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    Daniel Tsuchida was the son of Megan Tsuchida, a human and King Khylund, a Jakkaran cat-man. his mother Raised him in the U.S.A and he grew to love and defend both his parents and his country.

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    Publication History

    Concept and Creation

    Cougar in New Mutants?
    Cougar in New Mutants?

    Cougar was created by Rob Liefeld in 1987 and first appeared in an an promo ad for Youngblood in Megaton Explosion #1. Cougar was originally proposed to join Liefeld's New Mutants/X-Force and even appeared in two Marvel books. The character's appearances were small background cameos and Liefeld instead saved the character for Image Comics.

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    According to a promo, Cougar could have lived in luxury ruling his native land and people before he joined Youngblood.



    In 1967 the paleobotanist Megan Tsuchida was captured by the Jakarrans, while on an expedition in Zaire. While in captivity, she and one of her captors, King Khylund, fell in love and Daniel Tsuchida (aka Cougar) was born. The birth of a half-breed was an offense to the Jakarrans, so Khylund and Megan had to escape. During the escape Khylund died ensuring the escape of Megan and Cougar. Megan returned to America where she raised Cougar. Later Cougar was offered a position in Youngblood which he accepted. Cougar became the leader of the Jakarrans when he bested Lynx, the leader of the tribe, who had kidnapped his mother. After the fight, he went back with Youngblood but remained leader of the Jakarrans.

    Powers & Abilities

    Cougar has the cat-like abilities inherent in his Jakarran ancestry. He possesses superhuman strength, agility, reflexes and speed. He also has razor sharp claws on his hands and feet.


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