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The All-Star Squadron are reunited with five of their missing members. None of the five heroes can remember where they have been, or what they may have done, while absent. Using his mystic talisman, Doctor Occult senses that the missing members of the Justice Society of America are lost in hyperspace. Doctor Fate adds his eldritch power to the mystic talisman, in the hopes that Doctor Occult might better focus on the Justice Society of America. Doctor Occult sees the Atom, trapped in a rocket ship, en route to Mars.

Upon landing, the Atom discovers that the weaker gravity gives him amazing physical abilities. The Atom intervenes in a skirmish between two warring Martian tribes. The Atom is ushered to a city, where a device, called an "educatograph, allows him to communicate with the Martians. The Northern Martian leader reveals that the Southern Martian leader, Kagar, has threatened to poison Mars' water supply, unless he is paid tribute. The Atom storms Kagar's stronghold, backed by the Northern Martian Army. The Atom defeats Kagar, ending his threat.

In recognition of his service to Mars, the Atom is given an educatograph, and sent home to Earth. The vision changes. Doctor Occult sees the Starman, trapped in a rocket ship, en route to Jupiter. Upon landing, the Starman is met by the cyborg populace of Jupiter. The ruling council of Jupiter reveal to the Starman how he came to be in the rocket ship, a scheme carried out by the Nazi engineer, Hans Gootsden. The Starman's aid is requested in ridding Jupiter of a miles-wide microbial life form, feeding upon the planet. After learning that his gravity rod can repel the creature, the Starman constructs a giant gravity rod, on Jupiter, which expunges the monstrous entity from the planet, by hurling it into space.

In recognition for his service to Jupiter, the Starman is given the secret of turning any metal transparent, nearly invisible. Using the giant gravity rod, the Starman is sent back home, to Earth. The vision changes anew. Doctor Occult sees Wonder Woman, trapped in a rocket ship, guided to the planet, Venus, by the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Venusian women bring Wonder Woman to their Queen, Desira. The Oracle of Aphrodite has foretold Wonder Woman's arrival. Wonder Woman is enlisted in the battle against Solaris, and his invading meteor warriors.

Solaris orders the Venusian women to bind each other, and Wonder Woman as well. Strangely, Wonder Woman goes along with the command. Solaris proves his superiority over the Venusian men, in combat. At an opportune moment, Wonder Woman breaks her bonds, and fights back. Wonder Woman defeats Solaris, but is cowed by the meteor warriors' treachery. Wonder Woman is bound with her own Lasso Of Truth. Arms bound, Wonder Woman overpowers her guard, then storms the stockade holding the Venusian women.

Freed from her bondage, Wonder Woman leads the Vensuian women in an assault on Solaris. Binding Solaris in her Lasso Of Truth, Wonder Woman compels Solaris to surrender. Solaris, and the meteor warriors, learn to love their life of subjugation to the Venusian women. In recognition for her service to Venus, Wonder Woman is gifted with magnetic earrings, and sent home, to Earth. Exhausted, Doctor Occult loses sight of the Justice Society of America. The Hawkgirl, and Sandy, the Golden Boy, are crestfallen that no information, regarding the Hawkman, and the Sandman, was forthcoming. Sandy, the Golden Boy, breaks down, weeping for the loss of his mentor. The Hawkgirl comforts Sandy, the Golden Boy.


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