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Encountering invisible planes, a super-powered team meets fist to fist with the All-Stars.

Prince Daka narrates a recent encounter with the Starman, in the skies over Hawaii. The Starman's Gravity Rod had revealed two invisible Japanese bombers, en route to Pearl Harbor. The Starman quickly destroyed the first of the two bombers. The second bomber released it's payload. The Starman deflected the four bombs into Mount Tantalus. The Starman closed in on the second bomber. Prince Daka activated a defensive weapon, that hurled the Starman into Mount Tantalus. On the verge of unconsciousness, the Starman set the Gravity Rod to carry him to the Trylon. Prince Daka was able to re-establish the bomber's cloak of invisibility, but was forced to crash the plane, upon reaching the East Coast of the United States of America.

Prince Daka enlists the aid of Kung-The Assassin Of A Thousand Claws, Sumo, the Samurai, and Tsunami. Prince Daka intends to steal the Starman's Gravity Rod. The Starman recovers, while telling his tale to the All-Star Squadron. Despite the potential crisis, the Green Lantern, the Hawkman, the Hourman, and Johnny Quick, depart, to return to their civilian lives. Before departing, the Hourman scores a date with the Firebrand, much to the Tarantula's dismay. Prince Daka, Kung-The Assassin Of A Thousand Claws, Sumo, the Samurai, and Tsunami watch as the departing heroes leave. Liberty Belle checks to see which other members of the All-Star Squadron might be available to assist with the case.

Only the Guardian, the Manhunter, the Sandman, and Sandy, the Golden Boy, are available, though none possess the special skills needed to track an invisible plane. The Starman voices his distrust of Japanese-Americans, a perspective that doesn't sit well with the Amazing Man. Cloaked in Prince Daka's invisibility shield, Sumo, the Samurai dismembers Robotman. Cloaked in Prince Daka's invisibility shield, Tsunami renders the Firebrand unconscious. Cloaked in Prince Daka's invisibility shield, Kung-The Assassin Of A Thousand Claws, renders the Starman unconscious, then takes possession of the Gravity Rod.

Kung-The Assassin Of A Thousand Claws, Sumo, the Samurai, and Tsunami, reveal themselves. The Tarantula attacks Kung-The Assassin Of A Thousand Claws, and recovers the Gravity Rod. The Amazing Man attacks Sumo, the Samurai. Kung-The Assassin Of A Thousand Claws, transforms into a gorilla, then savagely beats the Tarantula into unconsciousness. Before he passes out, the Tarnatula throws the Gravity Rod to Liberty Belle. Inexplicably, Tom Revere rings the Liberty Bell, in Philadelphia, super-charging Liberty Belle's physical prowess. Despite this, Liberty Belle is still no match for Tsunami. Liberty Belle throws the Gravity Rod to the Amazing Man.

The Amazing Man takes on the physical characteristics of rubber. Though he fights back valiantly, the Amazing Man is subdued. Liberty Belle reclaims the Gravity Rod. The three Japanese super-agents close on Liberty Belle. Kung-The Assassin Of A Thousand Claws transforms into a python, and begins to crush LIberty Belle. Liberty Belle throws the Gravity Rod, in the hopes of smashing it against the wall of the Trylon. The Gravity Rod is seemingly caught in mid-air. Prince Daka drops his invisibility shield, revealing his presence. With the Gravity Rod in his possession, Prince Daka orders the execution of the All-Star Squadron.

Golden Age Gallery-- A Black Canary Pin-Up, illustrated by Mike Hernandez, and embellished by Terry Austin.

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