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Youngblood was created by Rob Liefeld in the mid-1980s for Megaton Comics before they made their way to Image Comics in 1992. Liefeld was a fan of DC Comics' Teen Titans (the Wolfman/Perez era) and the Legion of Superheroes, and based on those interests he combined them to form Youngblood (not to be confused with Project: Youngblood from Eclipse Comics). The original Youngblood members were Sentinel, Sonik, Cougar, Bhrahma, Riptide, Psi-Fire, and Photon.

By 1991, another publication origin for Youngblood came as a new Teen Titans proposal series featuring Speedy, Harlequin, a pair of Kh'undian warriors, a S.T.A.R. Labs android and an unknown character. That proposal was rejected. At that same year Liefeld left Marvel over their strain relationship and merchandising rights for the success from his tenure on New Mutants and X-Force. He became one of the founders of Image and with his imprint studio, Extreme Studios, he revived his Youngblood comic and integrated his Teen Titans proposal to created new characters to expand the team roaster: Shaft, Badrock, Die Hard, Chapel, Vogue, and Combat.

Liefeld's idea for Youngblood as celebrity superheroes:

"...if superheroes really did exist, they would be treated much the same way as movie stars and athletes."

With large team of superheroes, Liefeld came up with a solution of splitting the team into two fractions: the new characters became the home front team and the original team became the overseas "away" team.

Since Youngblood's debut as the first comic book published by Image Comics in 1992, it has gained a controversial legacy over the years for bad artwork, storytelling, and creative disputes from different writers like Kurt Busiek and Alan Moore.


Youngblood is a team of superheroes hired by the government of the USA.

Original Lineup

There are made up by two teams: the Home Team led by Shaft (or Battlestone) and the Away Team led by Sentinel (as seen in the Team Youngblood series).

Home Team :

The Home Team
The Home Team

Their first mission was to capture the Four, a team of supervillains who were trying to rescue one of their own.

Away Team :

The Away Team
The Away Team

They were sent to Kuwait for their first mission to stop the dictator of the country. Psi-Fire, who suffered psychic troubles, killed the man instead of capturing him.

Sentinel asked to "clean" the mess and they went back to their base where they discovered a man put on stasis in a laboratory. This was their first encounter with Prophet.

1998 Lineup:

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In the Judgement Day event, Knightsabre accused of killing fellow teammate Ripetide. In reality, Youngblood leader Sentinel murdered Ripetide over the possession of an magical book that can rewrite one's fate. The book was property of Storybook Smith. Youngblood disbanded because Knightsabre was really Graves' son and that the media attention would ruin Youngblood's reputation.

When Sentinel was revealed as the true killer, most of Youngblood left for different purposes; Combat went back to stars, Vogue returned to Russia, and Badrock went to Hollywood. Shaft continued to fight crime by himself without money and resources he used to have. Eventually Shaft turned to Waxey Doyle, formerly known as the Golden Age superhero Waxman, to finance a new Youngblood team. Doyle agreed on the condition that his adopted son, Leonard, joined the team. Doyle as allowed Shaft the use of his mansion, the House of Wax, as a new base of operations. Shaft then held a recruitment drive for the new team. Only Twilight, Johnny Panic, Doc Rocket, and Suprema showed up.

Shaft's new Youngblood team had some short lived adventures that included a confrontation with Stormhead, the Occupant, Sentinel and his evil Youngblood team Bad Blood, and Jack-A-Dandy.

2008 Lineup:

2011 Lineup:

2017 Lineup:

  • Vogue (Petra Gomez)
  • Dolante Murray
  • Doc Rocket
  • Suprema
  • Badrock
  • Shaft

In the historic landmark 25th anniversary of Image Comics, Rob Liefeld's Youngblood returned to the comic book world under the new creative team by Chad Bowers and newcommer artist Jim Towe. Towe's fanart design for Youngblood landed him the career opportunity of a lifetime that would lead the path to being a professional comic book artist.

In this new 2017 incarnation of Youngblood, there have been some significant changes from the original team. Diehard and Vogue are now the President of the United States and the First Lady respectively. Badrock is suffering a disease from his own powers, and Shaft was in a federal prison. The reason's for Youngblood's disbandment was caused by a group called the Bloodstream.

Meanwhile, new team of heroes calling themselves Youngblood, consisting of Supreme, Doc Rocket, and a new Sentinel named Dolante Murray. They were formed by a new heroine calling herself Vogue, who needs their assistance to uncover the disappearance of missing young superheroes from the Help! app including a Vogue's collague, Man-Up. With Shaft joins the new team, he learns that Help! app creator, BryneTech, was an anagram for Youngblood's old nemesis Cybernet, who was abducting the app's top ten heroes for superhuman trafficking.

Soon after confronting Cybernet and Diehard, who was unaware that he partnered with Cybernet, Youngblood was branded as traitors in the United States and fled the country to help rescue victims from the Help app. They manage to rescue Man-Up, who temporarily join the team, and Superstitious. Youngblood then found themselves seeking political asylum in Tokyo, Japan where they have a new secret headquarters and were under the protection of Task. They found themselves battling new threats like Bloodhunter and Sumasshu. They officially become Japan's new international crisis resolution squad called Team Youngblood by the Prime Minister of Japan, Haruka Akamatsu, for their heroics in Japan.

Other Versions


In Prophet, Youngblood is rechristened as Youngstar in a post-apocalyptic future. Known members include elderly versions of Shaft, Doc Rocket, Badrock, two Diehards, and a new Chapel.


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