Team » Cybernet appears in 12 issues.

    A organisation created and lead by the megalomaniac Giger. This group of Cyborg terrorists are interested on world domination. They are often opposed to Youngblood and Team Youngblood, especially when they succeed to take control of the Liberty II space station. In "Youngblood: Reborn", they are secretly reintroduced as BryneTEC, the software company behind the Help! app for amateur superheroes.

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    Youngblood: Reborn

    Cybernet made a startling comeback in the 21st century when Image Comics was celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2017 with the return of the first comic book that start it all - Youngblood. In Youngblood: Reborn, Cybernet was secretly reintroduced to the world as the BryneTEC, an software company owned by two brothers - Rudolf and Hans Bryne. They secretly convinced Dolante Murray (secretly as the hacker Bloodstream) to expose very dirty little secret behind Youngblood after their leader Sentinel was exposed as murderer. When Youngblood disbanded, BryneTEC was able to manipulate Diehard to become president of the United States. From there, they began their master plan: slave trading superheroes to foreign nations. The Bryne brothers created the Help! app - the world's only user-managed self-protection application for amateur superheroes to become the new generation of superheroes. Covertly, they rounded up the top users against their will to foreigners. When Help! user Man-Up was lured into a false rescue request and turned up "missing", his friend Gunner rounded up a new Youngblood team consisting of Murray, Shaft, Doc Rocket, Supreme and Badrock to investigate disappearance of all Help! app users. When Shaft joins the investigation, he discovers that BryneTEC is an anagram for Cybernet.


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