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The “Real American” is revealed in this shocking conclusion.

The Green Lantern, and the Hawkman, arrive in Detroit, in the middle of a full-blown riot. The Real American makes his presence known, by whipping black men. In their efforts to stop the violence, the Green Lantern, and the Hawkman, are perceived to be on the side of the white aggressors. Detroit police officers disperse the rioters with tear gas. The Real American confronts the Green Lantern, and the Hawkman. The Green Lantern is deeply offended by the Real American's bigotry, but the Hawkman seems to come around to the Real American's racist perspective. The Green Lantern, and the Hawkman, take to the skies, where they are met by the Firebrand.

The Firebrand leads the Green Lantern, and the Hawkman, to a church. There, the All-Star Squadron are rendering medical aid to blacks injured in the riots. Rachel Lindsay angrily calls out the All-Star Squadron as a racist organization. The injured blacks rise up against the All-Star Squadron. To avoid further violence, the All-Star Squadron withdraws. The All-Star Squadron assembles on a cloud, to listen to current radio news bulletins, courtesy of the Green Lantern. The All-Star Squadron head to a local police station, where the Amazing Man has been jailed, for his actions during the riot. A mob of white men have gathered outside the police station, screaming for the Amazing Man's blood.

The Real American is on the scene to help incite the mob. The Phantom Empire observes from a distant cliff face. The All-Star Squadron confront the police, and ask to speak to the Amazing Man. The police captain, and the All-Star Squadron, step outside, to try to quell the mob. The words of the Real American begin to sway the All-Star Squadron. Only Robotman is immune to the Real American's powers of persuasion. The Real American convinces the All-Star Squadron to lynch the Amazing Man. Robotman breaks the Amazing Man out of jail. Robotman places his own metallic "ears" over the Amazing Man's, allowing the Amazing Man to transform into steel.

During the transformation, Robotman's "ears" fuse to the Amazing Man's head. Robotman loudly broadcasts a poem, from Alice In Wonderland, drowning out the Real American's voice. The All-Star Squadron slowly regain their senses. The Amazing Man attacks the Real American. Wanting to defeat the Real American as a man, the Amazing Man transforms back from steel, to flesh. After a pitched battle, the Amazing Man defeats the Real American. At the the Real American's defeat, the Phantom Empire disperses. Robotman warns the Amazing Man that the Real American is about to explode.

Grasping the Real American's steel lash, the Amazing Man transforms to steel, and shields the crowd from the Real American's detonation. The Real American is revealed to be a robot. The white mob disperses. The leader of the Phantom Empire races to Smiley's Cafe. The leader of the Phantom Empire contacts the Monitor. Having already provided the Real American, the Monitor ceases all further business transactions with the Phantom Empire. Johnny Quick confronts the leader of the Phantom Empire. The leader of the Phantom Empire is revealed to be the proprietor of Smiley's Cafe. The Amazing Man officially joins the All-Star Squadron. Liberty Belle is uneasy about leaving Detroit, with so much racial strife still unresolved.

Note-- This issue reprints a double page spread, illustrated by Joe Staton, and embellished by Bob Layton, depicting the Justice Society of America fighting Adolf Hitler.


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