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The story starts in the city of Cliffland. A sailor and his Girl are speaking about going on a date. They are quite happy. The girl soon realizes that a bubble has appeared and attached to a statue. She states is bubbling. The Statue comes alive and soon destroys the sailor. The girl faints. As this monster is revealed to be OOM. Mr. Mind appears and tells OOM he should wake her up before he kills her. Then the story is provided of OOM’s past. His killing of the human life. The Spectre took notice of this and punished him. OOM Revolted but was defeated. As Dr. Mind is the one who unleashed him. OOM at first wants to refuse by Mr. Mind proves he can separate his soul from the statue just like the Spectre. Left with no other choice he agreed to join Mr. Mind’s Society.

We go now to Manhattan. The event of the crisis well under way. Hourman is flying with Dr. Fate. They are spooked about the disappearance of the All-Star members during the crisis. As they enter the Justice Society for help they are told that they have stumbled in to the Monster Society of Evil. The Society contains OOM, Mr Mind, Nyola, A former Nightshade who now calls himself Ramulus, and Mr. Who. Nyola is covering the mouth of a hawkgirl.

Following the copy of Abbot Costello whose on first skit. Mr. Who begins to lose his cool. OOM stands up being very angry. Nyola then has her hand bitten by Hawkgirl. Nyola backhands Hawkgirl this leads to the opening of the fight. Ramulus makes quick work of Hourman capturing him before he can do much damage. Dr. Fate fights Mr. Who. Dr. Fate has much more luck getting Mr. Who to give to him. As Dr. Fate wins OOM joins the fight. Dr. Fate is soundly beaten by the brute. Nyola threatens Hawkgirl with her sacrificial blade.

Here is where the story gets odd. Apparently Mr. Mind became quite the fan of Charlie McCarthy. A Earth Comedian. As he built a space ship to travel to earth. He landed where his Comedy Idol was. It turns out Charlie is a dummy. Unable to comprehend that his hero was a ventriloquist .Of course being lead to the world from Harbinger flying with firebrand. Disappointed he went to the Justice Society of America to find that nobody was there. Very unhappy he choose to look at the JSA case files and bring together a monster society.

Fast forwarding to present. Mr. Mind doesn’t want Dr. Fate to be killed. OOM won’t hear it. He wants to kill the hero. As Dr. Fate is being Choked to death. Hawkgirl has the blade pressed as Nyola is ready to put her to death. Ramulus is disappointed that he has to kill Hourman and not Sandman. Hourman begins to realize he can’t even get to his miraclo pills meaning certain death. However he hears a sound on the roof. Help is on it’s way.

Sandy the partner of Sandman swings into the room. Kicking Mr. Who into Nyola and somehow getting OOM Off of Dr. Fate. He thanks Ramulus for introducing him as he hates having to do that himself. Hourman uses Sandy’s gun to get pulled back to the roof freeing him of Ramulus’ vines. Sandy creates havoc. As Hawkgirl is freed and with a jumping punch kick combo that send Nyola and Mr. Who down. OOM soon hit’s the boy. Hawkgirl rushes to save him from falling to his death. AS the bad guys watch Dr.Fate and OOM have an epic fight. It ends with OOM vanishing to the dark side of the moon. Taken Dr. Fate with him. The freed members of the team are seen above the building. Hourman is holding his head. Sandy is holding his ribs. It is Hawkgirl the only hero not to take a beating that assures them next time they fight they are going to win.

As Johnny Quick, Liberty belle, and Green Lantern appeared at an unknown world. They are curious where they are until they see him. Captain Marvel flying right at him. Boy does he look piss. End of All Star Squadron 51.


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