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Johnny Chambers was an orphan raised by family friend and scientist, Professor Ezra Gill.

During Professor Gill's later years he focused in Egyptology. Traveling to the Tomb of King Amen, Gill uncovered an ancient piece of papyrus. On the papyrus he discovered a secret formula that bestowed the user incredible speed. Gill realized that he would not benefit from the formula due to his old age. Gill passed the secret on to Johnny and made him promise to use his powers for good.

By uttering the letters and numbers of the formula, "3X2(9YZ)4A", Johnny Chambers is imbued with the power of super speed. Speeds so fast he is capable of flying through the air, albeit for just short distances. To revert back to his normal state, Johnny would say the counter-acting formula, "Z25Y(2AB)6".

Like with all other superheroes of that time, Johnny made himself a suit and gave himself a name to compliment his new powers. Thus Johnny Chambers became Johnny Quick.

Major Story Arcs

All-Star Squadron


He joined the All-Star Squadron teaming with another speedster, Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash. Johnny Quick experienced numerous adventures with President Roosevelt's All-Star Squadron that also included fighting in World War II.

A Dad
A Dad

During his time within the team, he became involved with the super heroine, Liberty Belle. Their first meeting was initially quite tense and it was hard to deny that they we're very much attracted to each other. Embarking in a somewhat flirtatious relationship. Despite difficulties in and outside of the team that would put pressure on their relationship, they would soon marry. They were married in the spring of 1942 in their civilian identities of Johnny Chambers and Libby Lawrence. They pair would eventually have a daughter whom they named Jesse.

Johnny takes up a new craft of that of a documentary filmmaker, now having given up his costumed identity of super-speedster Johnny Quick, following his divorce from fellow All-Star Squadroneer Liberty Belle. As for Chambers ex-wife Liberty Belle, the now-retired Libby Lawrence has taken up with another former Squadroneer, writer Jonathan Law, a.k.a. the Tarantula.

Later Life

Quick Start
Quick Start

After his divorce with Libby, Johnny founded a a company named "Quick Start". During

the time of the JSA's reunite, Johnny asked her daughter to deliver some papers to the JSA. Some time later Jesse becomes Jesse Quick along with her dad.

After some mysterious events, all the speedsters lost their speed. Jesse and Wally went to Savitar's lair and during the battle, Christina was trying to kill Jesse but Johnny saved her and he died.

Jesse took control of her father's company and Libby starts to date another man, but he is killed and The Titans discovered that he was cheating on Libby with Jesse.

During “Identity Crisis,” Barry edged into megalomania, willing to let Wally die in a villain’s trap so Barry would be the one “real” Flash. The story revived a classic speedster and introduced a reinvented one. Johnny Chambers, the Golden Age’s Johnny Quick, had become an ultra-fast Tony Robbins, selling self-esteem. Pressed into service he, Johnny and Jay Garrick had no choice but to shut Barry down. Wally, disheartened by Barry’s hatred, chose to lay low and allow Barry to think him dead.

The Funeral
The Funeral

Having a discussion with Max Mercury, Johnny scoffed at Max's explanation of the Speed Force, while Jay admitted he once had felt something pull at him. It came down to Max to put it bluntly," How could anyone run so fast, without help? No matter how much food, no matter how much sleep, nothing could explain super speed except an outside influence".

When Suddenly, Johnny Quick and Max Mercury appear out of the Speed Force vortex. Johnny says that Barry is the answer to the formula for speed and time that he says in order to get his powers. Johnny grabs Barry and says "My daughter, Barry. Please, whatever you do. Don't hurt my daughter. Tell Jesse I love her. And tell Libby…tell my wife…I never stopped missing her." Johnny Quick then disintegrates. Max then grabs Barry. Barry tells Max not to touch him. That Barry will kill him. Max says that it is not Barry. That it is the Professor. Max and Barry get sucked through the Speed Force lightning.

Blackest Night

Johnny eventually returns as a Black Lantern and sees her daughter as Liberty Belle and he accuses her that she forgot him. Jesse to show her dad that she never forgot him she dressed up her Jesse Quick Outfit and became Jesse Quick again.

Johnny and Jesse started to remember old memories when Jesse was child and he was teaching the formula while they were running around the world.

Johnny starts to vanish and Jesse continues to run crying...

Powers & Abilities

Johnny be Quick!
Johnny be Quick!

Uttering the formula "3X2(9YZ)4A", Johnny Quick is imbued with superhuman speeds that has been seen to rival that of the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick.

The formula envelops Johnny in an invisible aura that protects his body and clothes from friction. The formula also grants partial anti-gravity powers that enables Johnny to fly.

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