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    Former FBI Agent Jeff Terrell is recruited to lead of Youngblood as the superhero archer Shaft.

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    Image Comics

    Early Life

    As a child Jeff Terrell was never without his trusty slingshot. Shooting at and hitting things was his greatest joy. After graduating college, Jeff Terrell joined the FBI where he became a decorated field agent. Terrell has extremely good aim, almost superhuman. He stated on his Myspace page that he use to hustle at darts during college to make beer money. He was raised Catholic, and his star sign is Aries.


    Leading Youngblood
    Leading Youngblood

    When the US Government created the super hero team, Youngblood, Terrell was the field leader. He was also the only member to not have super powers. This made him feel insecure, but he tried to fight for the American Ideal with his super team. Shaft, his alter ego was outfitted with armor and gadgets and a high powered bow and arrows. He had many adventures with his team and fought super villains. The team became rich and famous, with marketing deals such as T-Shirt and lunchboxes. He even saved the world a time or two.

    On one mission, Shaft was able to travel back in time to an alternate timeline of 1963, where he managed to fight against Mystery Incorporated and capture Kid Dynamo with a special trick arrow.

    Awesome Comics

    Judgement Day

    Shaft was present during the Judgement Day event, when Knightsabre was on trial for the murder of Youngblood teammate Riptide. During the trial, he met Waxey Doyle, a B-Class superhero once known as Waxman from World War II. It was then revealed that Sentinel, the man who founded Youngblood, was the real culprit, the government shut down the team. While everyone went their separate ways, Shaft continued his career as a freelance superhero. He then met with Doyle at his House of Wax to help form and finance a new Youngblood team consisting Doyle's adopted son Leonard (Big Brother), Twilight, Johnny Panic, Doc Rocket, and Suprema. In their short together, they fought against Stormhead, The Occupant, Sentinel and his Badblood team, and Jack-A-Dandy.


    According to Jeff Terrell's Myspace Page he is a freelance adventurer, having lost his faith in both superhero's and the US Government. He may not be doing very well in his chosen way of life since he has problems paying his cable bill.

    Image Comics - 25th Anniversary

    In the 25th Anniversary of Image Comics, the company published a new Youngblood series by Chad Bowers and Jim Towe. In the revival, Shaft was revealed to be in jail. He was recruited by his former teammate Badrock to investigate another group young heroes calling themselves as Youngblood. It was revealed that Badrock secretly formed Youngblood when Help! app users have been gone missing. Shaft discovered BryneTech, the company behind Help!, was Youngblood's old nemesis Cybernet. Shaft even came into conflict with President Diehard, who supported BryneTech, and lost his left arm.


    Jeff is a terrible speller with god awful grammar. This is strange since he has a post-graduate degree.

    He is presently single, but had a long term relationship with girlfriend Shelly who he cheated on with team mate Natasha/Vogue. His favorite basketball team is the Lakers, and he use to have a weight problem. He now exercises regularly, and is bitter about being screwed out of his royalty rights.

    Creative Concept

    According to Youngblood creator Rob Liefed, Shaft was originally intended to be Speedy for a new Teen Titans comic book series in the early 1990s, but it was rejected. When Liefled formed Image Comics in 1992, he revived his Teen Titans proposal and recycled it to form Youngblood and rechristen Speedy into Shaft.


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