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    A member of Youngblood.

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    Brahma is created by Rob Liefeld. Brahma was one of the original members of Youngblood since 1987 in Megaton Comics before he reappears in Image Comics in 1992. According to a promo, Brahma could have played in the National Football League before he joined Youngblood.


    Jeff Kessler should have been one of three triplets. However, the triplet cells never split making Jeff basically three men in one. He was recruited into the Youngblood program where he befriended Showdown, but his desire to please his father and inability to tell him the truth about his activities with Youngblood led to him leaving Youngblood and joining The Four.

    However, when he and Showdown learned that The Four's leader Neverman had cheated them, he and the rest of The Four turned on Neverman. Brahma eventually returned to Youngblood.


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