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    Liberty Belle is a 1940’s wartime heroine that led the All-Star Squadron at one point. She has the ability to project powerful pulses of sonic vibrations from her hands that will shatter solid objects.

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    Liberty Belle’s real name is Libby Lawrence and her origin is closely tied to that of the Second World War. She was in Poland with her father in 1939 when Nazi-led Germany invaded, thus leading to the declaration of the World War II. Her father, a major, was soon killed in an air raid. Eventually Libby manages to escape to Amsterdam and then to France. During her attempts to evade capture, she flees on a boat into the English Channel, and while the boat is destroyed she manages to dive overboard and swim to England. Her fame leads to a position for as a reporter, and eventually she gets her own TV show. Upon a visit to Philadelphia she meets Tom Revere, who was a guard of the Liberty Bell in Independence Hall. She is given a replica which she wears on her belt and which gives her her super powers. She soon meets Johnny Quick and joins the All-Star Squadron.


    Her first appearance was in Boy Commandos #1, she was created by Chuck Winter and Don Cameron.

    Character Evolution

    Always a confident and capable female character, she always displayed the leadership and morals expected of a superhero. One of the defining aspects of her character was the love she shared with Johnny Quick.

    Major Story Arcs

    Libby’s adventures only really came to prominence during the later Silver Age as a member of the All-Star Squadron. The most famous story arc from this period was Crisis on Earth Prime, where the All Star Squadron paired with the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America in battling the Crime Syndicate from Earth 3. Many consider this story arc as a precursor to Crisis on Infinite Earths. Libby also played a role in the larger Crisis, though not as prominent.

    Following the cancellation of All Star Squadron in 1987 Libby retreated into the background of DC Comics. This was handled in comics as her retiring from super-heroics and marrying Johnny. She also returned to her job as a reporter. Eventually she becomes pregnant with a daughter, Jesse. She feels as though Johnny is being reckless in trying to teach the speed formula to his daughter and fearing for Jesse’s safety she divorces him. This has the opposite effect though as Jesse decides to live with her father. Libby later marries again, the golden aged Tarantula, but they also soon divorce.

    With Johnny’s subsequent death protecting Jesse, Libby comes to blame much all her problems on her superhero career (but also Jesse in this case.) She later finds love again in Philip Geyer but he is soon found to be murdered. She is initially suspected of having done it though the real killer is eventually discovered.

    During Infinite Crisis she comes out or retirement to battle against Baron Blitzkrieg another time. She forgives her daughter for everything which happens, but while trying to channel her powers at the Liberty Bell she was imprisoned inside the bell, though she would be rescued by the JSA. She still shows up occasionally as when her daughter is seen, though more often in a backup role.

    Character Information

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    • Real Name: Libby Belle Lawrence
    • Status: Heroin
    • Occupation: Journalist, Broadcaster
    • Base: New York City
    • Height: 5ft 6in
    • Weight: 140lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: White (Blonde at times)
    • Marital Staus: Widow
    • Family Member: Jesse Quick (Daughter), Johnny Quick (deceased husband)

    Powers and Abilities

    By ringing the miniature replica of the Liberty Bell, Libby’s strength and speed is temporarily increased. When Baron Blitzkrieg attempted to steal the bell, she also discovered that she could channel shock waves through her hands. Her early experiences in life make her a natural at surviving perilous situations and she has shown herself to be an able and competent leader.

    Alternate Versions

    On Earth-51 Libby is called Libby Lawrence-Chambers and is the president of the USA.

    Popular Recognition

    Libby Lawrence as the original Liberty Belle was ranked 63rd in Comic Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.


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