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    Odin Borson, is a nexus being who is omnipotent and almost unrivaled in raw power . He is the son of Bor Burison, brother of Vili and Ve, husband of Frigga and the father of Thor, Vidar, Balder and adoptive father of Loki. Odin is the wisest and by far the most powerful of the Asgardian Gods. Alpha of the council of God Heads Odin is a name that is respected and feared throughout the Marvel Multiverse.

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    Odin is the son of Bor, the first Asgardian, and the frost giantess Bestella. Bor and Bestella also had two other sons known as Vili and Ve. These were Odin's older brothers. Odin and his two brothers had many adventures in their youth, and as young adults they encountered and banished from Asgard the evil fire-demon who ruled Muspelheim called Surtur. After Surtur was defeated, Bor abdicated his throne to Odin, making Odin the new ruler of Asgard. Odin fell in love with the Elder Goddess Gaea and, through her, fathered his first-born and mightiest son; Thor. Thor grew to become a mighty warrior and defeated countless trolls, giants and extra-dimensional beings, enemies of Asgard all, but in doing so became quite arrogant and conceited. Odin, displeased with Thor's distinct lack of humility, exiled Thor from Asgard while making him appear mortal and depowered. Odin also removed the memories of the old Thor and hoped Thor would change.

    Character Creation

    Inspired by the deity of the same name from Norse mythology, Odin was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in Journey into Mystery #85 (1962).

    Character Evolution


    Odin Borson
    Odin Borson

    Odin summons Thor from Latveria to reveal a startling revelation. There is a power approaching their universe from ”The Beyond” and this power is supposedly equal to or greater than that of the Odinforce. He reveals an enormous black hand that is casually destroying planets and tearing at the very fabric of the universe. If not stopped in due time, this force will eventually destroy the entire universe. Further more the Odinsword begins unsheathing on its own each day and harbours the death of the universe. The only clue as to who is threatening them, is the word infinity which continues echoing through Odin’s mind.

    Thor is left with the task of defending Asgard from oncoming threats as Odin leaves Asgard for the world beyond, where he will face the unseen terror. When Loki later attacks Asgard with the giants, Odin once more appears in a cloud of smoke and is seen struggling with an unseen force. This prompts Thor to leave for the world Beyond and face Infinity himself. In the world beyond Odin is still battling the hidden foe and eventually sees his enemy’s face before succumbing and being possessed.

    After witnessing Odin’s loss of free will and seeking out Hel, Thor travels back to Asgard and reveals the truth about Infinity. During the last Odinsleep Hel attempted to kill Odin with a spell, instead the spell set loose a part of Odin’s soul and created an equal power which she could control. The Asgardians gather and are able to strike a blow which combines magical and physical forces to free him from the mind-control. After a long and grueling battle Odin is eventually victorious and saves the universe.

    Odin Against the Celestials

    Odin animating the Destroyer
    Odin animating the Destroyer

    Odin is once killed by Mangog and is resurrected by the Death goddess Hela. Odin is also killed by the Celestials when the Celestials turned his Destroyer Armor to molten slag. The Destroyer Armor was animated at the time by Odin's life-force and the sum total life-energies of all the other Asgardians except Thor. Thor was not one of the Asgardians animating the Destroyer because since he had been exiled from Asgard. After Odin was defeated by the Celestials, the Celestials rendered their judgement of mankind (judging favorably) and then left Earth. Thor learned that there was a chance that Odin and the rest of the Asgardians could still be revived if he could collect a small portion of each of all the other godly pantheons of Earth. Thor gathered the required magical energy of the other gods/pantheons and resurrected Odin, who in turn used the Odin-Force to resurrect the rest of the Asgardians.



    Odin wages a huge war with the evil but powerful demon Surtur. Surtur fatally wounds Odin and is about to die. Odin's tremendous powers began to drift away from Odin to his son Thor. Thor inherited Odin's full power and ruled over Asgard and, later, Earth, although this later part of Thor's lordship has been erased due to time travel. Upon his return to the past the Odin-Force (revealed to be sentient) leaves Thor and he is forced to continue without it. Loki set's Ragnarok in motion, and after the loss of his hammer Thor feels almost powerless to stop it. After conferring with the Odin-Power Thor follows in the footsteps of his father, going through rituals to earn the rights to his power, and power of his own. This brought him even closer to his father, and helped him to understand his father's plans for him. Odin's spirit was called on by Thor to protect him from Hela, and he brought his son back from the realm of the Dead. Thor then went on to use the Odin-Power and his new found Rune Magic to destroy the Loom of fate and allow their people a final Ragnarok. The event of Ragnarok was thought to mark the end of Odin.

    After using his powers to restore the people of Asgard after Ragnarok, Thor was forced to partake of the Odin-Sleep. While in the realm between life and death he found his father in combat with Surtur. He fights a continuous battle to keep Surtur from escaping and again threatening Asgard and Midgard. When Thor expresses his joy at seeing him, and apologizes for not resurrecting him, Odin relates the story of how he came to be King to his son. Odin goes on to explain that while men need only step out of their father's shadow, God's truly need their father's to die before they can surpass them. He expresses his pride that Thor is willing to revive him, but declines to continue keeping Surtur at bay.


    The Return of Odin
    The Return of Odin

    During the Siege storyline, Norman Osborn sends the Thunderbolts to steal Odin's spear from the Asgardian weaponry. Loki calls on Odin to return the Norn Stones to him so he can empower the heroes to defeat the Void. Odin returns from the dead when it comes to Asgard being invaded by the World-Eaters after Thor is forced to break his final resting casket in order to do so. Odin's return angers him greatly, as well as Thor rescuing Loki, who was de-aged after his "death" at the hands of the Void during the Siege. Saying that Thor had it all, free of his brother tricks and free to reign with his brother, Balder but he gave it all up because of the World-Eaters because he was "afraid" to do it himself.


    After Odin had slain the evil giant Laufey, he found Laufey's young son. As a matter of honor, he adopted the giant-child and names him Loki. Despite this father-son relationship, Odin and Loki eventually became enemies when Loki grew up and learned the facts of his origin. Since that time, Loki has often argued with, opposed, deceived and plotted against his adopted father, his step-brother Thor and Asgard in general.

    Odin battles Surtur with help from Thor.
    Odin battles Surtur with help from Thor.

    Odin has often helped both Asgard and Earth on several occasions. These include stopping Loki, the Storm, Surtur and several other villains who attempted to destroy Earth many different times by numerous means.

    Odin has also rescued Asgard. His most notable victory is that he saved Asgard from being absorbed by the Absorbing Man. At that time, Loki wanted the Asgard throne and teamed up with the newly recreated Absorbing Man. The Absorbing Man defeats all of the Asgardian guards and makes his way to Odin's throne room. Odin uses his magical powers to defeat the Absorbing Man but instead the magical energy had been absorbed into the Absorbing Man. The Absorbing Man then touches Asgardian matter and begins to absorb the entire city. Eventually Loki and the Absorbing Man tries to take Odin's political powers by getting the Rod of Rulership. However, Odin has tricked them into arguing with each other and both of them grab the Rod of Rulership and finds out that Odin had placed a binding spell on the Rod of Rulership. The two villains couldn't separate themselves from the Rod of Rulership. Odin tells them that his political powers and magical powers were from within and not from the Rod of Rulership. Odin then uses a powerful magical spell and exiles both villains into space for a period of time.

    Odin tries to save Asgard by sacrificing his right eye to Mimir in order to save Asgard from the fate of Ragnarok. However, Odin fails to prevent Ragnarok from happening and later learns that Thor is one of the major beings who caused the fall of Asgard.

    Powers and Abilities

    Though not omnipotent, Odin is a vastly powerful being who has lived hundreds of thousands of years ( possible millions ) and reaped the benefits in knowledge and power.

    Odin Force

    Odin has access to a force known as the Odin force. This lets him manipulate vast cosmic energy power. This power grants him spectacular feats, For example he has been shown to read minds from across dimensions, create force field barriers that are nearly impossible to get through, alter his size, Force blasts strong enough to one shot silver surfer. The Odin force grants him the power to enchant items like Mjolnir.

    Odin is highly talented and practiced with this Odin force; He has been able to bring back people from the dead, fight Thanos and even Galactus. At his peak strength with the Odin force, he was able to attack Galactus (a hungry Galactus) and make him unconscious for a short time before entering the Odin sleep to replenish his energy. The Odin force also grants him the power to give immortality. Odin has shown to be able to create and destroy a galaxy, teleport Asgard to Earth, project energy blasts powerful enough to demolish worlds, make a world collapse on an enemy flying to him from space, stop time and space, and much more.


    Odin is highly resistant to nearly all forms of superhuman levels of attack. If injured, the nearly limitless mystical power of the Odin Force which flows through his veins will fix the damage instantly. He has been shown to not be affected by attacks from Silver Surfer for example, demonstrating his durability. He can withstand powerful energy attacks from cosmic-level entities unphased, though to what extent is unknown.


    Odin can teleport himself and others to any location he desires, even to alternate dimensions, he proved capable of teleporting Asgard over New York City just to show how powerful he was(and that he was capable of dimensional transportation).

    Energy Manipulation

    Odin can manipulate all forms of energy(light, heat,etc.) for a variety of affects. He has proven capable of manipulating mystical energies as well.

    Time Manipulation

    Odin has proven capable of being able to stop time itself, reverse time, and even create time bubbles of which prevent outside interference.

    Matter Manipulation

    Odin feats include transmuting the elements themselves, creating new worlds out of nothing, rekindling dead stars(such as turning a dying red sun into a vibrant blue star), effortlessly destroying entire galaxies, and even repairing damage that had occurred to large portions of the universe.

    Barriers/Force Fields

    Odin has created force fields that are completely impenetrable and can shield entire cities from nuclear blasts without cracking.


    Other abilities include reading minds across dimensions, mastering countless powerful spells(mainly Asgardian in nature). An example of this is how Odin put the worthiness enchantment on mjolnir. The enchantment is so powerful that it will always remain on mjolnir(even if Odin dies), and can only be removed by Odin's will or by a being of superior power.

    Superhuman strength/speed

    Odin is one of the oldest Asgardians, despite this he has been shown to lift over 60 tons (the average is 30 tons for a male), His highest feat in old age during the time of the celestials 3rd host on earth he was shown to be able to lift 75-90 Tons. But he could also lift heavier with his powers but these are just his natural strength feats. He has also been shown to be able to move faster than earths best human athletes.

    Superhuman Stamina

    Odin was able to battle against an army of his brother, Cul's gods for forty days and forty nights without tiring.

    Agility and reflexes

    Odin has been shown to have better agility than human athletes, his reflexes also rival Thor (This could be down to the Odin force)


    To sustain his Odin force he has to Odinsleep once a year. This is when he deep sleeps for up to or over a week and becomes mortal in this time, so he is very vulnerable. He has claimed that “love” is a weakness for him; he has been blinded by it and not made the correct choices before.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 6'9"
    • Weight: 650 lbs.
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: White


    Over his eons of existence Odin has wielded many weapons in battle, from simple swords to bo staffs. In earlier incarnations, Odin was never without his sceptre (A weapon through which he channeled the Odinforce). His vast power usually makes it unnecessary for him to resort to common fisticuffs, but he does have two special weapons that he will utilize under the most dire circumstances. His enchanted spear Gungnir, and his powerful mace Thrudstok. At times he will also don a mystical sword, as he did in latest battle with Surtur. In addition to weapons, he has a chest filled with magical trinkets and amulets for various purposes. Among these there is an amulet of suns which is capable of directly countering the cask of never ending winters.

    Other Media


    Avengers: EMH
    Avengers: EMH


    Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin
    Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin
    • Odin is featured in Ultimate Avengers 2 (though he does not appear physically), voiced by Dwight Schultz.
    • Odin appears in Hulk vs. Thor, voiced by French Tickner.
    • Odin appears in Thor: Tales of Asgard, voiced by Christopher Britton.
    • Odin appears in the 2011 live action film, Thor. He is played by Sir Anthony Hopkins. Odin is king of Asgard and a loving father to Thor and Loki. When Thor's actions lead to the start of a war between Asgard and Jotunheim (the home of the Frost Giants), Odin strips Thor of his powers and banishes him to Midgard (Earth)for his arrogance. He is obviously torn between his duty to uphold the rule of Asgard and his love for his son, Thor.
    • Anthony Hopkins reprises his role in Thor: The Dark World. At the end of the movie, it is revealed that Loki has stolen Odin's identity so that he can rule Asgard.
    • Hopkins reprises his role once again in Thor: Ragnarok. Continuing the last movie's cliffhanger twist, it is revealed that Loki bewitched Loki and trapped him on Earth after causing him to believe he was an old man in a retirement home. After Loki's deception is uncovered, he and Thor head to New York to free Odin, but find he has already undone Loki's spell and gone to Norway. There, they find that Odin is dying, and he shares a peaceful moment with his sons before passing away.

    Video Games

    Ultimate Alliance 3
    Ultimate Alliance 3
    • Odin appears in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance as a non-playable character, but is important to the game's storyline. The plot involves Doctor Doom and Loki assembling a new Masters of Evil as part of a grand scheme to steal capture Odin and steal his power. Doom absorbs the Odinforce and becomes a god leading to a final battle with the heroes. After Doom is defeated, Odin spirits him away for an eternity of suffering. He is voiced by Peter Reneday.
    • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, he is referenced when talking to Thor, who says that Odin is still punishing Doom and Loki.
    • Odin appears in Thor: God of Thunder (the tie-in to the first live-action movie), voiced by Tom Kane.
    • Odin appears in Lego Marvel Super Heroes as playable character but is a part of Asgard DLC pack.
    • Odin appears in Lego Marvel's The Avengers as playable character and is voiced by Frank Welker.
    • Odin appears in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.
    • Odin appears in Marvel Future Fight.
    • Odin appears in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, voiced by Dwight Schultz.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Odin was featured in Hasbro's toyline for the first Thor movie.
    • Odin was featured in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Bowen Designs produced an Odin statue.
    • Bowen Designs also produced an Odin bust.
    • Hot Toys produced an Odin figure based on Anthony Hopkins' likeness from the first Thor movie.
    • The Marvel Select Destroyer figure from Diamond Collectibles contained an alternate Odin head.
    • Odin was featured in Funko's Pop! line of bobbleheads.
    • Odin was featured in the Minimates line from Diamond Select.
    • Odin was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • The MCU version of Odin was featured in The Marvel Movie Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Odin was the subject of a Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro. The movie version of Odin was later released in the company's Infinity Saga series.
    • Iron Studios released an Odin statue.

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