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    Deadlock was a member of The Four and eventually joined Bloodstrike.

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    Deadlock was created by Rob Liefeld in 1992 and first appeared in Youngblood # 1.

    Deadlock I

    The identity of the first Deadlock is not known, but as a member of the Four, he engaged in various terrorist activites and was eventually killed in action. However, he was eventually revived by the U.S.government as part of "Project Born Again", before being admitted into Bloodstrike. His psychological profile was rewritten from "Anomalous Vampiric Behavior" to "Hostility Toward Authority Figures" (Although he tended to shift back from time to time due to schizophrenia).

    After slaughtering two rapists in an alley and drinking their blood, he was recalled by his team leader, Cabbot. An amnesiac Deadlock lashed out in a feral rage at him before being gravely injured (An incident which spared him even worse pain at the hands of Supreme). He later participated in the battle against Quantum at Washington D.C., but died after being blasted in the torso by an energy blast.

    Deadlock was later revived along with the rest of Bloodstrike, but had to wear a containment suit to keep alive due to averse effects of the Nu-Gene radiation.

    Deadlock II

    Samuel Christopher Hicks, the second agent codenamed Deadlock, was a comedian that died of a drug overdose in Salt Lake City. He was eventually resurrected by Project Born Again in the 2000's, and given the abilities of his predecessor, in addition to invisibility, an ability he relishes using. He participated in the assassination of Quantum, as well as the subsequent Quanta.


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