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    The cyborg champion of the Korbinites, Beta Ray Bill guarded his people as they fled attacks by fire demons. When he encountered Thor and proved himself worthy to wield Mjolnir, Odin bestowed upon him the powers of Thor, as well as Stormbreaker, an equally powerful hammer. Using this new weapon, Beta Ray Bill would travel the cosmos righting wrongs, but he was always available whenever Thor needed his assistance.

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    Protector of the Korbinites.
    Protector of the Korbinites.

    When Surtur destroyed the Burning Galaxy on his crusade to destroy Asgard, a race of beings called the Korbinites left their planet in a massive fleet. Before the journey, however, their scientists created a guardian who would travel with the fleet and protect them during their journey. Their first guardian, Alpha Ray, was riddled with problems. He was a mindless automaton, and deemed too unstable in both body and mind to be their protector. His body was put into stasis in a Meta-Orb, while the Korbinite Bill was selected after various tests and challenges, and he was later turned into a cyborg.

    When the Korbinite fleet neared the Milky Way Galaxy, it was detected by a SHIELD satellite and Nick Fury asked Thor to investigate. When Thor arrived in the vicinity of the fleet, Bill's sentient ship, Skuttlebutt, detected him as a threat and opened fire. Thor boarded Skuttlebutt, where he confronted Bill and they fought. During the fight, Thor lost his grip on Mjolnir for more than 60 seconds and was transformed into Donald Blake. Curious, Bill picked up Blake's wooden cane and struck it against a nearby wall, instantly giving him the powers of Thor and a costume of similar design.

    Beta Ray Bill is given Stormbreaker.
    Beta Ray Bill is given Stormbreaker.

    Sensing this, Odin transported both Thor and Bill to Asgard, where Bill demanded he be allowed to keep the hammer because he had beaten Thor. However, Odin said that the contest was not fair because Thor had an artificial limitation, so he temporarily restored both of their powers and arranged for them to fight to the death in the realm of Skartheim, a lava-filled wasteland. After a long and grueling battle, both combatants succumbed to exhaustion and collapsed. However, Bill's race was naturally enhanced by warm climates and he awoke before Thor but refused to take his life, thus passing Odin's final test. Odin then created a new hammer, Stormbreaker, imbuing it with all the powers of Mjolnir, but none of the limitations. Thor and Bill became friends and they, along with Sif, returned to save his people from the armies of Surtur.


    First appearance.
    First appearance.

    Beta Ray Bill was created by Walt Simonson, and made his first comic book appearance in Thor #337 (November, 1983).

    Major Story Arcs

    Early Adventures

    Beta Ray Bill with Stormbreaker
    Beta Ray Bill with Stormbreaker

    Though Thor was called back to Asgard before the Korbinites were safe from Surtur's minions, Sif stayed with Bill to continue fighting the demons and because she was curious about him. It was during this time that she learned from Skuttlebutt the extremely painful and difficult trials Bill had to undergo to become the guardian of his people, and that he was the only survivor from many volunteers. When Surtur finally arrived in Asgard, Sif and Bill were called back by Odin and they were placed in charge of leading the Asgardian army on Earth while Thor and Odin fought against Surtur's army in Asgard.

    During the battle, Odin hurled Surtur and himself into a fissure in the ground, seemingly killing them both. Thor, unable to accept his father's death, refused to lead the Asgardians and asked Sif to lead them in his stead as he began a journey to find Odin's spirit. Sif asked Bill to stay in Asgard and help her lead the Asgardians during their recovery from the war with Surtur. During this time, Bill and Sif became very close, and a romantic relationship was hinted at but never realized before Bill eventually left to return to his people.

    Thor Corps

    Thor Corps
    Thor Corps

    Bill sensed a disturbance with Mjolnir and travelled to Earth to investigate. He found a Dargo Ktor (Thor from the future) and Eric Masterson (Thor’s substitute in the present battling under the pretense they were pretenders. Bill determined they were duped by time master, Zarrko, who duped them into fighting so he could siphon the energy they released while fighting to power his time machine. This Thor Corps combine the dimensional travel abilities of their hammers and give chase, confronting villains plucked from the timestream on Zarrko’s ship. One villain, Loki, did not like being used and defeated Zarrko for this new trio, allowing Bill to use the ship and return his allies to their appropriate time.

    Later, Demonstaff would blackmail the trio into reuniting when he kidnapped Dargo’s wife. He needed the Corps to rescue his wife, Ellene. However, they would find out that she had run away believing that Demonstaff just wanted to end all reality. So, Ellene banished the individual members of the trio to different timelines. The Thor Corps would battle their way through their respective timelines and eventually reunite. Combining their powers once again, they summon the one true Thor and stop the end of all reality.

    Star Master

    Star Masters
    Star Masters

    A mad scientist tried to poison the World Tree, Yggdrasil, in order to bring about Ragnarok early so that he could see the new life forms it would create. Because of this, the Asgardians began to weaken and die. Since there could only be one Thor when Ragnarok came about, the tree sent large spiders to bite and poison Bill.

    To save his life, Odin and the Silver Surfer merged the Odinforce and the Power Cosmic into a new energy source, restoring Bill's power, along with a new costume and hammer. Bill went on to become a member of the Star Masters along with Silver Surfer, Quasar, and others. Eventually, Thor stopped the poisoning of Yggdrasil and restored the Asgardians. Stormbreaker was restored along with the rest of the Asgardians and Bill returned to his original costume.

    As a Star Master, Bill would work with Silver Surfer to clear Quasar's name. He had been accused of killing hundreds aboard a Charter starship. They would be joined by two members of the Cosmic Commandos and determine Lord Votan was responsible.


    Beta Ray Bill during Ragnarok.
    Beta Ray Bill during Ragnarok.

    As Ragnarok loomed over the Asgardians once more, Bill returned to Asgard and fought along side them. However, during the final battle, Thor transported Bill away and bade him to return to his people and keep the memory of Asgard alive. Bill reluctantly agreed and began to return home. However, on his way back, he discovered that Ashta, the World Devourer, whom he had thought was just a myth, was headed for New Korbin.

    Hurrying back to his people's new home world, Bill attempted to stop Ashta and his minion. Stormbreaker eventually revealed to Bill that Ashta was actually Galactus and against both Galactus and his herald, Stardust, Bill could only delay the inevitable long enough for some of his people to flee. In the meantime, Koribin's high priests, jealous of Bill's status of savior with the people, unleashed a reprogrammed Alpha Ray in order to destroy Bill. Alpha Ray attacked Bill while fighting against Galactus, allowing Galactus to blast both of them. While Bill's struggle against Galactus was futile, he did manage to crack Galactus' armor.

    Bill was left floating in space, unconscious as Galactus devoured New Korbin. Bill was awakened by Skuttlebutt to fight Stardust and protect his people's Meta-Orb. Stardust countered the attack by opening a portal to another dimension to banish Bill, unintentionally setting loose a powerful demon, Asteroth, in the process. Bill and Stardust were forced to work together to defeat Asteroth. Galactus took the lifeless body of Alpha Ray and gave it a portion of the Power Cosmic, and sent it to assist Stardust and Bill. Stardust opened a black hole behind Asteroth, but instead of sucking her in she redirected the force and started to pull them in. Alpha Ray arrived just in time to ram into Asteroth, sending both Asteroth and himself into the Black Hole.

    Afterwards Bill returned to Asgard with the Meta-Orb containing the souls of his people. Bill arrived in ruined Asgard hoping that the Asgardians had returned and would be able to restore his people to life; but, the meta-orb had been corrupted by Asteroth and spawned a demonic version of Bill. Calling itself Omega Ray, the creature claimed to have feasted on the souls of the Korbinites. Enraged, Bill grabbed Omega Ray and called down an immense amount of lightning, killing them both.


    Beta Ray Bill with Omega Flight.
    Beta Ray Bill with Omega Flight.

    However, a white-cloaked figure took the remaining souls of the Korbinites and told Bill that it wasn't his time to die. He awoke on Earth in the body of a human named Simon Walters. After wandering for a time, Bill came upon Spider Man fighting a villain. Slamming his fist on the ground, Bill was transformed into his Thor-like self, with Stormbreaker in hand, and helped Spider-Man defeat the villain. Bill then left to go and seek his Bill later found himself drawn to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto by a series of strange visions. Arriving there, Bill was astonished to see the Wrecking Crew open up a portal to the Realm of the Great Beasts, acquiring the power of Tanaraq and unleashing a horde of Surtur demons onto Earth. Transforming back into his true form, Bill joined forces with the Canadian super-hero team Omega Flight to fight the villains. In the end, Bill sacrificed himself to save the planet, luring the demons back into the Realm using Shaman's medicine bag, which contained the essence of Tanaraq drained from the Wrecking Crew. With the portal destroyed behind him, Bill is now trapped in the Realm of the Great Beasts and fights an unending battle against the merciless Surtur hordes, imprisoned but unconcerned with his eventual fate.

    Secret Invasion

    Beta Ray Bill teams up with Thor to take on the Skrulls.
    Beta Ray Bill teams up with Thor to take on the Skrulls.

    By some unknown means, however, Bill was drawn from the Realm of the Great Beasts by the malevolent Skrulls, who captured and tortured him in order to replicate his powers for their Super-Skrull warriors. During this period, Stormbreaker was taken from him to be used by one of the most powerful "Godkiller" Super-Skrulls, before the weakened Bill was cast down to Earth to the location of the restored Asgard, bringing with him a warning of the ensuing Skrull invasion and their ultimatum to leave Earth or be destroyed.

    Granted Thor's hammer Mjolnir, Bill and Baldur led the defense of Asgard against the "Godkiller" Super-Skrulls while Thor remained in his human avatar of Donald Blake to assist the residents of neighboring Broxton. Weakened in the fight with the leader of the Skrull attack force, Bill eventually gave the hammer back to Blake, who has Thor, defeated the Skrull and restored Stormbreaker to him, with their combined powers able to destroy the Skrulls once and for all.

    After the battle, Thor departed to New York to assist the other heroes in defeating the primary Skrull army, while Bill left for the stars, hoping to take his revenge upon the surviving Skrulls for his ordeal.

    In the aftermath of Secret Invasion, Bill would be arrested by SWORD like so many Earthbound extraterrestrials as an illegal immigrant. He would later be free by SWORD director Abigail Brand to fight back against government liaison, Henry Gyrich.

    The Green of Eden

    The Green Of Eden
    The Green Of Eden

    Following his departure from Earth, Bill found himself aiding a group of breakaway "Godkiller" Super-Skrulls, who had survived the battle for Asgard and abandoned their previously militaristic ways. Pursued by a band of Skrull warriors loyal to the jihadist mission of Queen Verenake, these refugees sought out Bill, as they had become inspired by his valiant defense of Asgard and saw him as a figure worthy of becoming their new god. Somewhat shaken by their obedience and devotion and still grieved from the loss of his people at the hands of Galactus, but aware that the hearts of the Skrull refugees were in the right place, Bill ultimately declined their worship, simply telling them to "make good." After defeating their pursuers and sparing the life of the Super-Skrull sent to kill them, Bill returned to Earth with Skuttlebutt, hoping to find his own measure of peace.


    Beta Ray Bill attempts to stop Galactus.
    Beta Ray Bill attempts to stop Galactus.

    Despite the best efforts of his friend Thor and plenty of challenges to face on Earth, Bill could not be content, knowing that Galactus was roaming throughout the universe, consuming entire worlds and species just as he did with the Korbinites. Ignoring Thor's pleas to abandon his quest of vengeance, Bill traveled to the rebuilt Peak space station and obtained data on the World Devourer's location from Agent Brand, along with the position of the Voidian Bill had fought in "Green of Eden" and his temple of weaponry. Defeating the interstellar menace and seizing his terrible weapons for his own, Bill traveled to an alien colony world of the I'Than being evacuated before Galactus arrived, confronting his old foe Stardust again as he bought the refugees time to escape.

    When the Devourer himself arrived to consume the world and its energies, Bill unleashed the Voidian's arsenal, destroying the planet and denying Galactus his meal. Standing before the beaten Stardust, Bill told him that since he could not destroy Galactus in an outright battle, he would instead starve the entity, destroying any world that he could save from Galactus and his Heralds rather than let him feed. Casting Stardust into the shattered ruins of the planet, Bill next encountered the Silver Surfer, who asked him to end his quest. But Bill had changed and refused.

    This lead Galactus to the aliens main world I'Than Prime. The residents chose to stay and fight but Bill urged them to evacuate. They refused and this evacuation was forced by Bill, who infected them with a virus and offered the cure to them if they did as he told them. Bill then destroyed the planet so Galactus could not consume it.

    Bill continued to destroy planets in Galactus' path and continued to starve Galactus. But he soon found he was unworthy of lifting Stormbreaker for the despicable act of giving the planet's populace a deadly disease. He donned the weapons of Voidian for a final assault on Galactus. But when he arrived, he found the infected aliens about to do the job for him. In a last minute change of heart, Bill defended Galactus from his attackers.

    Bill explained to Galactus that his people would not wish their legacy to be so stained with blood. Having fed, Galactus took the spirit of a Korbinite that still lingered in the universe and created a new body for it. Bill now had a female of his race to repopulate their species. Bill and his new mate, Ti Asha Ra, were finally at peace.

    The Annihilators

    The Annihilators
    The Annihilators

    Beta Ray Bill was hand-picked by Nova for a strike team to go into the Cancerverse and rescue their captive allies. The Cancerverse is an alternate reality where death does not exist, transforming everyone into mutating zombie-like creatures. They were attacking Bill’s home reality through a fault created by multiple intergalactic wars that damaged the fabric of time and space. Ultimately, Nova and Star-Lord sacrificed themselves to close the fault. After a brief disbanding without Nova, Cosmo asked the strike team to reunite to guard the vulnerable war-torn areas across the universe. They called themselves The Annihilators.

    One of their first missions together was saving Galador, homeworld of the Spaceknights, from Dire Wraith sorcerers. Bill played a key role in saving Galador. First, he used his ability to summon a thunderstorm to block out the black sun the Dire Wraiths had manifested to weaken their magic and then used Stormbreaker to open a portal to Limbo to reunite the black sun with Wraithworld and thus restoring cosmic balance.

    Next, they quickly take down a parish of the Universal Church, but when Cosmo reads the mind of their leader, he learns they embedded a number of believers on Earth. Cosmo sent the team to Earth to take them out, bringing them into conflict with the Avengers. As one of the Avengers main allies on the Annihilators, Bill tried to keep the peace but failed. Eventually, their fight revealed the church for what it was, and the two teams were forced to team up and apprehend Magus, recently implanted as memories across a number of human children

    While the two teams try to come to an agreement on what to do about him, the Magus children are able to broadcast his consciousness on a broader scale, possessing 30% of the US population and counting. Gladiator entered the faith font thinking his belief could override Magus’, but Magus was able to collect himself into Gladiator’s superior body. Once they had Magus in one location, they were able to use the font to funnel Magus from Gladiator into a Kree Sentry, which the Annihilators discarded near the edge of space.

    Grand and Wonderous Adventures

    Bill vs Thor
    Bill vs Thor

    Like the hero he is, Bill patrolled the cosmos helping where he could.

    When Gaea was mutated by Stark Tech on an asteroid, he teamed with Sif to save her.

    He teamed up with Nova Corpsman Sam Alexander, who inadvertently helped a slave ship full of Korbinites. The two tracked the slaver down and were transported to Jotunheim. There they defeated the slaver, freed the enslaved Korbinites, and recovered the slaver's special sword so it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands.

    Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans, enlisted Bill's help in saving her husband, Black Bolt, from a new Kree super soldier named Vox. It is during this time that he would bond with Lockjaw.

    His low moment was when he was attacked by his friend, Thor. Thor was rendered unworthy by the words of Gorr and could no longer lift Mjolnir. Hearing this, Bill came to Asgard to relinquish Stormbreaker to Thor. Thor refused believing Bill was the rightful owner of that hammer. But when Thor was kidnapped by The Collector so that he may lift Mjolnir of Earth-1610, Bill came to his rescue. Sadly, Thor's time in Collector's clutches being teased with a another hammer forced him into a berserker rage on Bill. Thor came to his sense when they were attacked by the Black Order, allowing him to help Bill save the Collector's prisoners and defeat the Black Order.

    Guardian of the Galaxy

    New Guardians Roster
    New Guardians Roster

    Bill was one of many cosmic heroes invited to the reading of Thanos' will. It was a trap though. The Black Order attacked with a black hole gun, but Bill was able to save alternate versions of Moondragon, Phyla-Vel, and Frank Castle by throwing Stormbreaker hard enough out of the black hole. They were immediately rescued by Star-Lord and Groot and dubbed themselves the new Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Bill shared with Star-Lord the message in Thanos' will: that he downloaded his consciousness into another body. The group at the meeting decided that they needed to kill whoever that was, and the prevailing guess was Gamora. So, the team set out to save Gamora from the Dark Guardians.

    Ultimately, Starfox proved to be Thanos' "Final Gauntlet" and with Bill's help, the Guardians were able to stop him from resurrecting this time.

    Bill also helped the Guardians against the Universal Church, however, he and most of his teammates were captured. The free members went looking for Rocket to rejoin the squad. Once rescued and the Church defeated, Bill left the Guardians.

    Annihilation Scourge

    Entering the Negative Zone
    Entering the Negative Zone

    Beta Ray Bill and Lockjaw just finished working together to save a race of aliens from a dragon when they came across a ship full of Cancerverse creatures.

    Bill was forced to fight a Cancerverse version of Doctor Strange and The Sentry. On the ropes, Bill threw his hammer at Sentry hard enough to send him back through the Negative Zone portal he escaped from. This caused Bill to revert to his normal form. Lockjaw saves him, and the two venture into the Negative Zone to retrieve his hammer.

    There, they are ambushed by more Cancerverse creatures, but they cross paths with Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four, who had been fighting the Cancerverse creatures on their own fronts. He joined forces with them and a number of other heroes called by Mr. Fantastic.

    The Cancerverse forces were finally defeated when Nova sacrificed himself to save everyone else.

    Back On Asgard

    Stormbreaker destroyed
    Stormbreaker destroyed

    Upon hearing that Thor became the Herald of Galactus, Bill went in search of vengeance on Galactus for corrupting his friend. However, when Thor proved to Bill that he was no slave, Bill believed him to be a traitor. He snatched Mjolnir so Thor could not call it back, so Thor called Stormbreaker instead. When he smashed Bill's hammer on Mjolnir, it shattered into pieces. Their fight was stopped by Sif, who had taken over for Heimdall on the Bifrost. She scolded Thor and brought Bill back to Asgard.

    Once Thor had defeated the Black Winter and freed himself of Galactus' charge, he returned to Asgard to apologize to Bill. Thor confided in Bill that he believed trouble was coming and that he might not even be able to trust himself. He asked Bill to be his second in command and gave Bill full access to Asgard's armory to make up for his lost hammer.

    Odinforce stolen from Bill
    Odinforce stolen from Bill

    Bill was forced to protect the armory from Donald Blake, who went insane living in the fantasy world Odin conjured for him. Determined to make it so there is "No More Thors," Blake ripped the Odinforce from Bill transforming him back to his original body. Bill was saved by the forces of Asgard, but Blake was able to send all of them to Dimension Blood. This way, he could continue to target former Thors, including Jane Foster and Throg, without them interfering.

    In Dimension Blood, Bill was nursed back to health and armed with a new axe, although without magical properties. He told a demoralized Sif that they must do what they can if they can't get out of Dimension Blood, which is to stand at the ready and wait for a miracle. Just then, Doctor Strange, Lockjaw, Throg, and Loki showed up to rescue the trapped Asgardians.

    Bill joins all these heroes including a long lost Odin and a Destroyer possessed by Thor for a final face off against a berserker Donald Blake. During the fight, he was able to call Mjolnir, transforming him once again into his hero form, while, Thor and Loki are able to defeat Blake.

    Sword of Surtur

    Twilight, the sword of Surtur
    Twilight, the sword of Surtur

    After defending Asgard from a Knullified Fin Fang Foom, Bill started to reignite a relationship with Sif. However, by grabbing Mjolnir in the fight against Blake, Bill was re-enchanted with Odin's power and transformed into his warrior form. Without Stormbreaker, he couldn't return to his humanoid form, causing Sif to reluctantly reject him. Depressed, Bill would go search for Odin for a replacement to Stormbreaker.

    Accompanied by Skurge and Pip the Troll, they find Odin in a bar without the power he once had. Unable to enchant a new weapon for Bill, he tells Bill of an available enchanted weapon, Twilight, the sword of Surtur. Odin got him free passage into Muspelheim, but the magic from passing through the gateway granted his ship a humanoid form. With a fourth compatriot, the group face off against fire demons and dream monsters, before eventually finding Twilight.

    When Bill tried to grab it, Surtur appeared and challenged Bill to prove his worthiness of the weapon. The weapon had rejected Surtur ever since his last defeat by the Asgardians. With the help of his allies, Surtur was thrown to the ground, giving Bill the chance to take ownership of Twilight and behead the fire demon. With the power of Twilight, Bill was able to return to his normal Korbonite form, however, when he looks in the mirror, he still sees his ugly warrior form.

    Return of the Thor Corps

    When Thor found himself going up against the eldest god of thunder, Toranos, he was greatly outmatched. He needed to exponentially increase his power so he brought together a new Thor Corps, each worthy of Mjolnir and capable of harnessing power similar to Thor for 60 seconds after wielding the hammer. Loki, who was aiding his brother, went to Asgard to recruit Bill.

    Uniting the Thor Corps was just a ruse though. Thor wanted to convince Toranos that he in fact wanted to wield Mjolnir. Thor personally judges him worthy to for the hammer, however, the power of Thor that he wields includes Thor's moral compass. Finally embracing power with a conscience, Toranos panicks and disappears from reality.

    With the Corps' purpose fulfilled, Thor bids farewell to Bill, who returns to Asgard.

    Character Profile

    Better than a normal Korbinite.
    Better than a normal Korbinite.
    • Height: 6'4", 6'7" (Odinforce form)
    • Weight: 230 lbs, 480 lbs (Odinforce form)
    • Eye Color: White, no visible pupils
    • Hair Color: None
    • Citizenship: Korbinite, Honorary Asgardian
    • Place of Birth: Korbin in the Burning Galaxy
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Asgard's Master of War (Thor's Second in Command), Protector of the Korbinites
    • Distinguishing Features: Korbinite's have orange skin and no visible ears or noses. Odinforce transforms his face into what is described as a horse-like appearance

    Powers & Abilities

    Alien Physiology: Bill is a cyborg Korbinite, making him stronger, tougher, and faster than the vast majority of his race (much like Thor is for the Asgardians).

    • Incalculable Superhuman Strength: Beta Ray Bill possesses vast superhuman strength, the limits of which are unknown, if one exists. He has claimed to be able to crush moons with his fists, and can destroy planets with his strikes. Bill, in their first encounter, matched Thor pound for pound to a certain extent, and thus, his physical strength allows him to easily lift/carry at least 100K Metric Tons. He is comparable to beings such as Thor, the Hulk, and Gladiator.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability: Bill is nearly invulnerable to all forms of injury. He has flown through the heart of numerous stars, survived unaided in space, and withstood powerhouse blows from the likes of Thor, Namor, Gladiator, Thanos, Silver Surfer, Stardust, Fin Fang Foom, Sasquatch, Red Hulk, Skurge and others of equal might.
    • Superhuman Speed: Bill can move, react and fight at a meta-human rate of speed, several times that of the greatest human athletes. With the use of Stormbreaker, Bill can fly at superluminal speeds, perhaps on par with the Silver Surfer. His agility and reflexes are enhanced beyond human capability as well.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Bill possesses superhuman stamina enabling him to perform at his peak for an undetermined amount of time, and his stamina multiplies when in extreme temperatures of heat.
    • Combat Abilities: Bill was chosen as the guardian of his race by becoming the best gladiator on the entire planet. Making him one of the greatest warriors in the known galaxy when it comes to unarmed or melee combat. This gladiatorial training/experience made him capable of matching Thor in hand-to-hand combat.

    Weapons & Equipment

    Interior of Skutt
    Interior of Skutt

    Scuttlebutt: Scuttlebutt is an A.I. operated space vessel, a living Arc Class warship created for the specific purpose of safeguarding the Korbonite race as well as acting as Bill's personal aid/companion upon the duration of their voyage to find a new home after the burning galaxy self-destructed. It's design based on the cyberization process that made their appointed protector into such a powerhouse, Skutt's systems and operational features boasts some of the most advanced technological engineering the universe will ever see. Nanite refabricators, automated hive mind drones, deployable battleship turrets, advanced tracking & homing systems, fastidious medical facilities, embryonic stasis chambers and so much more went into the schematic plans for the Korbon peoples crown jewel of their civilizations space exploration facilities.

    Personified Autonomy
    Personified Autonomy
    • Star Absorption: Scuttlebutt thrives on extrastellar energies of the cosmos, literally throwing out stasis fields that enables the vessel to gradually siphon the a stars solar energies before consuming said astral bodies in their entirety instantaneously.
    • Warp Drive: Bill's ship, like all Korbonite vessels, possess trans-light to superluminal speeds for the purpose of interstellar traversal capability. Regularly by shifting out of regular universal continua by slipping into hyperspace and back in order to shorten lengthily voyages across space.
    • Self-Reparation: The Scuttlebutt possesses highly advanced A.I. assisted nanomolecular and service droid reconstruction parameters which enables the flagship expedient, fastidious and incredibly remarkable damage overhaul capability. Holes blown into the craft will automatically begin preparation for mending the damages in a discreet and thorough fashion.
    • Drone Production: Skutt possess onboard assistance automatons which serve both a protectorate, offensive as well as supporting role within the voyager bateau. These assistance bots are so potent in all ancillary fields that they can temporarily stave off a herald of the world eater Galactus.
    • Medical Bays: The healing facilities of the Korbon constructed barge are second to none. Easily able to fix & emend most any/every kind of physiological impairment any of it's passengers suffer through. From grievous injury stemming to and from radiation sickness or even cosmically garnered lacerations on top of decontamination for any kinds of microbial affliction.
    • Armaments & Munitions: Beta's mighty warpart is equal parts conveyance facility and major battleade, being stocked to the brim with any manner of super weapons (i.e. fusion mines, forward fixed and turret mounted energy cannons, mobile assault cannonry, etc.) potent enough to decimate planets or even stun the mighty World Devourer momentarily. It's captain even took the good sense of procuring some banderilla's belonging to an auspicious interstellar criminal whom specialized in creating weapons of ultimate destruction for a living in order to aid in their blood feud with the primordial predator.
    • Reconfiguration: Being comprised of micromechanical facilities Bill's partner/transport has the ability change it's very shape and functionality to promote traversal in any multitude of different environments. From traversing the cosmic shores to wading through the molten terrain of Muspelheim. The intelligence behind the vessel having once modulated itself to absorb the concussive shockwaves begotten from two mighty adversaries to recharge itself, as well as morph into a BFG potent enough to stun an apocalyptical entity older than the universe itself.
    • Independence: Being a self-aware vehicle, the systems automated programming enables it to act and operate of it's own accord. With or without it's helmsman issuing orders to it. Making the Scuttlebutt a noteworthy assistant to it's pilot while in or out of battle.
    • Scanning/Homing Facilities: The fleet ship has incredibly advanced long range tracking, reading and analyzing capabilities built into it's systems. Enabling it and it's commander to seek out and ascertain in depth knowledge of specific items if interest with ease, even being able to peer through whatever cloaking fields the subject may or may not possess.
    • Tractor Beam: It can also emit energy rays that can be used to latch onto and draw in anything the vessel focuses on. Beaming it aboard it's domain for further study by the passengers and it's automated systems.
    • Force Field Projection: The Scuttlebutt can decisively control and operate force shielding in any discernable manner said argo see's fit. Drumming up a protective barrier around itself to defend from even the most prominent striking forces the universe and it's myriad denizens can possibly throw at it. Bill can also command his mighty transport to erect selective barracks to waylay natural disasters so as to preempt their destructive path later down the line. It is also useful for briefly trapping adversarial entities in place while combatting them.
    • Stasis Field Generator: Said domiciliary/fleet vessel can project protective motion inhibitor fields for the sake of ferrying onboard denizens from crash-landings.
    • Personified Autonomy: During they're recent excursion into Muspelheim. Beta Ray's ship underwent an odd metamorphosis while venturing into the land of fire demons. The artificial intelligence now has the ability to express itself in sentinoid form, taking on the shape & appearance of a gorgeous woman whom can better interact with her confidante and his merry band.
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    Twilight: After Stormbreaker is destroyed by Thor in a fit of rage, Bill is sent after Twilight, the Sword of Surtur, by Odin. The full extent of Twlight's effect on Bill remains to be seen.

    • Divine Transformation: Via Twilight's enchantment, Bill can shift to and from his original Korbonite shape, transformed from his cyber augmented Thor form to his unenhanced mortal form on command.

    Former Utilities


    Stormbreaker: It is made out of the mystical uru metal, having the same abilities as Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. It is highly durable (although, not indestructible). Bills mallet was destroyed by Thor Odinson in a recent struggle, robbing the Korbonite of one of his mightiest weapons. The following abilities that Stormbreaker have displayed thus far are:

    • Divine Transformation: Via Stormbreakers enchantment, Bill can shift to and from his original Korbonite shape by tapping his enchanted hammer on the ground, transformed from his cyber augmented Thor form to his unenhanced mortal form on command. For his Korbinite body, the hammer morphs into a walking stick.
    • Mystical Link: Stormbreaker will always return to Bill's hand, regardless of where it is thrown.
    • Self-Guidance: With will-power, Beta Ray Bill can control Stormbreaker to move in any direction.
    • Worthiness Enchantment: Like Mjolnir, only those who are worthy enough of wielding Beta Ray Bill's powers may lift Stormbreaker. To anyone else, Stormbreaker cannot be moved from a fixed position on the ground or wrested from Bill's grip.
    • Teleportation: Beta Ray Bill can teleport beings and even locations (i.e. cities) to any location he desires, even light years away.
    • Energy Sensing: Stormbreaker can sense cosmic or mystical energy in the proximity of Beta Ray Bill. It can even sense evil psychic energy.
    • Tracking: Stormbreaker can track beings to any location, even if said being has traveled to an alternate dimension or timeline.
    • Energy Projection: The ability to absorb any form of energy (gamma, cosmic, etc.) and redirect it at a given target. Beta Ray Bill can even amplify it and send destructive energy blasts at an opponent, like he did in the fight with Stardust. He also blasted a hole through Cancerverse Colossus.
    • Flight: By spinning Stormbreaker in a circle and twirling it upwards, Beta Ray Bill can fly in any atmosphere or space. Although, Beta Ray Bill on one occasion displayed the ability to hover in the air with Stormbreaker at his side.
    • Weather Control: Stormbreaker can produce lightning, summon winds, and create hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. And even produce said storms in space, if Beta Ray Bill wills it. On one occasion, Beta Ray Bill produced a storm that covered the entire surface of a sun, blocking its ultraviolet rays.
    • Healing: The ability to heal others of their injuries or diseases. Although, it has not displayed the ability to regenerate lost limbs or missing organs.
    • Shielding: Stormbreaker can create force fields so durable, they can withstand powerful attacks, even from beings like Stardust (one of the more powerful Heralds of Galactus).
    • Striking Power: Stormbreaker has displayed the ability to level mountains and even shatter entire planets by its own force (independent of how hard it was thrown).
    • Note: While Stormbreaker is quite similar to Mjolnir, it is unable to perform abilities innate to Thor's unique heritage, such as the God Blast, Warrior's Madness, and Rune Magic. Although Stormbreaker can, in theory, perform most of the other abilities Mjolnir has displayed (magnetism, anti-matter creation, anti-force, etc.), Stormbreaker has not demonstrated some of the finer and less often seen abilities that Mjolnir has. Whether this is by choice, Stormbreaker's limitations, or simply due to Bill's inexperience with that power is unknown.

    Future Timeline

    Earth-TRN421 (2061 A.D.)

    In a possible future, Beta Ray Bill is a member of the Avengers.

    Other Media


    Planet Hulk (2010)

    Hulk Vs. Beta Ray Bill
    Hulk Vs. Beta Ray Bill

    Due to rights issues, Beta Ray Bill was substituted for Silver Surfer in the Planet Hulk comics series. Beta Ray Bill chased Korg's army off of Earth and followed them through a wormhole. On the other side of the wormhole, Bill was enslaved on Sakaar and forced to fight Hulk and his Warbound,

    Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

    Bill's statue
    Bill's statue

    A giant sculpture of Beta Ray Bill is seen on the Grandmaster's tower, alongside other past champions who fought in Sakaar's gladiatorial games, such as Bi-Beast and Man-Thing.


    Silver Surfer Animated Series

    Beta Ray Bill from the Silver Surfer Animated Series.
    Beta Ray Bill from the Silver Surfer Animated Series.

    Beta Ray Bill debuts in the Silver Surfer episode "Innervision", voiced by Karl Pruner. In the series, Bill comes from the planet Harmony where they live in a Utopian society that is all merely a dream state they have set up for themselves. In order to stop Thanos from destroying their world, they must leave the dream and destroy the Dream Weaver. This causes them to finally have to face reality. Bill has a companion named Gamma Jen Beth in the episode.

    The Super Hero Squad Show

    Super Hero Squad Show
    Super Hero Squad Show

    Beta Ray Bill appeared in The Super Hero Squad Show episode "The Saga of Beta Ray Bill", voiced by Pat Fraley Dobson. He is a janitor on a space station that powers a force field protecting his homeworld from a much bigger threat. When Thor is banished by the Dark Surfer, Thor accidentally damages this force field. He teams up with Bill to fight the stranger giving Bill the opportunity to prove himself worthy.

    Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes

    Bill's Korbinite armor in Avengers: EMH.
    Bill's Korbinite armor in Avengers: EMH.

    Beta Ray Bill appears in The Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes, voiced by Steve Blum, in the episode "The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill." Here his story is almost the same as what happened in comics: Beta Ray Bill battles Thor, and is worthy of lifting Mjolnir. Proving to be worthy, Odin has a new hammer for Beta Ray Bill to keep that shall give him the powers as Mjolnir: Stormbreaker.

    Video Games

    MUA Concept art
    MUA Concept art
    • Beta Ray Bill appears as an alternate costume for Thor in the video game Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
    • Beta Ray Bill's costume appears as an alternate color scheme for Thor in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
    • Beta Ray Bill appears as a DLC character in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, voiced by Steve Blum.
    • Beta Ray Bill appears as an alternate costume for Thor in Marvel Heroes 2013.
    • Beta Ray Bill appears in Lego Marvel's Avengers, with Steve Blum reprising his role.
    • Beta Ray Bill is a playable character in Marvel Avengers Alliance.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Beta Ray Bill was featured in ToyBiz's action figure line for the Silver Surfer animated series.
    • Beta Ray Bill appeared in the Marvel Legends M.O.D.O.K. Build-a-Figure wave from ToyBiz.
    • Bowen Designs produced a Beta Ray Bill statue.
    • Beta Ray Bill was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Diamond Select produced a Beta Ray Bill bust.
    • XM Studios produced a Beta Ray Bill statue.
    • Beta Ray Bill was featured in Diamond Select's Minimates line.
    • Beta Ray Bill was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line.

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