Lord Votan

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    Lord Votan is a mutant member of the Axi-Tun race and former ruler of the Axi-Tun

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    Lord Votan is the ruler of the Axi-Tun race from the planet Tun. The Axi-Tun's believe themselves to be the master race and isolate themselves from other races in the universe.
    After his father's death, his brother Landar was seated on the throne. Votan usurped his power with his abilities. Votan had been secretly genetically enhanced, giving him the power to sap the will of everyone around him. With this power he soon had the population worshiping him and took his race's isolation to the next level - genocide.

    The Master Race

    Votan set up ships to travel the universe and 'purify' other planet's of their inhabitants. One method was a device known as the Planet Pulverizer, a massive asteroid held together by a small black hole. It would be slammed into a planet killing all life and then retrieved once again to repeat the process.
    In the meantime, he began the process of creating a virus to kill all races. Through a device known as the Cauldron of Conversion, races were thrown into the mix and thus that race became susceptible to the disease. Every type of race added would mean the death of their entire race once introduced to the home planet. Votan is responsible for killing the Korbinite race.
    Votan and his people joined The Charter, an intergalactic group of peaceful planets set on saving life. Votan became the head of the Charter's security forces, the Cosmic Commandos. Although he despised being part of the organization, it was all part of his plan.
    He tested his virus aboard the flagship of the Charter known as the Hub. It killed all the ambassadors aboard. He then framed Quasar for the atrocity.


    Votan set his sights on destroying Earth. He sent the Planet Pulverizer to Earth, but it was stopped with the combined efforts of the Silver Surfer, Quasar and Beta Ray Bill. He had those who failed him 'purify' themselves by committing suicide. Without the Planet Pulverizer, Votan focused on his virus. 
    Those who stopped the Pulverizer joined together as the Star Masters and began searching for the true killer of the Charter's ambassadors with the help of the Rigellian Tana Nile. They discovered the plot of Votan and the Silver Surfer destroyed his virus. Quasar was cleared of all charges and the Charter asked the Star Masters to arrest Votan for them.
    The Star Masters came to Tun and demanded Votan to return to the Charter with them to face his punishment. He was able to defeat them by siphoning their will from them. Tana Nile was able to give their remaining will to Quasar, who was able to overcome Votan with the help of the Star Masters and those few still loyal to Votan's brother Landar. They were able to break Votan's control over the masses by pointing out that he was enhanced and not a true Axi-Tun and the fact that he used outside races as mercenaries.
    Landar wished for Votan to remain on Tun and be judged by his own people, but the Star Masters refused. Votan was taken to the Charter and sentenced with his crimes. Landar became the new leader of the Axi-Tun.

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