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CV's Top 100 Superhero List 2011

Ladies and of course gentlemen! Welcome to Comic Vine's Top 100 Superhero list 2011!

Starting Thoughts and Explinations. oh, and THANK YOUS!

On August 18th, 2011, the user known as Jnr6Lil (however you pronounce that) suggested Comicvine should do a top 100 Comic book Superhero List (sort of like IGN's list, "but better"). I, The Poet, took up this idea and with the help of users such as (but not limited to) Aztek the Lost, Silkcuts, Turoksonofstone, and of course Liberty, the list had become a reality in a sense. I say "and of course Liberty", because Liberty has helped me immensely on this project from figuring out what publishers should be included to figuring out how to vote. So, I thank you very much!


Anyway, we decided on 20 different publishers (actully we put some together so its more than 20, but whatever) and so I started a blog to get more participants, which has currently amassed a total of 14,245 views and 1,190 posts (there will be even more of both when I post this in that blog!).

To represent those publishers, we got 22 different users (very long story) and those include:

The understanding duo of Dark Huntress and Primmaster64 (DC), the outstanding duo of TheRedRobin96 and Gambit1024 (Marvel), the exuberant Baddamdog (Top Cow Comics/Image Comics), the friendly IrishX (Dark Horse), the hairy? :P Bearded Justice (Dynamite Entertainment), the unique harleyquinn12 (Archie / Red Circle / Mighty Comics/ Impact), the challenge accepting Danhimself (IDW Publishing), the helpful Aztek The Lost (Vertigo), creative Damswedon (Fleetway / Rebellion), the interesting Trodorne (Acclaim / Valiant), the persistent Grifter78 (Wildstorm), the historian, teacher, and all round crazy person Turoksonofstone (AC), the overqualified Silkcuts (America's Best Comics / Milestone / First), my "man" for Quality comics Chalkshark (Harvey / Quality), the perfectly timed J1ml33 (Epic / Malibu), the slightly confusing but nice PikminMania (Dell), the brilliant Pikahyper (Gold Key), the great Razza Tazz (Charlton / Fawcett), the passionate Jekylhyde14 (Eclipse), and the the EXTREMELY helpful Liberty (Fox)

The Narrowing Down Vote

From all those users we got 8 characters per publisher (in other words: 160 characters!). Now, you notice the title of this list? Top 100 Superheroes. that is 60 additional characters! So, we needed to narrow it down, so there was a vote. Several of the 22 declined to vote off characters (one who I won't name called it, "inhuman"), so 5 users stepped in and voted for them, including: jhazzroucher, Haydenclaireheroes, Jnr6Lil (who also thought up the concept for this), SC, and ReVamp (who helped some of the nomination reasons!). In addition to the total of 19 voters, there were 3 tie breakers including TheShepherder, The Impersonator and of course teoP_ehT (who is very handsome, btw).

The Finalizing Votes

With the characters narrowed, we needed to get the order satisfied. We had the most participants in this with some surprises. Each user had 3 votes to use however they wanted. The 81 voters Include:

  • Liberty
  • Jekylhyde14
  • Razza Tazz
  • Turoksonofstone
  • difficlus
  • HigorM
  • Graysonfan11
  • PowerHerc
  • Primmaster64
  • IrishX
  • Baddamdog
  • ragdollpurps
  • spiderbat87
  • cosmo111687
  • Tonis
  • SurelockeHomes
  • jloneblackheart
  • Chalkshark
  • DoomDoomDoom
  • Silkcuts
  • B'Town
  • JayUK
  • Kairan1979
  • Zomboid
  • batmanbeyond234
  • Omega Ray Jay
  • Aztek The Lost
  • TheRedRobin96
  • The Impersonator
  • RedheadedAtrocitus
  • ladydeath
  • PikminMania
  • butterflykyss
  • saiyan_earthling
  • EpitomeofCool
  • ithinkitwasyou
  • Whoa
  • Queen Ororo
  • Roxanne Starr
  • Billy Batson
  • etragedy
  • M.S. Feather
  • V1ctorAugusto
  • super_psycho
  • Bearded Justice
  • Roddy010
  • Rabbitearsblog
  • Umbraa
  • Storm Calling
  • iLLituracy
  • The Dark Huntress
  • Darkchild
  • The_Tree
  • Iridium
  • ReVamp
  • Jnr6Lil
  • Youknowmyname
  • riri4life
  • xmenfallen
  • gokuwarrior
  • jubilee042
  • tim2081
  • Pikahyper
  • ReplicaRex
  • Haydenclaireheroes
  • HBIC89
  • moywar700
  • Chase_Stein
  • Osiris1428
  • Thunderscream
  • kfhrfdu_89_76k
  • jhazzroucher
  • J77
  • Yumulu
  • crestfallen
  • Wader0069
  • Christina
  • Afro_Warrior
  • The Poet :-)
  • Now Characters started with a certain amount of points when they started:

    • 1st 160 + Current voting.
    • 2nd 140 + Current voting.
    • 3rd 120 + Current voting.
    • 4th 100 + Current voting.
    • 5th 80 + Current voting.
    • 6th 60 + Current voting.
    • 7th 40 + Current voting.
    • 8th 20 + Current voting.
    • The 60 runner-ups 0 + Current voting.

    Voting started Monday 17th October 2011 and ended Monday 24th October 2011 by 7:30pm EST. The Points are included, so all can see. I'm sorry if some characters got a low score (I really am for some characters *batman*), but it was ultimately determined by the voters. Perhaps next year...


    These are the results of all that work. The words were written by users for users. Although I lent my hand to adding some of them, most were written by their nominators.

    "Very Nice!" --G-man, October 27th 2011

    To read addition responses which do not appear here on the blog (or on the list commenting section) check out Storm's Storm is #1 in Comic Vine's Top 100 Superheroes 2011

    To check out who the Runners up were for this list, click this link!

    List items

    • 196pt What would be considered probably the most prominent female African-American character in comics. Has a long publication history (and once wore a disco inspired outfit). Also been in movies

    • 169pt This is the character who popularized superheroes for this generation. He is an iconic character and one of the names that is known in and out of the comic book fan niche. Everybody knows who Superman is. They may not know what company he's from, they may not know what his origin is, they may not know that he's an alien from Krypton, but they damn sure know that he is Earth's most iconic hero. He goes back to the beginning of superhero comics and helped to shepherd them into the day and age that they've now arrived at. Pretty much every generation has been host to either a Superman television show or movie and through cartoons he's been introduced to younger readers. He is a true blue hero, but most certainly has his own ethics and complexities. To not include him on a list of the best superheroes would be a complete and utter travesty.

    • 166pt Protagonist of what is considered one of the greatest comics of all time, Morpheus goes on what to us would seem like an endless journey to get from the bitter, calloused god he was to the man who tries to undo the wrongs of his past over the course of billions of years...but really, it all changed as a result of one seventy-year imprisonment that led him down a road there was no turning back from. Morpheus is a man of duty, and in his duty, he takes on sacrifices most heroes would shy away from. Essential Reading: The Sandman/Essential Listening: The Cure

    • 163pt The original teenage superhero and the best of the trade, Spider-Man is a superhero icon. Marvel's poster-boy and the third most recognizable superhero on Earth, it'd be crazy not to have Peter Parker on this list of Comicvine's Favorite Superheroes. For decades, Spider-Man has been teaching us how to do the right thing, even though the people may not be on your side. "With great power, comes great responsibility" is a phrase I'll be taking to my grave. We love you, Spidey!

    • 163pt The Phantom is a classic comics character that has appeared in over 1500 comics and plenty of other media. I've picked him because I feel he's an icon that simply deserves to be on the list somewhere. He's not my favorite superhero out there, but I don't think anyone could deny him a spot in the hundred.

    • 163pt Take the best elements of Arthurian legend ( noble King who rules a mythic Kingdom, & founds a band of honored warriors), blended with a bit of Greek mythology, set your adventures both above & below the high seas, & you get the most underrated character in DC's entire line.

    • 163pt The Thing is one of the most loved characters in the Marvel Universe, appearing in more comic books than even legends like The Hulk or Thor! On top of that, he has been on over ten superhero teams, and has proven time and time again that everyone will love him for years to come. One more fact: He is the most well known and most people's favorite Fantastic Four member

    • 161pt Judge Joe Dredd is a tool of a fascist government. There I said it. It is a true testament to the story telling of John Wagner and Alan Grant that I can say that even with the of knowledge of what Fascisism is, that I would never change that about Dredd. Dredd truly believes that the Judge system is what is best for the people of Mega City One and because of that he will use all the power he has to make sure that corruption and injustice in the system are wiped out. When the Judges failed to save 60 million citizens from the Dark Judges in the Necropolis story-line, Dredd was the first to ask new Chief Judge McGruder to allow a democracy referendum. Dredd is also a character that has been used to look at many political and racial issues using storylines like the Robot Wars (slavery), Apocalypse War (cold war tensions), Democracy (duh) and America (Terrorisim). Judge Dredd is quite simply some (if not the) of the best that 2000 AD has to offer mixing Mature themes with Satire and some good old fashioned Ultra-Violence. He is a character that should by all right be there rights at the top of any list of top comic characters.

    • 161pt Though many think of the character from the 80's cartoon, He-man has evolved since that point. In the 2000's, Val Staples took it upon himself to try to make a campy cartoon into a serious hero. In some senses he succeeded. He showed us a real human side to the most powerful man in the universe with 3 volumes of he-man and 4 issues of an origin story to some of Skeletors most notorious henchmen. Living with the daily lie that he is He-man and constantly looked down upon by many others of his house and public. It goes to show that despite everything we all have the ability to do great things even if others can't see it.

    • 161pt First of all, Guy is us. What I mean by that is as a kid he read comic books. He lived in a fantasy world that took him away from his abusive father. Guy is not perfect. He acts like a real person with his imperfections. He's not afraid of getting upset. Living by his own rules. Using his power's for his own benefits. He's not afraid to call Superman out on how lame he is. (he is great for that alone.) Guy has tons of faults just like we all do and yet he acts on the side of right. He cares deeply about the people that are close to him like Ice and Kyle. He even has a permanent bond with characters like 161pt Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. You see what is great about Guy is despite his flaws he does what is right. the world is a better place because he is in it. Guy Gardner is real! Second, if your read the original appearance of Guy you know that he was suppose to get the ring but Hal was chosen as he was closer to Abin Sur who was close to death. In the same book it was established that Guy literally lost his destiny to be the greatest Green Lantern. He was robbed by fate. He lost his fiancé in a similar twist of fate. Then he suffered multiple concussions that scarred his mind. None of it stopped he from being a hero. He had his Green Lantern ring taken away and and that didn't stop him. He got Lobo to take him to OA where he fought the soul of Sinestro and won. Then his yellow ring went out and he still fought on as a hero. Guy Gardner would fight with nothing more than a stick. He does what ever it takes. America loves and underdog and he is it.

    • 161pt You don’t often get a character who is both the ultimate hero and villain of his piece. Ozymandias saves his world but, in doing so, becomes a terrible monster. In many ways this makes him the perfect statement about superheroes in the Post-Modern world. We don’t believe you can save the day without doing something horrible. Some will argue that the man has no personality, but his superiority complex, arrogance, and the weight he carries his decision with make him very real to me. Like Alexander the Great, he tries to unite the world with violence.

    • 161pt Alan Moore used the character much like Grant Morrison’s concept of a hypersigil. Promethea would be a character meant for Alan Moore to teach his concept of Magick and how it related to Sequential Arts. The series Promethea to this date might be the most overall experiential series in comics.

    • 160pt The greatest character from the greatest story. Never compromising in his beliefs. I suppose he sees the world in a way many people can never understand and so they deem him a psychopath. The judgements and praise of others is not why Rorschach does what he does. As he said in the film... "We do not do this thing because we are permitted, we do it because we have to. We do it because we are compelled." While he may see the world in black and white, I don't think there's any question to Rorschach's commitment to justice and protecting the innocent from the real villains

    • 160pt why? Because it's Optimus Prime! Whether you read the comics, watched one of the many cartoons growing up, or went and saw the live action movies in theaters then you know who Optimus Prime is just how awesome he can be.

    • 160pt Jack is one of the most unique characters to be created in modern day comics. The ability to control and communicate with the cities of the world is a brilliant idea and goes perfectly with the world of the 21 century where everything keeps getting connected. It’s also appropriate that because Jack is privy to so much information that he is very disgruntled and while he always works for the greater good, he’s not afraid to step on some fellow heroes along the way.

    • 160pt Top AC character and original leader of AC's top Team FemForce. Ms.Victory is a Golden Age Public Domain character originally published by Holyoke

    • 160pt The Green Hornet may have been the headliner but in many ways Kato was even more of a hero, Kato inspired an entire generation and through his exploits in print and screen helped usher in a unique and misunderstood culture to the United States.

    • 160pt One of the first female superheroes and for a time one of the most famous. Though her Fawcett history has mostly been phased out it still persists with her at DC. She has been used a fair amount recently but is presently waiting a new spin

    • 152pt "I'm the best there is at what I do.. and what I do ain't very nice." This is why Wolverine is a beloved character in all of comicdom. He's not the strongest, or the most handsome, but he's the most willing to get his hands dirty for the greater good. Since The Incredible Hulk #181, Wolverine has been slicin' and dicin' his way into epic stories, crossovers, and into our geeky hearts. Besides, if he found out he wouldn't be a part of this list, he would've put out his cigar on your face and eviscerated you by now.

    • 146pt Having long runs in with both the X-Men and Excalibur, Nightcrawler is one the most enduring characters in Marvel. The one guy everyone can rely on to have faith in them, who will always be a friend. Despite his difficult life within the Carnival and having to hide his looks, Kurt ended up as the opposite of the demon look he has. He has shown his badass abilities on occasion like in X2's opening scene or when he removed Deadpool's head in an alternate universe. It's no wonder why so many people are fans of Nightcrawler's.

    • 145pt Besides being the protagonist of what is currently the longest-running comic from DC or Marvel, John Constantine is most likely the greatest example of a character who's aged in real time, having done so for two and a half decades! For all the crap he's had to go through, it's only fair he gets a spot on the list of greatest heroes. Essential Reading: Hellblazer; Alan Moore's Swamp Thing

    • 143pt Richard 'Dick' Grayson, is somewhat of a mixed bag. He has the tragedy in his past that are somewhat reminiscent of Batman, but he also has a positive aura around him that make him an interesting character, both when he was created and now. He has become, because of this an even more complex and intricate character. He has a dark past, but he doesn't let that stop him or change his core. He has friendships all over the Superhero community and many would follow him willingly into battle because of his keen mind and pleasant personality. Dick, more than any other character, portrays what it means to be human. He deals with his faults and his strained relationship with his mentor, constantly trying to live up to him, doing his best, which is why Dick Grayson is a lovable character.

    • 143pt Booster is flawed. He made a mistake as a young man that lead to another that lead to another that lead to another. Somehow through luck misfortune and a series of bad decisions Booster became a hero. Booster is all about money. He sells his image, he is always trying to make a fast buck, he dates supermodels and he is completely self absorbed...or is he. When it comes down to brass tacks Booster always shows what he is really made of. Wouldn't we all want to make a buck off our powers. Hell, I know I'd rather do that than work at my current job. So why are we so quick to dog the hero. When Blue Beetle couldn't find anyone to support him on his last mission Booster was there. He has countlessly put the betterment of others over his own. Sure Booster wants to make some money we all do, but when it comes to fighting for what is right he is always there. Booster Gold is Real! Lastly, Booster does his best deeds completely unknown to the rest of the world. Due to another twist of fate Booster is doomed to hide his greatest triumphs to literally save the lives and well beings of other. Booster didn't just save a world or the universe Booster saved the mutiverse! More than once! Booster also had two self titled series one lasting for 25 issues the other for 49 issues and would be still be going if not for the relaunch. There are not too many characters that have that kind of run. Check out my list if you don't believe me. Booster Gold is truly great.

    • 142pt The Alan Moore/ Neil Gaiman run on Miracleman may go down as one of comic book’s greatest hidden treasures. Though it’s questionable whether or not Marvel can reprint that material, it will be a shame if they can’t. Miracleman’s series is possibly the first, great superhero deconstruction story. One of his personalities is a demi-god who strides among the heavens and has a supernatural glow. The other is middle-aged, pudgy, and worried that his wife loves his other self more than him. The character later asks the serious question of how a hero can rule over a people without becoming a tyrant. Read this series if you haven’t already.

    • 141pt Mainly a weakness for red heads, but also with just general interest in helping her father and going above what he does for a living. Her real act of heroism comes from the fact she was shot and paralyzed where some people would have given up and done something else to fit there new life style. She did not, she kept fighting crime as Oracle and now is back in the saddle ready to kick ass and take names.

    • 141pt They broke the mold when they created Plastic Man. The blue print for elastic characters, though not one that followed can hold a candle to the original. Despite the character's roots in humor comics, never forget that his is a classic tale of redemption. An oily dirtbag, upon gaining super-powers, turns over a new leaf & dedicates his life to aiding the innocent, & opposing evil.

    • 141pt The classic anti-hero; soldier, husband and father. After surviving the horrors that man can commit he returns home safe only to lose his family in a senseless tragedy, he fought and bled for the country that could not give his family justice so he takes it upon himself to do what others could or would not do.

    • 140pt Premier heroine of the Top Cow universe, Sara Pezzini shows how, and WHY, strong female characters should have their own successful ongoing series

    • 140pt Possibly the most famous vampire in comics, she is also a huge sex symbol. It may seem like a strange reason to put her on the list, but hey, sex sells. Where would comic book pin-up girls be today without Vampirella?

    • 140pt Lets face it: this space traveling ladies man has become an icon for science fiction. True, there were icons before him like Buck Rogers, who paved the way, but Kirk has become the spokesmen for the science fiction genre. Sure, he's not vulkin (like Spock)or a robot (like Data), but he in his own way he has saved the world several times over...just as many times as he has lost his shirt!

    • 140pt One of the more visually iconic characters to come out of Wildstorm, Backlash was a pretty popular character when he debuted. His book had a longer run than some of the other more well known Wildstorm series. His power is also pretty unique and coupled with his rich background with Team 7 and the history of the Wildstorm Universe, he is greatly involved (directly or indirectly) with a lot of the events that shaped the Wildstorm Universe.

    • 140pt Alan Moore’s homage to Doc Savage. A character that is in peek human prowess and intellect. Instead of trying to enslave his fellow human race he uses his intellect and ingenuity to help Humanity from any threats.

    • 140pt The Spirit was so great that the most famous comic book award, The Eisner Award, was named after the writer of The Spirit, Will Eisner. The Spirit influenced a lot of dark characters you see today, Punisher, Sin City, and more. Adding on to inspirational things The Spirit did, many comic creators say that The Spirit were part of the reason that they got into the comic book business. Much of what is seen in the comic book world in terms of storytelling and techniques today can be traced back to The Spirit’s original work, which spanned over a decade. Spirit's detective skills are unmatched, along with his knack for getting the ladies. If that wasn't enough, he was one of, if not the first, character in comics to respect black people and treat them equally. So next time you see a comic featuring someone like Punisher, remember that The Spirit helped make these things possible.

    • 123pt As far as DC goes, other than Superman, he is the most recognizable character in the mainstream. Host to a rather large assortment of television shows (going all the way back to the Adam West series in the 1960's, every generation has known at least one Batman show. He transcends comic books and goes into movies, games, he's even mentioned in several songs (as is Superman). What makes Batman so interesting to me though, isn't his popularity, it's his personality. Bruce Wayne is a troubled man, anybody who says he doesn't have issues clearly doesn't know the character. But instead of allowing those issues and that childhood tragedy turn him into something terrible, something ugly, he became the hero that Gotham needed to keep it safe, just perhaps not the one that they wanted. His methods can be questionable, but his motives are pure. He is NOT a true blue hero, but he is a big damn hero.

    • 122pt The 1940's was tough for everyone with World War II plaguing Europe and the United States. Vast numbers of superheroes were created to ease the harsh realities of war, but one of them rose above the rest and literally survived up until now. I'm obviously talking about the one and only Captain America. America's favorite super-soldier isn't afraid to do whatever's right, even if his own government doesn't back him up. He's for the people, and he hates bullies. He's the leader of the best superhero team in the world and he represents a whole nation. He's Captain America, and he's "Loyal to nothing... Except the dream." We salute you, Captain America.

    • 122pt Spawn shows how that just because you're not part of Marvel and DC, doesn't mean you can't have an extremely successful series that gains critical and media attention, thankfully he has had some of the industries most brightest and talented behind him

    • 121pt Kara Zor-El, is someone who understand what it means to be power and how it should be controlled. Being one of the youngest characters in the DC Universe and the strongest character within her age bracket, she has had to deal with constant control over herself. She has to face the trouble of not letting loose like a normal teenager would, instead having to keep herself under control. She has to deal with what it is to be one of the strongest and also what is means to fit into the shoes of her older cousin, who everyone adores. While Superman would do everything perfectly, Kara does her best, but for some, it just isn't enough.

    • 121pt Probably the most recognizable character from the Wildstorm Universe, Grifter’s design I think is what sells it for him. He’s basically just a modern day gunslinger but couple that with the alien threats the Wildcats faced and his skills have to be taken to a whole new level. Like Backlash, Grifter is also heavily rooted in Wildstorm Universe history being a part of Team 7 as well. I think the fact that he’s got a solo book in the new 52 solidifies the point that he is one of Wildstorm’s best and most recognizable characters.

    • 121pt Come on. It the Hulk. One of Marvel's flagship characters, The Hulk is also the only Marvel character that had a successful live action tv series and one of the few to have a good vidoe game based around them. Even without other media, The Hulk is a legend. Hulk has been in over 3000 comics, and fought the best Marvel had to offer

    • 120pt The silent ninja master from G.I. Joe. Basically pulling off miracles and taking out the bad guys everyday and getting no credit because he works for an organization that doesn't exist. There is no one more reliable, devoted, and dangerous than Snake-Eyes. G.I. Joe has been an ongoing title whether it's one publisher or another for over 25 years now and he's unquestionably their most popular and greatest hero.

    • 120pt The Green Hornet has been seen in just about every media outlet there is. Comics is just one of them, and not his first. He may be the only character in existance whose sidekick is more famous than him, and maybe even his car. I am a Green Hornet fan and believe he easily makes a spot on this list

    • 120pt Living in a disgusting far-future future not that unlike our own present, Spider Jerusalem is the voice that shines light in the darkness, exposing the wickedness and corruption for what it is. Spider brings truth and justice to this future America (albeit, amidst a string of profanities and the occasional beating of his less-respectable sources or even going so far as disrupting the bowels of the President). Essential Reading: Transmetropolitan

    • 120pt I felt compelled to add a hero that hits home to me. Rather than Guardian or anything like that. Its someone who quite literally deals with inner demons. though he has control of his sasquatch form. Dr. Langkowski often loses control, but his strength and power can sometimes put him at a threat level of the hulk. His smarts and and strength get him out of many messes which allowed him to defeat the Super Skrull back in the first few issues of Alpha Flight and his relationship with Aurora is always great to see.

    • 120pt Served as inspiration for Doctor Manhattan in the Watchmen, but also has a strong publication record in his own right. He was the most popular character at Charlton and since moving to DC has been a member of the Justice League, including its leader for a while

    • 120pt Ragman is a very unique character, and I am actually shocked that he is not more highly regarded. Ragman literally wears a suit of evil souls. Each rag is a soul of some monstrous being. Like the woman who punished her kids by forcing their hands in boiling water or a particularly crew Nazi at the Warsaw Ghetto. Ragman is virtually shunned by the main hero class because of his power to steal souls in unapealing and yet the souls have a chance for redemption still. As they live in the purgatory of the rag their souls still have a chance to be free by helping the Ragman do right. He is a walking prison designed to rehabilitate souls.

    • 104pt The 70's and 80's were an interesting time for comic books. After Marvel published their Spider-Man story on the horrors of drug abuse, many other companies and titles followed suit. For DC's character, Ollie Queen, this was his chance to shine. Ollie's not like the normal superheroes. He's never afraid to speak his mind, no matter what the subject is. While the Incredible Hulk was a metaphor for rebellion since his creation in the 1960's, Ollie was one of the first (and probably was the first because of his attitude), to really stick it to the man. He'd challenge anyone who he felt didn't treat others equally. He even went so far to call Hal Jordan of being prejudice about the people he chooses to save. Ollie taught a whole generation of comic book readers on what it meant to be a good individual by questioning the authority, and making things right by his own way. Green Arrow's great and his attitude is one-of-a-kind.

    • 102pt top cow heavy hitter, everyone loves a anti-hero, especially one that can control tiny tiny demons

    • 102pt Another Holyoke hero Catman had a female sidekick named "Kitten" and has been retooled and revived by DC as well as by AC

    • 101pt The Silver Age Wonder Girl has done much to remain relevant in recent DC stories. She has always played a large role in the Teen Titans, but also played a large role in the wave of crossovers at DC (52 and Countdown)

    • 100pt Here's a name everyone knows! Buck Rogers was one of the FIRST science fiction comic strips, and went on to become a science fiction icon. While he may not appear in a lot of issues, he's certainly left a lasting mark on comic books, and the world.

    • 100pt When most people think about a patriotic superhero, they think of Uncle Sam or Captain America, but who was the first to wear the red, white and blue? The Shield, of course! First published in 1940 (a year BEFORE Captain America), the shield still stands for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! No matter who publishes him or what version of the character is present...

    • 100pt The mutant "most" kids wanted to be growing up! Since we couldn't pick overall teams for this list I had the difficult task of choosing one of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so I had to go with their leader. This is the guy that killed Shredder! How much more awesome can you be!

    • 100pt Of all the various devils seen in comics throughout the decades, Lucifer has undoubtedly put all of them to shame in terms of solo success. Sure more people may care about Mephisto but has he had an ongoing series, let alone one that lasted seventy-five issues? Although he's not out saving the world out of the goodness of his soul, Lucifer has sought the universe's safety on numerous occasions and really isn't such a bad guy once you get to know him. Essential Reading: Lucifer; The Sandman

    • 100pt Where Dredd is a stoic faceless bad-assed mother (blank). Judge Cassandra Anderson is kind hearted, caring and critical of the Judge system when she has to be. Starting as a foil to Judge Death and the Dark Judges, Judge Anderson has gone on to have some of the more weird and wonderful adventures, from negotiating salt trades with an all female alien species to hunting down a monk that was close to releasing the Dark Judges from their prisons in an alternate dimension.

    • 100pt Gen 13 in general was a smash hit when it first came out, but if you saw all the fan art (including some still produced today) it’s the teams’ six foot busty redhead who you’ll see. What made Fairchild so appealing was that she started out as a nerdy girl and when she got her powers, she suddenly became like the She-Hulk as far as strength and invulnerability. So now she was a super hot superpowered nerdy girl. What’s not to like about that? She also had an innocence about her that despite all the wardrobe malfunctions she seemed to have, there was still something very modest and wholesome about her. I think it’s this great dichotomy that has made for a very cool and well-liked character.

    • 100pt The perfect marriage between cheesecake & super-heroics. Phantom Lady has survived the long decades since the character's inception by being published by nearly a dozen different comic's companies. Arguably the template for "Good Girl" super-heroines, Phantom Lady obviously resonates with the public, as publishers have seemed to line up to keep the character in print.

    • 100pt Similar to the Unknown Soldier Sgt. Rock embodied the ideal soldier, the born leader, the type of person that could give parents and wives hope that their sons and husbands might make it home to them. Sgt. Rock was in no way perfect, he lost men, he was only human but he cared for all of the men under his command and did his best to do right by them, in the midst of war sometimes the only thing you can depend on is the man leading you.

    • 100pt This Blue Beetle is the original Fox Feature Syndicate Superhero. His name was Dan Garret with one t. Not the Dan Garrett with two t's that came later. This is the Dan Garret who was then Blue Beetle in 1939. One of the first Superheroes ever! He had his own radio show before television. It would be like watching the Blue Beetle on television today. He was tremendously popular and was destined for success. His first self titled series lasted 60 issues, an extremely rare accomplishment. He was on the same level and guys like Superman and Batman. So, why is Blue Beetle looked over today. Well, Fox Feature Syndicate was sold to Holyoak Comics and Holyoak was sued by DC over the character of Wonder Man. Holyoak was always struggling and went out of business. Things were dry for a long time meanwhile Batman and Superman are still being sold every month. Dan came back in the 1960's but as Dan Garrett with 2 t's. He was not the same hero and it was another blow. It was this failing that lead to the hero Ted Kord as Blue Beetle.

    • 89pt Flash Fact: There've been three men who have carried the Flash mantle since the Golden Age of comic books. Flash Fact: One fought the good fight in WWII, another reinvented DC in the 1950's with his appearance in Showcase #4, and the other is the best Scarlet Speedster the multiverse has ever seen. I'm talking about Wally West. One of the best heroes to have started out when he was a kid, he filled those gold boots like nobody's business after his mentor, Barry Allen passed away. Funny, powerful, and quick as a wit (most definitely faster, though) Wally West is a prime example of just how great a superhero should be.

    • 87pt Wonder Woman is the first to represent feminine power to its fullest potentially. Just as strong as Superman, being a little bit faster, she is more than a match for him and thus she has become a model for many and rightly so. She shows us Strength and how we can better and improve ourselves.

    • 86pt I'll be the first to admit that I know nearly nothing about Doctor Who. But when looking over a list of IDW characters I found out that the Doctor has seen fit to grace IDW comics with nearly 100 appearances. That's a lot for a guy who can travel through time and space!

    • 82pt Sue Storm is generally regarded as one of the biggest Marvel characters, and she is rightfully so. As one of the first of the Fantastic Four, she serves not only as an extremley powerful mother and superhero, but also as the one who makes sure the team isn't falling apart. Her powers have devloped throughout various runs on the book, and her raw power has grown to make her an extremley valuable member of the team. She is also one of the only mother-figures in comics, making her a strong role model for parents.

    • 81pt Another Charlton hero that made the jump to DC when it was purchased. He maintained a successful publishing run at Charlton before becoming a mostly secondary character at DC. Also featured prominently in Justice League Unlimited. why they killed him is beyond me...

    • 81pt Although not your stereotypical hero, Tank Girl is a character that brings the fun back to comics and is most likely a shoo-in from any group of voters who have to pick the greatest British-created, Australian, female comic character who has sexual relations with a kangaroo. Essential Reading: All things with Tank Girl in the title

    • 80pt kick ass green man dragon... need I say more?

    • 80pt The demon who defies his destiny. Since 1995 Mike Mignola's Hellboy has been an established hero in comics and despite them being released as mini's they have been consistant through the years with a loyal comic book following, not to mention two feature films. Hellboy might not be the friendliest hero but there's never been one more fearless. Hellboy is someone that will stand up for the little... no case is too small or too big. Hellboy fights nazi's and is easily one of the most badass characters to exist, so yeah...

    • 80pt It's just icon after icon on this list, and The Lone Ranger is no exception. Lone Ranger is another character appearing in all sorts of media. He's got radio, he's got comics, he's got movies! You name it and this guy's been in it! While he may not be that popular anymore, he was certainly a draw in the 40's. Your grandpa would approve of this guy being on the list!

    • 80pt Doc Savage has been featured in just about every type of media imaginable, one of the earliest mystery men he was a jack of all trades and may have been the inspiration of many other every man type heroes that we still know and love these days.

    • 80pt Samson is based directly from the Samson of the Bible. Now that is epic. As a direct ancestor of the biblical Samson, Samson has all the same powers and weaknesses from birth just like biblical ancestor. He was given even more power by an Eastern holy man who prayed for God to bring forth a champion to battle evil. Samson also becomes one of the Big 3 in Fox Comics. They even had a comic for a very short time called The Big 3. This is not unlike Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the DC Universe. How cool would the comic world be if only Fox had not sold out to Holyoak?

    • 65pt probably the best character to ever call herself Batgirl

    • 61pt The single most powerful Superhero ever

    • 60pt Legacy characters are a prevalent thing among comics. Whether it's characters based off of originals, clones, or people who were inspired by the original and took up the mantle. Superboy is a legacy character (and coincidentally also a clone....kind of), done correctly. He is the genetically bio-engineered clone/offspring of the combined genetic material of one of the world's greatest heroes (Superman) and one of it's most devious masterminds (Lex Luthor). From the very beginning this made for an interesting dynamic with the character. He wasn't born. He was created. And he had no real guiding force in his life until Clark found him. Eventually he wound up on that familiar farm on Smallville, living a similar life to the younger Clark Kent. We've seen this character grow and develop over the years. We've seen him struggle (that whole debacle during Teen Titans when he shaves his head, I'm foggy on the details, though) and most of all, we've seen him become incredibly interesting. He's not a rip off of either of the characters he takes his genetic material from, instead he is entirely his own.

    • 60pt As many Flashes there were over the years, that number is dwarfed by the numbers of Green Lanterns there are. Of the four of these intergalactic police men, one of them has always stood out with the brightest green light in his ring. I'm talking about the one and only Kyle Rayner. After Hal Jordan caused so much destruction as Paralax, Kyle was the one that got people believing in the Green Lantern again. Even his colleagues in the Justice League of America had their doubts about him when he was a rookie, he evened the odds and became, in my opinion, the greatest Green Lantern of all. To every Darkest Night is a Brightest Day, and Kyle's certainly the Brightest Green Day.

    • 60pt Many people will say that Luke Skywalker is the hero of Star Wars but I will go with the man who was known as "The Negotiator" because of his calm presence and demeanor. Friend and teacher to both Anakin and Luke Skywalker, he is one of the central characters in the extremely large and popular franchise. Obi-Wan defeated Darth Maul, General Grevious, and even Anakin. When Luke was born he took him to his family. He then watched and protected him while living in near solitude for about 20 years. Later he then made another sacrifice so he could transend death to communicate with Luke. Obi-Wan was the guy who never wavered and always stood by the causes of Good and Right.

    • 60pt I'll say it right now, Black Terror is cool. The name, the costume, the sword... wait why does he have a sword? You should be asking, "Why doesn't he have a sword?" With comic origins dating back to the 40's, Black Terror is no newcomer, though a lot of readers are probably discovering him for the first time in Project Superpowers. I did, eventhough I was given plenty of opportunities to discover him, as he's had a variety of publishers.

    • 60pt Despite not being super, or necessarily a hero, Jesse Custer deserves to be on a list of greatest heroes more then most modern characters for the simple fact that in an era of dark, gritty and shock-value drenched comics and in fact being the star of one of its finest example Jesse remains a man of honor, values and beliefs that few people in real life could even hold themselves to. Essential Reading: Preacher

    • 60pt Apollo is important to comics because he was created by Warren Ellis as a reimage of Superman. He and his fellow stormwatch team mate, Midnighter (a reimage of Batman), are gay lovers. Given Wildstorm's real world feel, it was nice to see homosexual love between two of the most important heroes of the Wildstorm universe.

    • 46 pt Comics started out as something aimed at the younger ages, even though older readers could enjoy it just as much, albeit with less seriousness. Billy Batson, took this a step further, since it allowed a younger mind, to pass and imagine what it would be to actually be an older Superhero. Billy Batson let all of the young readers dream about what if it was them there, in a much more feasible story. Let's face it, most children didn't have a huge fortune, manor and butler and they definitely weren't born in an alien world. Batson gave them something that could happen to them. The prospect of suddenly transforming into a superhero and achieving respect from everyone in society, was something that thrills many at a young age. This is why he is such a great character, he achieves so much, not allowing his age to become a barrier.

    • 46pt Ted Kord is one of my favorite characters in comic books, and I would have put him at number 1, but I would have felt bad. Ted is a character that is really easy to identify with, for me at least. He represents that "regular joe" superhero of comics. He's had a solid run on the Justice League, as well as multiple series of his own. Sadly, he is dead, but he arguably had one of the best deaths in comics history.

    • 41pt My favorite character and series [you can guess who wrote this by his name...]

    • 40pt Billionaire, genius, and charismatic are few of the many, many words one could use to describe Tony Stark. He's a founding member of the Avengers, he's constantly doing something to save the entire world, and he survived a major disease that's plagued millions of people: alcoholism. When characters like Spider-Man or Green Arrow are showing you the horrors of drug abuse and racism, Tony's actually lived through one of these terrible things and still continues to fight alongside Earth's Mightiest Superheroes. Stark is an inspiration. Stark earned his spot on the list. And if that's not good enough? He is Iron Man.

    • 40pt Usagi's current ongoing series has been going strong since 1996 and is up to 140 issues. Usagi has appeared with the TMNT's on tv and in comics as well. Usagi Yojimbo is a samurai which makes him live a life of extreme discipline. Practitioners carry themselves with all the qualities of a hero such as honor and sacrifice.

    • 40pt Many people underestimate the Wasp simply because of her lack of raw power. honestly, she's a really important character in the Marvel U. she was one of the first Avengers, and can almost always(and I mean always) be found on the team. She's been team leader several times, and besides that has had a starring role in Tales to Astonish(where she first made her debut) for quite a long time. She sadly died during the Skurrl invasion, but will always be remebered as one of the core Avengers.

    • 40pt Shade, the Changing Man is a prime example of a comic character that personifies experimentation in the medium, from his hairstyles to his gender to his level of insanity...the only consistent thing about Shade is his love for Kathy (when the angels aren't commanding him to kill her at least). Essential Reading: Shade, the Changing Man V2 #1-70

    • 40pt Midnighter is important to comics because he was created by Warren Ellis as a reimage of Batman. He and his fellow stormwatch team mate, Apollo (a reimage of superman), are gay lovers. Given Wildstorm's real world feel, it was nice to see homosexual love between two of the most important heroes of the Wildstorm universe

    • 40pt What Superman is to DC Comics, John Constantine to Vertigo, Static is the face of Milestone and the voice of the minority.

    • 40pt Alien Spy. Traitor to the Empire. Champion of Earth. Protector of the Universe. Cancer victim. There's never been a more fully realized hero's journey in comics. Space Opera has rarely been done better.

    • 36pt. My all time favourite, so many reasons why she deserves to be on the list

    • 25pt. Matt Murdock is unique. He's a lawyer by day, crime-fighter by night. He deals with rapists, drug dealers, and crime lords on an everyday basis. ...and he's blind. One of the first disabled superheroes on the scene, Daredevil is an inspiration to anyone with a disability. On top of this, he's suffered traumatic experiences, mental breakdowns, outed by the press, and was even possesed by a demon at one point, Daredevil still puts on his horn-headed mask and continues to clean up Hell's Kitchen because he knows it's the right thing to do. Daredevil is one of the best comic book characters Marvel ever created. It'd practically be a mortal sin if he wasn't allowed his spot on the list.

    • 24pt. Current Leader of the X-men, cyclops has faced a lot of stuff in his day and saved a lot of lives.

    • 24pt. As a concept, Invincible may not be the most interesting subject to talk about. The character as a concept, is as generic as generic gets. This is in theory of course. When put into practice, Invincible does everything right. He's a typical kid, trying to move on with life, thrilled at the prospect of being a Superhero at first, but through plot twist, maturing into a beautiful hero, capable of overcoming even the largest problems. Who cares whether his Powers were ripped straight off Superman and a gazzillion other character. You don't like invincible because of his powers, you like it because of the rich background the world of Invincible has, as well as the pure fun you get out of reading his Self-Titles comic book. He's fun. It's the best way to describe him

    • 23pt. Dave Stevens' classic retro hero. Blending equal parts pulp comics & Saturday morning matinees, The Rocketeer is a loving homage to a bygone era, whose every adventure just bleeds nostalgia.

    • 21pt. Besides being a staple in the industry of "Bad Girl Art" comics, Lady Death is a woman to be respected, or feared. Essential Reading: Anything with Lady Death in the title from the various publishers she's appeared in

    • 20pt. Starting off as a pulp hero from the 1930's it wasn't untill 1970 that Conan appeared in comics. Since then though he has had a pretty steady run between his time with Marvel and Dark Horse comics. Three feature films have been made about the Conan the Barbarian. He is considered one of the greatest swordsmen in comics and someone who at times fight's for the "little guy." His long-lasting legacy speaks for itself.

    • 20pt. The Tick is the king of comedic comics, but also a great superhero in his own right. He's enjoyable for all ages, though lately it seems like he's more for kids. Tick was quite popular not too long ago, as he was given his own animated TV show, and live-action TV show. Plus he's a personal favorite and makes me laughs. Spoon!

    • 20pt. Many of you will think that this is my self-indulgence choice, and in a way it is. However, Dazzler is a different kind of superhero. She's really a performer first and a hero second. When we first meet her, she doesn't want to become a crime-fighter, and when she joins the X-men, she still needs to learn what her powers can do. As a singer and dancer, her stories are often based in realism, with her relationships with her parents and even love intrests playing an important role. Her powers are honestly, fairly silly, so the real challenge for creators with Dazzler is to think of the ways she can use them, which really leads to some cool and intresting stories. In short, Dazzler is a one of a kind X-Man.

    • 20pt. Voodoo is important because she is an alien halfbreed. Being from two different worlds can always be difficult, but being half a Daemonite on the Wildcat team, who fight Daemonite cane be even harder. The duality of her origin is what makes her special and entertaining. Her struggles to keep her humanity, when the beast within her wants to come out.

    • 20pt. Flash is one of the first and greatest sci fi characters of all time, let alone one of the first comics. Along with that, he is getting new life thanks to Alex Ross's Zeitgeist comic, so expect to see more of him in the future. Last but not least, he has an awesome Queen song about him

    • 20pt. Zorro is a classic hero that uses his families wealth and prestige to help those around him and fight the injustices against his fellow citizens. The idea was not new when Zorro was created and he has since been duplicated but the original classic hero still has not been forgotten.

    • 20pt. Less popular among the Charlton characters (though she was the only major female character). Her transition to DC was not as successful but she has been in the Suicide Squad and Shadowpact