Character » CyberJack appears in 18 issues.

    CyberJack is an expert hacker. He was once a member of Team 7 and has worked with Backlash on several occassions.

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    Character Biography

    Cyberjack is an old friend of Backlash and associates with the latter, working with the latter many times during his solo series.

    Eventually Gamorra used a friend of Rhodes to get him into the city, with the latter thinking that his friend was helping him. It is eventually revealed that his friend, Ogura, (who was also somewhat his protégé) had finished his research on Neural Passages which had been initiated by Rhodes for him to regain the use of his legs. However, the research was keyed to Rhodes' DNA which is why he needed Rhodes to finish the project and eventually it is revealed that Gamorra was behind all of this, since he wanted the research for his own purposes. Eventually a couple of HKs and Deathtrap try to fight against him, but he manages to escape using holograms and get a hold on Gamorra. Unfortunately, Ogura comes from behind him and hits him with a metal tube, knocking him out and allowing Gamorra to prep him for Neural regeneration.

    Powers and Abilities

    Cyberjack is incredibly intelligent, being able to research in Cybernetics that even caused Gamorra to trick him into finishing his research.


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