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Origin Story

Mystery Incorporated first began as a quartet of astronauts selected by the government in a prototype moon rocket to investigate a mysterious asteroid passed close to earth on its million year orbit. The astronauts consisted of astronaut Craig Crandell, physicist Jeannie Morrow, and two college whiz-kid college students Biff Baker and his young brother Tommy Baker. Once they landed onto the asteroid, they found a crater with an alien stairway winding down towards four gigantic alien statutes believe to be remnants of a long-dead race whose purpose was beyond their understanding. The power that was guarded by the statutes was in fact alive, and the astronauts stepped upon the decorated tiles beneath the statues the air was filled with tingling rays of colored light and completely changed their physical bodies with fantastic abilities. They emerged as Crystalman, The Neon Queen, The Planet, and Kid Dynamo and called themselves Mystery Incorporated.

As a team of superheroes, Mystery Incorporated faced many enemies like Amazona, Doctor Apocalypse, King Zero, The Mystery Collective, and Underman. Other adventures include exploring alternate worlds from Crystal Man's Maybe Machine.

Mystery Incorporated

One day, Mystery Incorporated was finish testing their new security systems in their underground headquarters, The Mystery Mile, when all of a sudden they were infiltrated by a mysterious intruder who somehow evaded their defenses undetected. At first he disappeared after he battled with Neon Queen, but then he managed to reappear again moments after his encounter. This time he managed to use Mystery Incorporated's defenses against them. The intruder managed to capture Kid Dynamo with a special trick arrow and escaped with his prisoner through the Maybe Machine. Crystal Man suspected that their intruder must have originated from a possible world from the Maybe Machine, and further explained his disappearance and reappearance was a result of time travel. After realizing that Kid Dynamo was missing, the rest of Mystery Incorporated followed their assailant through the Maybe Machine.

Creative Concept

Note: This group is not to be confused with the iconic Mystery Incorporated from the Scooby Doo franchise.

Mystery Incorporated was created by Alan Moore and Rick Veitch. The team was an homage to the Fantastic Four of Marvel Comics.


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