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World War II lasted for eight years and directly involved over a hundred nations with around 60 million deaths.


World War II has been featured in countless comics; by far the largest variety of these were published by American (and British) comic publishers during 1950-1970.

World War II comics usually represent one of the following sub-genres:


Most Silver Age WWII comics fit this sub-genre. One example is Sgt. Rock. These books featured stories about normal people in the war. It is worth mentioning that many of the creators of these comics had served in the army during the war or were actual combat veterans like Jack Kirby.


This sub-genre bring superheroes into WWII: like the early Captain America comics or WWII is a setting for a character's origin story, like Magneto Testament. WWII is by far the bloodiest conflict of all time, and as a result has been an important part of popular culture. The scientific developments used to make weapons more efficient has been exploited by sci-fi writers, such as the Nazis and the experiments of HYDRA.


Either alternative history comics or more often comics where WWII serves as a setting for a Fantasy/Horror stories like The Light Brigade, Life Eaters or American Vampire. Writers use the folk tales and mythology of the main countries to give a certain twist. A great example of this is in Hellboy by Mike Mignola (Dark Horse Comics) where Germanic, British and Japanese myths and folk tales are explored.


Modern take on WWII, like the Battlefields series by Garth Ennis.


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