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After Sentinel and certain Supreme villains escaped from the Hell of Mirrors inside of the Citadel Supreme, he decided to form an team to be an evil counterpart of Youngblood after learning his former teammate Shaft reorganized a new Youngblood team that is no longer sanctioned by the U.S. Government. With the aid of a private investigator from Hoods Accomplice Agents, Sentinel gathered Lounge Lizard, Satana, Speedwall, Poppy, and Atomo to form Badblood. Together, they systematically and almost successfully defeated Youngblood one by one until Waxman came to the rescue and freed Youngblood from their captors.

Concept and Creation

Badblood was created by Alan Moore. In Alan Moore's Awesome Universe Handbook, Moore originally intended to have Badblood appear in the series' ninth issue instead of second issue in it's first year at Awesome Comics. In addition, the original members of Badblood included the leader, Thunderhead (*Stormhead's original name; replaced by Sentinel), and different characters:

  • Satana - She is opposite of Suprema.
  • Spinning Jenny -The daughter of an old Glory from the 1950s, also named after her mother. She's opposite of Doc Rocket. Replaced by Speedwall.
  • Toy Soldier - A kid who controls and entire army of deadly toy planes, tanks, and battleships. He's opposite of Big Brother. Replaced by Atomo.
  • Fakeface - A Professor Night foe. He is opposite of Twilight. Replaced by The Lounge Lizard.
  • Silicone Teen - A state-shifting teenage alien boy who can turn to glass or sand or crystal. He is opposite of Johnny Panic. Replaced by Poppy.
  • Arena - A weapons-orientated version of the old Daredevil foe, Gladiator. He is opposite of Shaft.

Only Satana was the original Badblood member who wasn't replace from the team's concept proposal.


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