Star Masters #3

    Star Masters » Star Masters #3 - Cauldron of Conversion released by Marvel on February 1, 1996.

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    The evil Sidereus has gathered the Korbinites and is throwing them into the Cauldron of Conversion, a storehouse for a deadly virus that can kill entire races. This plan will work where the Planet Pulverizer has failed.
    Meanwhile, the Star Masters continue to battle the rejuvenated Cosmic Commandos. But the Commandos are not mighty enough and are defeated.
    Aboard the Hub, Tana Nile and a group of other Rigellians are investigating the deaths of the Charter members. They are ambushed by some Axi-Tun and captured. The Star Masters enter the Hub as well to find the answers they seek. They are ambushed as well and captured. They are prepared to be thrown into the cauldron. Before they are thrown in, Beta Ray Bill somehow disappears.
    The rest are thrown into the cauldron, but Quasar awakens just in time to save his friends. But it seems that the contents of the cauldron are alive.
    Continued in Cosmic Powers Unlimited #4


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