Cosmic Powers Unlimited #4

    Cosmic Powers Unlimited » Cosmic Powers Unlimited #4 - The Plague War released by Marvel on February 1, 1996.

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    This issue headlines the Star Masters, picking up from where their 3 issue miniseries left off.

    The Plague War
    The Star Masters have survived the Cauldron of Conversion and discover that the contents is a sentient virus. The Surfer tries to communicate with it and fails, but learns that Beta Ray Bill may be able to speak with it. But no one knows where Bill went. The Surfer goes to find him.
     On the planet Tun, Lord Votan of the Axi-Tun appears before his people. But his brother Landar is in the crowd and secretly plots against his brother who has corrupted their people. 
    The remaining Star Masters continue their investigation. Morfex shape shifts into Sidereus and orders the prisoners to be released to him. Upon entering, Quasar is attacked by the imprisoned Tana Nile, who believes him to be responsible for the deaths aboard the Hub. She soon learns that he is not responsible and joins their cause.
    The Surfer returns with Beta Ray Bill and they are able to communicate with the virus. Bill learns the truth that Votan is responsible and that his people are dead. The Silver Surfer is then able to use his Power Cosmic and destroy the virus. The Star Masters regroup and face the Axi-Tun aboard and defeat them. 
    The Charter has a meeting and clear Quasar of all charges. The Axi-Tun are expelled from their ranks and the Star Masters begin their journey to apprehend Votan for his crimes.

    Mind Body Soul
    Drax and Pip watch over Moondragon, who is in a coma from injuries she has sustained. Drax is beginning to remember things once again. Pip leaves the room and Moondragon mentally contacts Drax. With his permission, Moondragon enters his mind in order to help him regain his memories.
    They enter Drax's mind and Moondragon summons Kronos, the one responsible for resurrecting Drax to fight Thanos. She demands that Kronos return Drax's memory, but he refuses. Moondragon attacks him but is easily taken down by his power.
    Drax then attacks Kronos for hurting Moondragon. He only wants Kronos to help her. Kronos sees that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for one another. He agrees to help but it will cost them some of their own power. The transfer is complete and Moondragon is revived and Drax has his full intelligence returned.


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