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    Emp is one of several Kherubim that were stranded on Earth over a millenia ago. After losing and later regaining his memory, he started the WildC.A.T.S to fight Daemonites.

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    Like the other Kherubim on Earth, Emp arrived on the planet when the Explorership he was travelling on crash-landed thousands of years ago, following an orbital battle with a Daemonite vessel, the Kherubim mostly integrated themselves among the similar-looking humans and for the next several centuries, they fought a secret war against the surviving Daemonites.

    Over the centuries, Emp was one of the leaders of the Kherubim. In medieval times, Emp and his brother, Lord Entropy, fought side by side against the Daemonites. Whilst battling the Daemonite Brannoch the Black, they killed Brannoch but the Daemonite inside escaped and possessed Entropy's wife, Gwynith. Emp was forced to slay Gwynith whereafter Entropy became crazy with grief and he swore to avenge her death and then disappeared.

    In the mid-twentieth century he was one of the founding members of Team One, along with other notable Kherubim and human fighters including Mister Majestic, Zealot, Mason, Regiment, Isaiah King (a.k.a. Despot), John Colt, Think Tank (Henry Bendix) and Marc Slayton. They worked as a team for a number of missions, but eventually Emp fell foul of Helspont, one of the most powerful Daemonites. Helspont tried to slay him, but instead inflicted him with amnesia. Emp spent the next thirty years wandering New York as a vagrant, until Void tracked him down and told him about his past. Taking the identity of Jacob Marlowe, he quickly amassed a huge fortune and together with Void he formed the WildC.A.T.S. with the purpose of thwarting the Daemonite Cabal. Soon, Lord Entropy abducted Emp and restored his memories with his Orb of Power. Emp confronted Entropy with the truth, but Entropy was still unable to accept it. The WildC.A.T.S came to his rescue and together they defeated Entropy.

    Emp restarted the WildC.A.T.s with Spartan, Grifter and the french weapons dealer Noir, to battle Kenyan, a man who Emp had granted immortality ages ago. During the showdown with Kenyan, Emp tried to convince Kenyan to kill him since he didn't need a corporeal form anymore. Instead, Kenyan killed himself. Emp then asked Spartan to kill him. Spartan did this, and inherited Marlowe's fortune, his company, and even his alias. The other Kherubim do not consider Emp to be dead, believing that his soul lives on as a being of pure energy, one with the universe.


    • Height: 3'6"
    • Weight: 130 lbs
    • Occupation: Billionare financier
    • Place of birth: Khera
    • Group affiliation: WildC.A.T.s/Halo Corporation
    • Hair: Grey
    • Eyes: Blue


    Emp's powers are largely unrevealed as a Kherubim Lord. He is a rare type of Enhanced Kherubim; all Kheribum Lords posses certain powers, and in Emp's case the skill to access most of his powers are supressed with his memory. As he is exposed to things, his memory gradually returns to him and a portion of his powers, but the greater part of his powers still remain dormant and untouched.


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