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    Team » Star Masters appears in 6 issues.

    The Star Masters were a team of cosmic powered beings formed to aid Quasar in clearing his name of the murder of the ambassadors of the Charter.

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    Brief History

    When it was doctored to look like Quasar was responsible for the deaths of hundreds aboard a Charter starship, it sparked the interest of the Silver Surfer. It also got the attention of Odin, who sent Beta Ray Bill to find answers for him. When they found Quasar, the Surfer could tell that he spoke the truth. But a greater threat was coming. A massive asteroid known as the Planet Pulverizer was headed to Earth.
    They attempted to stop the Earth's destruction but were interfered with by the Cosmic Commandos, who were seeking to arrest Quasar for his crime. Their leader Morfex realized that they were attempting to save the planet and that was more important than arresting Quasar. But Morfex was betrayed and sent into space to die. He was saved by Xenith and together they both quit the Commandos and joined the others. The Star Masters were formed and they easily defeated the Commandos.
    But the mystery of who killed the Charter members still needed to be solved. The investigated the Hub for evidence, but were soon captured by Sidereus. Bill managed to escape but the rest were thrown into the Cauldron of Conversion, a massive vat containing a living virus that would be used to kill the entire populations of any race in it's contents. Quasar managed to regain consciousness in time to save them from their deaths. Once free, the Silver Surfer was able to destroy the virus.
    Eventually it was learned that Lord Votan of the Axi-Tun was responsible. The Star Masters traveled to Tun in order to arrest him for the Charter, but they were again captured, for Votan had the power to siphon their willpower. While Votan made Quasar confess to the crimes in front of his people, Tana Nile was able to take the remaining will of the one captured and transfer it to Quasar, who among them had the strongest will. He was able to escape and the others soon did as well.
    When Votan lost the will control over his people and the Star Masters he was able to be defeated. The team has since disbanded but claim that 'once a Star Master, always a Star Master.'

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