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Thomas McCall was your average sixteen year old boy. He loved sports and high school social activities. He lived with his father who was a top of the field genetic scientist. One day he snuck into his father's lab which was filled with many a dangerous and untested formulas. When he drank from one of the vials, the substance he consumed mutated inside of him, and turned his skin into an extremely durable substance like granite. It also increased his physical size and strength to superhuman levels. He eventually adopted the name of "Badrock" and joined the government sanctioned superhero squad known as the " Youngblood".

Character Creation

Badrock was created by Rob Liefeld in 1992. In a trading card, Badrock's real name was originally Billy Kinsey before it was changed to Thomas John McCall.

Character Evolution

Despite his physical appearance, he still retains the mind of a sixteen year old. Which often leads to him seeming immature, and needing instruction from the older, more mature members of the team. It has also lead to misunderstandings with other Image characters and more often then not, fights. He has battled with Savage Dragon, in attempt to see if he is worthy of joining the Youngbloods. This fight ultimately lead to his arrest. He has also done battle with Mighty Man who is a close friend to the Savage Dragon.

Once he finally matured he was given the task of investigating the realm of Hell with a team. He had become a valiant hero and was trying to save many souls who had unwillingly made the journey into Hell with him. Struggling to get the souls under control he also had to fight off Angels and Demons.

He eventually was forced to retire and take some time off from the whole super hero career, after Youngblood had disbanded due to Riptide's untimely death. The retirement gimmick didn't last long though, because he was eventually invited to join the Brigade, which was now on it's fourth official team.

On Liberty Island the Youngbloods reform minus a few members, plus a couple new ones. Badrock joins them, even though at some point he becomes seriously crippled and has to rely on crutches, he still manages to prove a useful asset to the team, even defeating evil reincarnations of his mother and father.

Recently he has been a major player in the Image United story arc.

Real name: Thomas John McCall

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Dr. Joseph McCall (father), Angela McCall (mother)

Group affiliation: Youngblood

Base Of Operations: Youngblood HQ (Washington, DC)

Height: 8‘ Weight: 1800 lbs Age: 17

Eyes: Glowing orange Hair: None

Powers and abilities

Height -8"0

Weight- roughly 2 tons.

Badrock has super-strength, well beyond class 100, being able to hold up skyscrapers and punch holes through titanium. He has also lifted well over 750,000 tons.

His flesh has the durability of solid granite.

He also has extreme knowledge and government training in most form of martial arts, and weapons.


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