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    Xenith was a member of the short-lived Star Masters team. A cousin of Gladiator of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, she is now the leader of Vulcan's Preatorian Elite.

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    Xenith was born a Strontian and a cousin to the famous Gladiator (leader of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard). Xenith obtained her combat skills from training with Gladiator. The two would spar in youth. She joined the Cosmic Commandos and her first mission was to capture Quasar who was framed for murdering the crew of the Hub. Xenith would have friendly interaction with her teammates Beta Ray Bill and Silver Surfer.


    Xenith was created by Mark Gruenwald, Scot Eaton and Bob Almond and first appeared in Star Masters #1. Her fictional cousin character is the Gladiator, who is a loosely based on the DC Comics Superman character. Making Xenith parallel Supergirl.

    Major Story Arcs

    Cosmic Commandos

    They were able to track Quasar by his energy signal and when they arrived to him, they noticed that he had been joined by the Silver Surfer and Beta Ray Bill. The Cosmic Commandos were easily defeated. When Captain Morfex was blown out of the Airlock into space and Xenith immediately went to his rescue to only find a Skrull who explained that he was Captain Morfex and told her that they had been deceived. She decided to join Captain Morfex along with Beta Ray Bill, Quasar, and Silver Surfer. They headed out on a mission to find the real person who committed the crime. They went to the scene at the Hub and discovered an Axi-Tun spacecraft. Than Xenith and Silver Surfer fought a battle againest Dampyre and Throk. They were defeated and than brought to the Cauldron of Conversion. The were freed when Quasar came along and used his Quantum Bands.

    Soon after the team freed Tana Nile who had previously come to the Hub to investigate the murder with the team of Rigellians. Dampyre than tried to absorb the power from Quasar's Quantum Bands but it was too much power for Dampyre to consume and was left unconscious. Votan set the ship to self-destruct. Xenith and the others escape and were greatly honored for what they did and it was revealed that the real murderer of the crew was Votan. They than went after the fleeing Votan but Votan used his powers to influence them not to fight. They were then imprisoned. Quasar broke free due to him and Tana Nile to channel their willpower. Xenith was able to lift Beta Ray Bill's hammer, Stormbreaker, and threw it to him. Throk was also able to lift it but the power of it destroyed him. With a group of Axi-Tuns (allegiances with the brother of Votan, Landar) they were able to defeat Votan and turned him into the Charter to be punished.

    War of Kings

    Xenith battles her cousin, Gladiator
    Xenith battles her cousin, Gladiator

    It was revealed in War of Kings that Xenith had become a prisoner of the Shi'ar and was being held on the planet Kr'kn. Xenith was offered a deal by Emperor Vulcan that if she served in his Imperial Guard that she would be freed and cleared of the crime treason. Vulcan tried to influence her to kill his brother Havok and all of the Starjammers.

    Pn'zo, ZZZX, and Hodinn joined her on her mission to kill the Starjammers. Together they defeated Korvis and Polaris of the Starjammers. Vulcan than sent Xenith to kill Ravenous on the planet Kree-Lar and to turn the terroritories of the Negative Zone over to Vulcan control. She battled Ravenous while taking her time, and was about to finish him off when Nova Corp member Robert Rider, brother of Richard Rider, generated a gravimetric field, immobilizing her. Robert was there to arrest her for the murder of several Nova Corpmen. She was pinned for the time being but she was confident that Robbie wouldn't be able to hold it indefinitely. He was able to last until his older brother arrived. Upon seeing the motionless bodies of Ravenous and Robbie, Richard engaged the guardsman. Using the psynaptic scrambler in his helmet Richard destroyed Xenith's confidence in her abilities and defeated her.

    Powers and Abilities

    Xenith is a Strontian which means she has superhuman strength, with near indestructible skin and enhanced durability, advanced super speed and agility, with increased reserves of stamina. She can fly at super sonic speeds and can survive in the vacuum of space without any form of life support. Due to training with her cousin Kallark she is highly skilled in hand to hand combat. The limits of Xenith's strength are unknown, however she can go toe to toe with her cousin Gladiator. Xenith possesses the ability to fire immense beams of energy and of heat from her eyes that are accompanied by a strong concussive force. Xenith has the ability to see objects over vast distances as well as look at an object and see its components down to the molecular level. Xenith once managed to lift Stormbreaker, Beta Ray Bill's enchanted hammer.

    Like all Strontians all of her power levels decrease if she loses confidence in herself.


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