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The Amazing Man, Doctor Occult, the Guardian, the Hawkgirl, Robotman, Sandy, the Golden Boy, the Shining Knight, and Superman scour three cities, in search of the missing members of the All-Star Squadron. The Hourman co-ordinates the search efforts, from the Trylon. Batman, the Green Lantern, and Robin, the Boy Wonder, confront the Hourman. The Hourman briefs the Green Lantern, on the disappearances of over a dozen members of the All-Star Squadron. The Green Lantern adds the names of Johnny Quick, and Liberty Belle, to that list, who vanished on the journey back from Earth-S. The Society of Oom closes on the Trylon.

Oom, the Mighty, swallows the Red Moon Stone of Yzgartyl, to keep anyone from stealing his power source. After rescuing Joan Allen from an oncoming train, the Flash reports for duty, at the Trylon. Suddenly, the Perisphere begins to violently shake. The Flash races out, to find Mister Who tearing the Perisphere from it's moorings. Nyola rains lightning bolts down on the Trylon. Mister Who begins slamming the Perisphere into the Trylon. The Amazing Man, the Flash, and the Green Lantern, team-up, to defeat Mister Who. The Batman, and Robin, the Boy Wonder, bind Nyola. The Tarantula subdues Ramulus.

The Green Lantern attacks Oom, the Mighty, only to be taken out by the Dummy. A blinding white light briefly fills the sky, As it fades, the Amazing Man, and the Tarantula, vanish, too. The Hourman leaps into the fray, only to be put down by Oom. the MIghty. The Society of Oom mutinies against Oom. The Dummy revives the Green Lantern, and reveals how to defeat Oom, the MIghty. The Green Lantern focuses his power ring energy on the Red Moon Stone of Yzgartyl, within Oom, the MIghty's chest. Oom, the Mighty swells up, and explodes. Weakened by the effort, the Green Lantern is easy prey for the Dummy.

Doctor Fate saves the Green Lantern, then reveals how he inexplicably survived his journey to the moon. The All-Star Squadron converges on the Trylon, to mop up the Society of Oom. The Amazing Man, and the Tarantula, appear on the Monitor's satellite, alongside a gathering of heroes, culled from different eras. The Firebrand is tasked with leading the Black Pirate, Don Caballero, the Golden Gladiator, Justin Valor, Miss Liberty, the Roving Ranger, the Silent Knight, the Trigger Twins, Valda, the Iron Maiden, and the Viking Prince. Firebrand's mission is to protect Cape Canaveral, from a horde of Indians, led by Super-Chief.



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