 (post World's End).

Primary Team 7 Members (DC)

"All roads lead to Majestic. Majestic is the end. Team 7 is one of the means."

Team 7 was a component in a larger system called the Majestic Project, put together by John Lynch to control, contain, and if need be, eliminate rogue metahumans, once new metahumans began emerging around the globe at a frequency that alarmed world governments ill-equipped to handle them. Lynch handpicked a group of 9 men and women from various specialized fields to serve in Team 7, each bringing a unique talent on board. The complete roster of Team 7 was as follows (all ensuing quotes are by John Lynch):

John Lynch

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Little is known of John Lynch's past as of now. However, pieces of dialogue between various characters have established certain things. Firstly, that he used to work in the Department of Extranormal Operations, another agency aimed at metahuman containment strategies, before quitting to found the Majestic Project. This was not his first approach to the metahuman problem. In the title's zero issue, Lynch mentions an earlier project, the Steel Soldier, whose ultimate failure he regarded as a clear sign that humanity was not equipped to handle the rise of metahumanity. Learning from the mistakes of the past, Lynch started planning his Majestic Project.

Skillset: Team 7 is Lynch's brainchild. He operates behind the scenes, setting the group's objectives and planning out their every step to victory. His role can be compared to the ones played by Oracle and Henry Bendix on the pre-Flashpoint teams Birds of Prey and Stormwatch respectively.

Dinah Lance/Black Canary

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"Known her almost the longest. Her skill and dedication are without question."

Dinah Lance has known John Lynch for many years, even before Team 7 was formed. While it's currently unknown if she possessed her Canary Cry when she joined Team 7, it's known that she was married to Kurt Lance during this period. She and her husband were Lynch's most trusted officers and the ones he put in charge of getting the team together in its early days. While Lynch trusted Dinah and her competence in the field, he believed that the same couldn't be said for her husband, and that Kurt's unsteadiness was holding her back and made her sloppy on occasions where she couldn't afford to be sloppy. At some point of time after the creation of Team 7, Dinah allegedly killed Kurt with her Cry, and has been on the run from law enforcement ever since. After Team 7 was shut down, she formed the Birds of Prey with the original Batgirl, Barbara Gordon.

Skillset: Dinah is the team's infiltrator. She finds a way into places that aren't easily accessible, scopes out their weak spots, and prepares a clear path to each objective.

Kurt Lance

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"Most of what we need to find will be things that don't want to be found. Kurt Lance will find them."

Kurt Lance was Dinah's husband during the early days of Team 7. Unlike the other members of the team, Kurt wasn't originally a field operative and it showed ---- he struggled with activities that the rest of the team would breeze through. But it was his other talents that made John Lynch seek him out for a spot on the squad. At some point of time after the creation of Team 7, Kurt was supposedly killed by his wife's Canary Cry, but this is eventually revealed to be a lie ---- Kurt was alive and under the care of Amanda Waller, while his wife still believed that he had died by her hand. In the present day, Waller assigned Kurt with tracking down the Teen Titans and bringing them into custody before they hurt themselves or someone else.

Skillset: Kurt possesses an uncanny ability to track down anyone or anything he's instructed to find. We first see this talent in play when Lynch assigns Kurt and Dinah with finding the other seven members of the team; Kurt tracked their locations all across the globe while Dinah gave them the recruitment talk.

Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

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"He's probably the most skilled person on this team. He's certainly the most dangerous. But he's got an ego and little patience. That's the problem with being the best and knowing it."

Other Previous Members

Robert Diaz: Handle, Blood Moon. He was abandoned during a mission by Slayton then later became leader of the Kindred. Team 7 identification mark unknown.

Berckmann: Handle unknown. He tears out his own eyes and supposedly dies due to the side effects of the Gen-factor exposure. Team 7 identification mark unknown.

Richard MacNamara: Handle Bolo Round. After exposure to the Gen-factor, he commits suicide due to being unable to control his powers or the severe pain associated with it. Team 7 identification mark unknown.

Andrew Johnson: Handle unknown. He was murdered by Cole Cash because of the sadistic ways in which he used his powers. Team 7 identification mark unknown.

Lucius Morgan: Handle unknown. Nothing was ever mentioned stating his exact time with Team 7, but he was not part of the team when they were exposed to the Gen-Factor. Team 7 identification mark unknown.

Jack Rhodes: Handle, Cyberjack. Rhodes was severely wounded before Team 7 was exposed to the Gen-factor. Team 7 identification mark unknown.

Team 7

Team 7 #1
Team 7 #1

After a failed hostage rescue operation (the hostages were killed prior to Team 7's insertion) in which the entire team is nearly killed, Miles Craven and John Lynch view a video (with no audio), showing some type of experimentation taking place. Craven then sends Team 7 on a blackbag mission to shut down and terminate these supposed experiments. After annihilating everyone within the compound, the team enters the "lab complex" only to find nothing but an empty warehouse. The team questions Lynch, but he refuses to believe that Craven has sent them on another bogus mission. Before they are able to figure things out, Lynch hears a type of hissing sound coming from their immediate location. He realizes too late that he doesn't recognize this sound due to the fact that there was no audio on the videotape that he viewed. The entire team drops to the ground, unconscious.

After awakening from their Gen-factor induced comas, Team 7 was told by Craven that the enemy had dropped a bio-chemical weapon on them. As a result of the Gen-factor, Team 7 (except for Michael Cray) started to develop superhuman powers. Several members of Team 7 were unable to cope or control their new powers and went mad or committed suicide. Cole Cash distrusted Craven and suspected that he was behind the experiment, but Lynch still refuses to believe that their own people would do this to them.

The team is sent out on another mission, this time to East Africa. During the operation, team member Andrew Johnson begins using his powers in sadistic ways, basking in the glory of his ability to make people kill themselves. His psychotic display of power forces Cash to shoot and kill him in front of Lynch. After a brief argument and stand-off with Cash, Lynch decides to cover up Johnson's murder and doesn't inform the rest of the team what had transpired. After returning to I.O, Craven and Gabriel debrief Lynch and questions him regarding the death of Johnson. He refuses to tell the truth so Gabriel tries to probe his mind causing Lynch to respond angrily.

Craven sends Team 7 out again on another mission in the desert to take out a supposed nuclear materials rendering facility which is cooking up extra-dirty weapons grade plutonium. Craven orders Cray to sit out this next mission and work support. After arriving on-site, the team locates a large, old run-down monastery causing them to question Lynch yet again. He continues to naively maintain that the operation is legit. Entering the building, Cash and Callahan find nothing but monks (Coptics) inside. As Lynch enters, he is immediately confronted by Cash and they get into an argument then a violent psionic fight ensues between the two with Cash being the subsequent winner. Cray is present on the bridge of the Command Cruiser as Craven gives them the order to launch a low-yield nuclear cruise missile at Team 7. Seeing Cray visibly upset with the decision, Craven orders him arrested so he can not interfere in the operation. Cray overpowers the guards, grabs a shotgun and handgun then takes the Captain of the Cruiser hostage. He then contacts Team 7 over the radio and informs them of the situation. Cash revives Lynch and tells him what Craven has done. Cash comes up with a plan to combine their powers and create a shield to protect them from the nuclear explosion. Minutes later, the missile hits its intended target and the team is engulfed by the detonation. On the Cruiser, Cray waits tensely for several hours to verify that Team 7 survived the blast before releasing the Captain, after which he is beaten down by Marines and thrown into the brig. Team 7 walks out of the blast area barely scathed just as a rescue helicopter locates them. Only Lynch goes back to I.O. while the rest of the team remained behind and eventually go into hiding in Nicaragua.

Team 7 - Objective: Hell

Team 7 Objective: Hell #1
Team 7 Objective: Hell #1

Some time later, Lynch is able to release Cray from prison under the condition that he helps to locate and convince Team 7 to return. Lynch tells Cray that Craven is no longer the Director of I.O. and that a new administration has taken over. Cray accepts and the two locates the team in a South American jungle. Cray and Lynch are able to convince Team 7 to work for I.O. again. They are then sent to destroy a cache of nuclear weapons placed in a hardened bunker (since the Vietnam War) in Cambodia before the Khmer Rouge could acquire them. Unbeknownst to Team 7 however, a Russian PSI-Unit lead by a (Psionically powerful) crippled old man named Rostov, are sent to Cambodia in order to locate and capture them.

In Cambodia, on the way to Nung Valley via boat, Dane uses his powers to disguise the team as Khmer Rouge. As the Russians arrive, they are hostilely greeted by an army of Khmer Rouge. The leader threatens to shoot Rostov if they don't leave, but the old man uses his mind control powers to force the leader to shoot himself, thereby causing the Rouge to follow his orders. Using a female superhuman named Silver, the Russians are able to track and follow Team 7 through the jungle. Along the way, Team 7 is attacked by supernatural forces, more powerful than the entire team combined. Eventually, they find the source of the attack, a little Cambodian girl with incredible psionic powers named X'ing X'ang who uses her natural abilities to protect her village. After some discussion, she decides to help them locate the cache of missiles which she refers to as "the house of fire". Just then, Russian military gunships arrive and a firefight ensues, causing X'ang to use her powers again and create an enormous illusion, which causes the pilots of the helicopters to panic and lose control of their aircraft. Seeing an opening, Callahan uses his "mojo" to destroy the remaining gunships when their own guns proved to be ineffective against the helicopters' armor. Lynch orders Cray and Dane to stay behind in order to kill any troops trailing them.

At X'ang's village, she leads Lynch and Cash to the house of fire while Slayton, Fairchild, Chang and Callahan secure the village. Cray and Dane ambush and kill an entire squad of Khmer Rouge, but Cray is killed by the two Russian superhumans, Silver and Khuchev, while Dane is seriously injured. Using his powers, Dane tries to revive Cray while killing a group of Russian soldiers who come within a few feet of them. X'ang, Lynch and Cash locates the weapon stockpiles and Lynch begins to arm all the destruct codes. Cash states that the missiles aren't what the enemy is after, he believes they're after Team 7. Outside of the bunker, the village is attacked by Silver and Khuchev as Team 7 gets overpowered by the two Russians. After Khuchev kills several fleeing villagers, Slayton goes on the offensive and kills Khuchev with his newly manifested psionic tendrils. Rostov stands over Dane and tries to brainwash him while Dane continues to call out to Cray. Deathblow suddenly awakens moments later, unbeknownst to Rostov. In the village, Silver has completely over-powered Team 7, but X'ang appears, angered at what the Russians have done to her village. She strikes the over-confident Silver with a powerful psionic blast, causing the Russian female to literally explode. Meanwhile, Rostov continues to wipe out Dane's mind, but Cray appears behind him, pointing his gun at the old man's head. Using his mind control powers again, Rostov tries to force Cray to shoot himself, but Cray proves to be too resilient and shoots Rostov in the head, however, Dane is left in a comatose state because of the old man. With the Russians dead and the cache of weapons buried beneath tons of limestone, Team 7 departs and takes X'ing X'iang with them due to the fact that her entire village was destroyed, leaving her as the sole survivor.

Team 7: Dead Reckoning

Team 7: Dead Reckoning #1
Team 7: Dead Reckoning #1

Years later, Team 7 are sent out on a mission to bring in a Soviet scientist named Dbovchek at a secret genetics weapons lab in Leningrad. During the mission, they come into contact with one of the experimental superhumans. Lynch decides to fight him alone while the rest of the team locates Dbovchek. Being overpowered by the superhuman, Lynch literally tears out his left eye and vaporizes the superhuman's head along with the entire of the room. During the extraction, Dbovchek gets killed while Slayton takes charge of the team. After returning to I.O. from the mission, Team 7 discovers that Craven is once again in charge. This infuriates Cash and hell tells Craven that Team 7 is finished. He gets into a small tussle with Slayton then leaves the room. The only members to stay behind are Lynch, Slayton and Cray.

In a personal mission to avenge his parent's death at the hands of terrorist, Cray assassinates the person who Craven claims is directly responsible, terrorist leader Kadiz Al Dhabi. An unknown amount of time later, Cash enters the Soviet Union on his own to find out more about Dbovchek. He gets captured by the Russians while meeting a contact (who gets killed) and then interrogated. As it turns out, Dbovchek was one of the main scientists behind the Russian psionic program and was planning to defect due to his love for the United States. During the interrogation, Cash discovers that his psionic powers are waning. Just as he is being led outside, John Lynch arrives to rescue him along with Fairchild and Cray.

Sometime later, Jackson Dane awakens from his coma, under the influence of several failed experimental superhumans (created by I.O.) who have turned into mutants and were imprisoned down in Level 9. They break out of their prisons with Dane's help and Team 7 arrives to try and stop them. Unfortunately, Dane turns out to be far more powerful than the rest of the team combined. Cray eventually brings X'ing X'iang who is able to free Dane's mind. She finds out through Dane that Miles Craven had become interested in the children of Team 7 and is planning to restart Project Genesis. During the chaos, X'ang is captured by I.O. and confined. Immediately after this incident, nearly all the members of Team 7, except for Lynch, Cray and Slayton, take their families and themselves into hiding. This would finally turn out to be the end of the unit.

Brothers in Arms

Deathblow #25
Deathblow #25

Due to Craven's terminal illness, he makes an alliance with John Colt (posing as Kaizen Gamorra) and orchestrates a plan to collect the Gen-Factor from the former members of Team 7 and use the extracts to give him a new lease on life. Craven hires the services of Le Gauche and is able to capture Lynch and extract his Gen-Factor. Cray, Alicia Turner and the Gen13 kids travel to San Francisco to rescue Lynch, but most of them get captured. After Lynch escapes his restraints, he tries to use his Gen powers, but is unable to hold it in check and it goes out of control. Cray arrives at the scene and is somehow able to shut it down. Later, they are able to rescue Alicia and the other Gen13 kids. Craven orders Le Gauche to New York in order take Dane's Gen-Factor.

Cray finds Dane at the Korean War Memorial in Battery Park and tells him of their storied past in Team 7 and what Craven's planning for the remaining members of the team. They visit Dr. Richard Markus, who had previously worked for Craven and I.O., to get answers. At I.O. headquarters, Craven activates the Brethren (a group of Gen-Actives that he specifically created to deal with Team 7) to assist Le Gauche on his next missions. Cray and Dane discover that during Project Genesis, Craven ordered Gabriel Newman to attempt a Gen-Factor extraction on a living subject. While the extraction worked, it left the subject unable to control his powers. Eventually, the subject's molecular structure began to lose its integrity until he completely disintegrated and died. Le Gauche and a member of the Brethren named Jackhammer (Otto Bremer) attack the doctor's office and kill Markus. While Bremer distracts Cray, Le Gauche battles Dane and is eventually able to extract his Gen-Factor, causing his Gen powers to go haywire. After defeating Bremer, Cray finds Dane and is once again able to mysteriously shut down Dane's "Mojo". Craven targets Backlash next and proclaims that soon, he'll have the powers of Team 7.

Another member from the Brethren is introduced to aid Le Gauche and Bremer, her name is Double Take. She's a shapeshifter and Craven plans on using her to flush out Slayton by posing as his former fiancee, Diane Lasalle. Cray and Dane arrive at Jack Rhodes' safehouse and bring him up to speed with the current situation. He receives a call from "Lasalle" saying that she's in trouble. Slayton, Dane and Cray travel to the Ticonderoga Station and soon discover that Le Gauche and Bremer have already arrived. Pretending to be Lasalle, Double Take causes Slayton to turn against his friends just as Stormforce troopers arrive, giving the two an opportunity to escape. She takes a surprised Backlash to Le Gauche and subdues him. Upon awakening and strapped to a chair, Slayton finds the real Lasalle tied up in front of him and realizes that he'd been duped. The Brethren then extract his Gen-Factor as Cray and Dane try to break into the room. Lasalle breaks out of her bondage and attacks Double Take and Jackhammer, only to be shot and killed by Le Gauche. Cray and Dane finally breach the door, but the Brethren are able to make their escape. Craven discovers that Alicia Turner has turned against him and decides to use her as bait for Grifter. Another member of the Brethren is introduced, a woman named Tensile.

Alicia secretly contacts Cash and tells him about the situation with regards to Craven's plans and Project Renaissance. She is discovered by the Brethren and Double Take uses her powers to pose as Alicia. Arriving at Cash's home, Cray and Dane are attacked by I.O.'s Black Razors. They are told by one of the surviving soldiers that Le Gauche is planning to ambush Cash at Union Station. "Alicia" meets Cash at the train station, but he immediately realizes that it isn't her. A fight ensues between Cash and the Brethren, but ultimately he's subdued and they extract his Gen-Factor. Cray shoots Double Take and kills her seconds before she is about to shoot Cash. The Police arrive and the Brethren uses the distraction to make their escape. Later at I.O. HQ, Craven receives all the Gen-Factor extracts and places it into a Cryo-case to have Le Gauche deliver it to Gamorra. He then contacts Kaizen, who tells him that Project Renaissance is ready to begin.

Cray, Dane and Cash infiltrate a biological warfare research facility in order to find Gabriel Newman, who's been held prisoner by Craven. Gabriel discloses all the information he knows, including how Cray's father is the one responsible for bringing Dr. Simon Tsung to America. He also tells them information regarding Project Renaissance. As soon as the three depart, Gabriel commits suicide with the gun that Cray left for him. Later, Cray, Dane, Cash and Slayton rendezvous with Lynch and Gen13 near I.O. headquarters in McLean, Virginia to take the fight to Craven. Craven contacts Kaizen and activates Project Renaissance then begins downloading his consciousness into a clone (created by Kaizen) called the Gen Omega. Team 7 and Gen13 infiltrate the base via an underground tunnel system, but are stopped by Frank Colby. He surprisingly helps them enter the complex, but the Brethren had already suspected it and laid out an ambush using Black Hammers. During the ensuing firefight, the group splits up. Colby and Gen13 locate and rescue Alicia, while Team 7 hunts down Craven. During a surprise ambush by the Brethren, Cray is shot and "killed", but revives moments later, to everyone's surprise. With the help of Gen13, Alicia and Colby, they are able to take down the Brethren and the group of Black Hammers. Lynch tells Colby to get the children out while they deal with Craven. Team 7 then confronts Craven who tells them that they should all be grateful for what he's done and finally tells Cray the truth about his parent's death. Because Admiral Cray decided to help Dr. Tsung escape I.O., Craven had him killed by passing his assassination off as a terrorist attack. In actuality, it was Le Gauche, posing as a terrorist, who killed Cray's parents. The only other person who knew the truth, was terrorist leader Kadiz Al Dhabi, whom Cray assassinated in the pages of Team 7: Dead Reckoning. Lynch blames Craven for losing his wife and son, Slayton blames Craven for Laselle's death and Dane blames him for the death of his Wetworks team mates, Flattop and Crossbones. Craven is finally killed with a single shot to the head.

Fire From Heaven

Other Media


On the CW show Arrow, Team-7 is mentioned as the name of Slade Wilson and Billy Wintergreen's unit in the Australian secret service.

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