Cosmic Powers Unlimited #5

    Cosmic Powers Unlimited » Cosmic Powers Unlimited #5 - The Master Race released by Marvel on May 1996.

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    The Master Race

    In space, the Silver Surfer tells Quasar how Beta Ray Bill returned to them and why he appears different. He has combined his Power Cosmic with the power of Odin to resurrect Bill. This seems to be a questionable thing for the Surfer to have done.

    The Star Masters with Tana Nile arrive on Tun to detain their ruler, Lord Votan. Naturally, they are met with resistance in the form of Votan's hired mercenaries. They are all easily defeated. Quasar is made to confess for the deaths of the Charter before all the Axi-Tun.

    Meanwhile, Pharegot warships have approached the planet in order to get revenge for having been set up to take the blame of the deaths of the M'Ndavi, who had been killed by Votan's virus.

    While captured, the Star Masters realize they lost so easily because Votan has the power to sap their wills. Beta Ray Bill had been unaffected by this, but without his teammates help he was subdued. Tana Nile uses her power to combine their wills and transfer it to Quasar, who is able to escape. Preoccupied, Votan loses his control over the others and they escape as well.

    A battle ensues and Votan is unable to control the wills of his people and fight at the same time. His people rebel and his brother Landar joins them and rallies them to see through Votan's lies. But now the Pharegot have began their bombing of the planet.

    The Pharegot are stopped and Votan is defeated. Bill seems to be about to kill Votan for destroying his race, but does not. Votan is turned over to the Charter.

    Captain Universe: Voices Carry

    Roland Taylor is about to commit suicide but when he pulls the trigger something unexpected happens - he becomes the new Captain Universe. He begins to use his power, which alerts Division U to his whereabouts. A squad lead by Steve Coffin arrives to detain him but they fail. Roland flies off into the universe looking for answers.


    This issue introduces a new though short lived costume for Beta Ray Bill.

    This issue saw the return of former Captain Universe host Steve Coffin for the first time since the 1970s.



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