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    Giger is the leader of the cyborg terrorist group, Cybernet, and later Mayhem, Inc. Giger is a great enemy of Youngblood.

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    Giger has a maniacal laughter.


    Giger's origin is mysterious, but he is a well known as the leader of the cyborg terrorist group, Cybernet. Giger, in concert with CIA head Jason Wynn, set up the pre-Youngblood organization, Operation: Knightstrike by luring Chapel, Al Simmons, and Duke [a double-agent working for Giger] to a Cybernet safe house on the outskirts of St. Louis. Knightstrike engaged Cybernet operatives and quickly disbanded with hem, but when faced with Giger they learned they had played right into his trap. Chapel and Simmons were able to barely escape when Giver triggered the safe house to self-destruct. In a related event, Wynn enlisted Giger to kill Chapel. Interestingly enough, Giger used this opportunity instead on an attempt to persuade Chapel to kill Wynn, stating that he feared Wynn's growing power that Wynn posed a greater threat to both of them than they did to each other. Chapel responded by blasting Giger, who was then revealed to be nothing more than a synthetic duplicate. A short time later, Giger led his cybernetic terrorists in a daring raid against Liberty II space station. Giger was successful in placing the station under Cybernet control, but his plan to seize control of the world's nuclear arsenal was cut short by the intervention of Team Youngblood. By all account, Giger was appeared to have been killed in battle by former Cybernet operative Dutch.

    Sometime later, Giger is joined by Blackrock, Warwolf, Poppy and Gage to form Mayhem, Inc., a made for TV super-villain group secretly formed by Douglas McGarry.


    Giger's personal power comes from a variety of complex cybernetic implants and appendages. All Cybernet operatives are equipped with implants that allow them to interface with a variety of computer and technological devices. Giger alone, however, possesses the ability to take control of other cyborgs as evidenced by his battle with Dutch aboard the Liberty II. In addition to his cybernetic abilities, Giger also possesses superhuman strength and limited invulnerability.


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