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    Morphex is a Skrull warrior who was formerly disguising himself as an Axi-Tun commander until he was betrayed. He joined the Star Masters.

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    Morphex is a Skrull who disguised himself as an Axi-Tun for unexplained reasons. He was the field leader of the Cosmic Commandos, the security branch of the Charter, a intergalactic peace organization of planets.
    When it was believed Quasar was responsible for the deaths of hundreds aboard the Hub, the Charter's main starship for recruiting new planets, the Cosmic Commandos were sent to apprehend him. Morphex soon realized that Quasar was trying to save the Earth from a massive asteroid and ordered his team to assist in destroying it instead of capturing Quasar. He strongly believed in the Charter's main objective: to save lives and promote peace. His order was overruled by their higher commander and he was knocked unconscious by Stenth and sent into space to die.
    He was saved by Xenith and together they rebelled against the other Commandos along with Quasar, the Silver Surfer and Beta Ray Bill. This was the formation of the Star Masters. Together they defeated the Commandos and began their investigation of the murder of the Hub ambassadors.
    The Star Masters were captured by Sidereus and thrown into the Cauldron of Conversion, a device used to create a deadly virus. Morphex and the others survived when Quasar saved them. They soon learned that Lord Votan of the Axi-Tun was responsible for the deaths and went to Tun to arrest him for the Charter.
    Votan was eventually captured and this is the last time the Star Masters or Morphex appeared.


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