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    Crisis At Canaveral!

    The Firebrand defends Cape Canaveral from a horde of Native Americans. The Firebrand leads a group of heroes, culled from various eras, against the Native American warriors. The Firebrand is attacked by Super-Chief. The Roving Ranger is attacked by Strong Bow. The Trigger Twins come to the Roving Ranger's aid. Valda, the Iron Maiden is confronted by Arak, Son Of Thunder. The Firebrand's forces use non-lethal methods to subdue the Native Americans. The Firebrand susses out Super-Chief's weakness, and targets his amulet. Without the amulet, Super-Chief falls from the sky.

    The Firebrand saves Super-Chief's life, though the effort leaves her open to attack. Super-Chief saves the Firebrand's life. The soldiers defending the space shuttle begin firing on the Firebrand's forces. Realizing that she's been on the wrong side of the conflict, the Firebrand orders her team to join the Native Americans, in laying siege to the rocket base. Inside mission control, the Ultra-Humanite threatens to murder a scientist, unless Doctor Terri Rothstein provides navigation codes for the space shuttle. Rothstein reluctantly complies. Cyclotron storms the control center.

    Cyclotron battles the Ultra-Humanite. Taking Rothstein hostage, the Ultra-Humanite garners safe passage to the space shuttle. The Firebrand's forces storm the control center. The Firebrand confronts Cyclotron. The Firebrand reveals that Rothstein is Cyclotron's daughter, and that the hero, Nuklon, is his grandson. Cyclotron sacrifices himself, to get Rothstein back from the Ultra-Humanite. The Ultra-Humanite escapes in the space shuttle. Unbeknownst to the Ultra-Humanite, Rothstein programmed the space shuttle to fly into the sun. The Firebrand gathers her forces, to continue the fight to save the multiverse.

    "Shanghaied Into Space"-Interlude Two

    The Sandman is trapped inside a rocket, headed for Uranus. The Uranian King, Ulala, tosses fitfully in his sleep. Ulala dreams of a comet striking Uranus, leaving flowers strewn across the landscape. Ulala interprets the dream as a blessing. The Royal Astronomers bring news of the Sandman's rocket ship, crash landing on Uranus. Ulala rescues the Sandman, outfitting him with an ancient "Oxygo-Tank", so that the Sandman can breath the Uranian atmosphere. The Sandman learns that the evil Kafta has been murdering Uranian citizens, in a bid to take control of the planet.

    Riding a Uranian Flying Craft, the Sandman journeys to confront Kafta. The Sandman bears witness to Kafta's corrosive gas attacks on the Uranians. By accident, the Sandman learns that his "sleeping" sand absorbs the deadly gas. The Sandman storms Kafta's stronghold. After subduing Kafta, the Sandman turns the would-be ruler over to Ulala. In return, Ulala provides the Sandman with healing crystals, to take back to Earth, as well as transportation back home.


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