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    An ex-Navy Seal who became a member of Cyberdata, but was eventually freed and became the leader of Cyberforce.

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    After his time as a Navy Seal Dylan was brought into Cyberdata and they implanted one of their brainboxes to control him. Doctor Corben started to notice his aggression increasing. This led him to finding the device. Corben removed them from Stryker, Cyblade, and Dylan first and they became the original Cyberforce. Later new members joined and Dylan became the team leader.


    One of the earliest missions of Cyberforce was to rescue a mutant girl dubbed Velocity from the clutches of Cyberdata. Heatwave saved her multiple times and a love/hate relationship between him and enemy Killjoy was developed. Eventually Velocity escaped and joined the team.

    After saving Velocity the team was a little disheveled. Their original base had been destroyed and they had to train Velocity and try and get her sister Ballistic to join them. One day while Velocity was training Ripclaw interfered and Heatwave had to take him down,showing one of the earliest signs of leadership. A relationship with Cyblade was also starting to develop.

    Cyberforce's next mission brought them in the path of the WildC.A.T.s and it involved the heroes Warblade and Ripclaw and the S.H.O.C. agent Misery. Cyberforce was brainwashed by Misery into attacking the other team. Heatwave fought with WildC.A.T. leader Spartan and managed to nearly defeat him before he regained control in time to stop Velocity from killing Zealot. The teams left on good terms.

    During the events of the Devil's Reign company crossover between Top Cow and Marvel, Heatwave was seduced into becoming Mephisto's lieutenant. As his downward spiral progressed, he came into conflict with his fellow members of CyberForce. They were finally able to break through to him, and he sacrificed his life to stop Mephisto's designs. The members of CyberForce held a memorial, honoring him as a friend and a hero.

    In 2006 the CyberForce title was relaunched, and over the course of the 6 issue mini series it was found that Dylan had been resurrected by the alien ship that had crashed to Earth millennia ago. The race of beings aboard that ship provided the original material for creating metahumans such as CyberForce and the members of Cyberdata's S.H.O.C. teams. Heatwave led a defense against the return of these beings, who were bent on destroying Earth as they considered the existence of metahumans an obscenity to their race. CyberForce was able to repel the aliens, but not without the loss of one of their own, Impact.

    During the CyberForce/Hunter Killer crossover, Heatwave was critically injured during the first attack. Only the quick thinking of former Hunter-Killer member Ellis were they able to save his life. Velocity was infected with the Ultra-Sapien strain, making her susceptible to control by Cyberdata via her JETT communications device. As a safeguard to keep an eye on the Hunter Killers, Heatwave decided to join their team to help balance the scales of their losses from the battle with Morningstar. Ellis joined CyberForce to help keep velocity in check should the dormant virus reactivate.


    Over the course of their teamwork Stryker and Heatwave have come into conflict many times. Being that Heatwave is a straight shooting military man and Stryker is a guerilla fighter has brought into conflict on leading the team, but what annoyed Heatwave the most was Stryker's double life, while he was with Cyberforce he was also leading the mercenary team Stryke Force, eventually Stryker admitted his faults to Dylan and disbanded the team.

    Powers and Abilities

    Heawave is a mutant with the following powers:

    Energy Absorption: Dillon's body absorbs ambient solar energy as a power source.

    Energy Projection: Dillon is able to release the energy his body absorbs as powerful blasts of heat energy. Prior to his cybernetic upgrades he had issues regulating his release and his body was capable of burning people around him without his ability to stop this from happening.

    Flight: Dillon can use his mutant abilities to fly unaided.

    Cybernetic Upgrades

    Cyber Suit: Heatwave's suit helps him control and regulate how he releases his ambient energy.

    Cybernetic Enhancement: Cyberdata installed bionics inside Dillon brain and body to help him control and interface with his cybersuit.

    Brainbox: Cyberdata installed a device called a Brainbox inside the skull of each of their operatives. In addition to interfacing with their bionic implants the Brainbox allows Cyberdata to control their operatives as needed.


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