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    She is from the star-sun Rigel. She and her people were forced by Thor to discontinue their practice of 'colonizing' other civilized worlds.

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    Tana Nile is an alien of the Rigellian species who was trained with specialties in world colonizing and terraforming. She initially acted in a position of administration, selecting potential planets to be adopted under Rigellian rule. Eventually she was promoted to Colonizer status and rank which enabled her to select her own planet under Rigellian claim under which to exercise her authority and rule.

    She had chose what was deemed a small and humble planet by the Rigellian's in Earth. Arriving she disguised herself as a native of Earth, and to complete the disguise decided to rest an apartment. Coincidentally found herself as room mate to Jane Foster, a close friend and associate of the thunder god Thor. Tana becoming aware of this saw Thor as a potential impediment to her conquering of Earth, so used her telepathic powers to motivate Jane Foster to leave New York, to serve as a distraction to the mighty thunder god. Having felt she had more time she educated herself more about Earth and feeling satisfied alerted Rigellian officials as to her stake at Earth for her rule.

    A team of Rigellian's were sent and they found themselves in a confrontation with Thor, who they managed to incarcerate. Tana was given authority over Earth and technology that would allow her to reposition Earth where ever she would desire. This was a temporary state as Thor was quick to return to Earth after helping the Rigellian's deal with Ego the Living Planet, and his aid granting Earths freedom from Tana, by ruling of the Rigellian Grand Commissioner. Thor tracked and located Jane Foster and returned her to her home in New York. Tana Nile left to return to Rigel-3, although she would encounter Thor many more times after this incident, on much friendlier terms.


    Tana Nile is a Marvel comics character created by writer Stan Lee, and penciler Jack Kirby. The character first appears in Thor #129 released in 1966 as a disguised earth human, and room mate to long time Thor supporting character Jane Foster, before revealing her true nature in Thor #131 as Tana Nile of the Rigellian Empire.

    Character Evolution

    Tana Nile first appears in the Marvel Universe as a villain trying to colonize earth. Her race is one that shuns emotional ties and demonstrations and considers emotions outdated. In the years after this, Tana Nile reforms spending much time allying with numerous Earth heroes and requiring aid for herself and her planet. The characters journey and fascination with Earth having her appearing all over the Marvel universe in an attempt to learn more from it. She now often appears as an ally to a broad swath of heroic characters such as Thor.

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting Quasar

    Tana is sent to investigate the deaths of the Rigellian ambassadors to the Charter, a group of planets joined together in peace. She is soon captured by Sidereus and his minions. She is released by the Star Masters and she soon uses her telepathic powers to learn that Quasar is not behind the murders as everyone believes. She clears him of the charges and accompanies him and the other Star Masters to arrest the one truly responsible, Lord Votan of the Axi-Tun. On Tun, she and the Star Masters are captures, their wills siphoned by Votan. She is able to take all their combined wills and give it to Quasar, who helps them to be released. Votan is then captured and taken into Charter custody.


    In her most unlikely appearance, Tana returns to earth and is caught up in the strange events of the ' Daydreamers' miniseries alongside Franklin Richards, Artie and Leech of the Morlocks, Man-Thing and Howard the Duck. During this story Tana becomes very protective of the three children and even shares a highly unlikely romantic moment with Howard.

    Annihilation War

    Tana Nile is later caught up in the events of the Annihilation War. Before the war begins, off panel, Tana Nile testifies in a trial against Ronan the Accuser, wherein she provides testimony used to convict him of treason that robs him of his rank and title. Tana Nile's reasons for going along with these false accusations are never made entirely clear. After delivering her testimony, Tana Nile goes on the run, ending up on a fringe Kree world where she allies herself with Gamora as one of her female Graces. Ronan follows her to this world and while he is engaging Gamora in combat, the Annihilation Wave arrives. Ronan and the Graces join forces against the bug invaders and in the heat of battle, Tana Nile receives critical injuries. She is about to confess her sins to Ronan but she expires from her injuries before she can finish explaining herself.

    Powers and Abilities

    Tana Nile is a Rigellian, and as such possesses the ability to increase her mass density and this strength, durability and endurance. Tana could utilize this density increase to a degree enabling her to lift approximately 10 tons. Tana also possesses telepathic powers, the ability to control minds, create mental and telepathic links with others, remove and tamper with memories. She has an ability known as the Mind Thrust which can allow her to override a persons physical control of themselves.Tana can disguise herself as Earth woman using the function of her suit of armor, which also grants her other abilities such as force fields and additional durability. Tana Nile also has access to much advanced Rigellian technology and weaponry, such as lasers, concussion guns, and devices allowing for deep space communication. She is an accomplished fighter, proficient in Rigellian martial arts. As per her employment she is an expert in terraforming and planetary engineering.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 5'4"

    Weight: 110 lbs

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Blue

    Other Media


    The Super Hero Squad Show (2009)

    Tana Nile appears in the animated television show The Superhero Squad Show episode ""Tremble At the Might of M.O.D.O.K." released in November 2009.


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