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"Snow Fun," Everyone seems to be into playing in the snow except Veronica, who sees it all as far too juvenile.

"The Acrobat," Archie joins the tumbling team, and impresses Mr. Lodge and Smithers with his new ability to flip-flop around the house without breaking anything.

"Screen Scene," A Hollywood studio tries to get Jughead's "typical teenager" opinion on its upcoming movie, "Cycle Queen" starring the beautiful Nanette.

"Snow Job," Betty tells Reggie to look inside himself and figure out why he's so mean to Archie.

"Devil Woman," We're presented with a day in the life of Veronica Lodge, and all the mischief and deviltry she can spread around in eight short hours.

"Snow Job," Jinx wants snow so she calls a Jack Frost she finds in the phone book.

"A Spell of Shovelling," A man sees Sabrina magically making snow disappear, and wants to get her into show business.

"Bully For You," Fangs Fogarty is always bullying Little Archie, hitting him with snowballs and stealing his lunch, but when Little Archie retaliates, Fangs complains to the teacher.

"Cover Girl," Betty's parents refuse to allow Betty to wear her miniskirt and mesh stockings and no coat out in twenty degree weather just because Veronica did it.


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