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    Twilight the Girl Marvel is the niece and partner of Professor Night and later a member of Youngblood. She is pastiche of Robin the Boy Wonder in the world of the Awesome Comics Universe.

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    Born in the early 1950s, Linda Kendall was the pride and joy of her family. Unfortunately, Linda's parents died from a family illness that's similar to porphyria's complaint when she was just seven years old. She was placed into the custody of her uncle, Taylor Kendall, who unknown to Linda was the costumed superhero Professor Night. Eventually, Linda discovered her uncle in uniform. Since both are sluggish by day, and advance by night, Professor Night decided to to make Linda his kid sidekick as Twilight, the Girl Marvel. Together as the dynamic duo of Star City they fought foes like Fakeface, The Lounge Lizard, and Jack-A-Dandy. Twilight even helped her uncle and Supreme when his archenemy, Darius Dax, teamed-up with Jack when the two built a machine that swapped their minds into their opposite bodies. At some point during the 1960s, Twilight befriends Supreme's sister, Suprema.

    By the early 1970s, when both Supreme and Suprema were reported missing, Professor Night and Twilight's souls were stolen and kept in stasis by an alien spirit-slaver named Hulver Ramik. He imprisoned their souls in Thought Space where Ramik also abducted numerous sixities heroes. While their souls were locked away, Twilight's body was safely looked after by her uncle's man servant Pratrap in the Halls of Night. As the years past, their bodies didn't age, thus making her and uncle in a form of suspended animation. Twenty-five years later, Supreme returns to Earth in the mid-1990s and rallied the Allies to help rescue the souls of their missing comrades. Once freed from Ramik's prison, Twilight's soul returned to her body.

    Like her uncle and all the other heroes in Ramik's prison, Twilight took some adjustment to the new time period. She and her uncle even came to the aid of Supreme and Suprema when Darius Dax tried to take over the Citadel Supreme. Once the danger was over, Twilight changed her costume to be a bit darker to reflect the counterculture of post-modern America. Twilight was then recruited by Shaft and Waxey Doyle along with Big Brother, Johnny Panic, Doc Rocket, and Suprema to form a new Youngblood after the team was previously disbanded in Judgement Day when Sentinel tried to framed Knightsabre the murder of Riptide. While a bit skeptical about her teammates, Twilight fights alongside them against foes like The Occupant, Sentinel's Badblood team, and the return of Jack-A-Dandy.

    Other Versions

    Youngblood: Bloodsport

    During the Youngblood: Bloodsport storyline all of the members of Youngblood are fighting to the death for the one slot on a multi-dimensional Youngblood Team. Twilight is killed by Suprema who fries her head with her eye beams in the second issue.


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