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The Sinister Secret of the Sixth Sense!

The Shining Knight is drawn to gunfire, in Philadelphia. Despite the best efforts of his friends, "Lucky" Mickey Gordon is abducted by a robot. The Shining Knight follows the robot to the waterfront. The Shining Knight is subdued, and bound, by the robot. At the behest of the robot, Doctor Brett has operated on five crooks. As the criminals awaken, they discover their newfound powers. Gordon's hearing has been enhanced to incredible levels, causing him no small degree of discomfort. The other four hoods discover that one of their senses has also been enhanced to super-human levels.

The criminals are confronted by the Sense-Master, a paralytic old man, kept alive in a glass-like iron lung. Speaking through the robot, the Sense-Master reveals that he murdered Brett, as he will any of the five crooks, should they betray him. The five thugs are tasked with recovering five gemstones.The Shining Knight is thrown into the river. After cutting through his bonds, the Shining Knight summons the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Gordon's newfound super-hearing gives him a greater appreciation of music. Gordon is instantly attracted to the woman pianist who owns the diamond he is meant to steal.

Gordon finds he cannot go through with the crime. Anticipating Gordon's failure, the Sense-Master has employed a second thief, who does steal the diamond. The Crimson Avenger pursues the second thief, who escapes in a waiting dirigible. The Shining Knight foils "Fingers" O'Fallon's attempted theft of a giant, yellow topaz, at a masquerade ball. A bird, however, makes off with the gem, and brings it to the Sense-Master. The Star-Spangled Kid, and Stripesy, fail to prevent the Human Bloodhound from stealing an emerald ring, belonging to the Star-Spangled Kid's mother.

The Vigilante, and Billy Gunn, foil Leo Palate's theft of a giant sapphire. Once again, however, the Sense-Master has employed a second thief, who pulls off the heist. The Green Arrow, and Speedy, foil Eagle-Eye Nelson's theft of a garnet. A trained dog, however, makes off with the garnet, bringing it to the Sense Master. Gordon reveals the location of the Sense-Master's hideout. The robot shatters the glass case keeping the Sense-Master alive, then electrocutes the Human Bloodhound, and the two back-up thieves. The Seven Soldiers of Victory are held at bay by a potential booby-trap.

The robot is revealed to be Brett. The "Sense-Master" is revealed to have been a wax figure. Brett places the five stolen gemstones on an African idol, and is rewarded with the Lifestone. The Vigilante disables the booby-trap. Brett flees to Manhattan, where he uses the Lifestone to animate a statue of Atlas. The Seven Soldiers of Victory battle the Atlas statue. The Vigilante tackles Brett. Upon dropping the Lifestone, Brett is transformed into stone. The Vigilante casts the Lifestone into the river, deeming it too dangerous for humanity. With the threat ended, the Seven Soldiers of Victory turn their attention to the crisis facing the entire multiverse.

"Shanghaied Into Hyperspace!"-Interlude Three

Doctor Mid-Nite is trapped in a rocket ship, bound for Neptune. Upon landing on Neptune, Doctor Mid-Nite is taken into custody, by a Neptunian. After inspecting Doctor Mid-Nite's goggles, Hydara, the Neptune King, prepares to sentence Doctor Mid-Nite to a life of slavery, working in the chemical mines. A Neptunian collapses, heralding another outbreak of the Crimson Death. Doctor Mid-Nite recognizes the Crimson Death as the Measles. Doctor Mid-Nite provides a cure for the Crimson Death. In return, Doctor Mid-Nite is given the accumulated knowledge of the Neptunians, in book form. Hailed as a hero, Doctor Mid-Nite is allowed to return to Earth.


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