All-Star Squadron #46

    All-Star Squadron » All-Star Squadron #46 - Philadelphia--It Tolls for Thee! released by DC Comics on June 1985.

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    With the Liberty Bell stolen, the squadron must deduce Baron Blitzkriegs' plans!

    Hawkman presides over a meeting of the All-Star Squadron to discuss Baron Blitzkrieg's plans for the stolen Liberty Bell, as well as the death of Tom Revere and Libby Lawrence's subsequent decision to retire as Liberty Belle. Johnny Quick pretends to angrily storm out of the meeting so he can find and interrogate the captured Nazi Major Zwerg at a local hospital.

    When he gets there, he finds that Libby Lawrence has already arrived with the same intention. Johnny rushes in and stops her from beating information out of Zwerg, then plays good cop to get Zwerg to talk. He tells Johnny and Libby that Baron Blitzkrieg had taken control of the brainwashed Steel during a New Year's Eve event at the White House, forcing him to attack Roosevelt and Churchill. However, when Firebrand threw a fireball at Steel's face, Blitzkrieg, who was seeing through Steel's eyes, suffered a case of psychosomatic blindness. Now he has a plan to restore his sight that involves the stolen Liberty Bell.

    Johnny and Libby rush off separately to stop Blitzkrieg, but just outside the hospital Johnny encounters an automobile accident that has put a bus full of people in danger of exploding. As he flies in circles creating a whirlwind to suck oxygen away from the fire, he's hit by a detached car mirror and falls to the ground unconscious. However, Hawkgirl has also managed to track down Libby--now dressed in her Liberty Belle costume--and flies her through a building thunderstorm to a dilapidated church in Philadelphia that Baron Blitzkrieg is using as a hideout.

    Inside the church, Baron Blitzkrieg is hooked up to a machine with the Liberty Bell placed at the top. He tells Zyklon, who is assisting him, that there is a power in the bell that he knows will cure his blindness, even though he does not fully understand how. Just then, Liberty Belle and Hawkgirl arrive and go straight for the machines. Zyklon tries to fight off the two women by himself, and gets the advantage as Liberty Belle is distracted by the presence of Hawkgirl, who she still views as less committed than the other members of the All-Star Squadron. Hawkgirl proves her wrong, though, flying headlong at Zyklon and knocking herself unconscious in order to stop the super-fast Nazi and give Liberty Belle and opening.

    As Liberty Belle begins to unhook Baron Blitzkrieg from his machine, lightning from the storm strikes the Liberty Bell, and both Libby and Blitzkrieg are caught up in the effect. Blitzkrieg regains his sight, but as the bell comes crashing down on Liberty Belle, she instinctively throws up her hands and discovers that she has gained a new power: the ability to generate sonic pulses. She uses one to hold the bell aloft, then throws it at Blitzkrieg, knocking him out. Zyklon recovers and attacks her, but she sends him flying with another sonic pulse just in time for Flash and Johnny Quick to arrive. In the ensuing confusion, Zyklon and Baron Blitzkrieg escape through a hole in the floor.

    As the rest of the All-Stars arrive for clean-up, Libby apologizes to Hawkgirl for doubting her, and confesses her love for Johnny Quick.

    Golden Age Gallery-- A pin-up of Doctor Fate, illustrated and embellished by Dan Jurgens.


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