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    Midge is a character from the "Archie" series and although never a main character she often appears alongside her boyfriend Moose.

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    The gang from Riverdale are transported to a magical kingdom of fairy tales after Archie unlocks a book that he finds in the forest. By being transported there, the entire gang switch places with fairy tale characters who are transferred to Earth - Archie becomes Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, Jughead becomes Old King Cole, Dilton becomes William Tell, Reggie becomes the Big Bad Wolf, Betty becomes Red Riding Hood, Moose and Midge become the characters from the Prince and the Frog, Sabrina becomes the magic mirror and Veronica becomes Snow White. After the worlds are let back to normal, Archie must find the key to stop the flow of magical water from the mirror between the two which will revert things to normal. As he searches for the key, the other fairy tale characters return and fight for their roles back. Archie eventually finds the key but needs to be rescued by Tinker Bell. After he rescues her he switches things back but then finds that she is a new student at his school the following day.


    Midge Klump, sometimes spelled "Clump", is a character from Archie comics. She first appeared in Betty and Veronica #4. She's one of the few characters in the Archie universe who has never had their own series before. She appears regularly in all of the Archie comics. Her real name is not known; just as Moose is a nickname based on her athlete boyfriend's large size, Midge is a nickname based on her smaller height (back when the character was created, "midge" was a common term for a gnat and often used as a playful nickname for boys or girls of smaller height), although in later comics she is shown as having the appearance of being smaller only when standing next to Moose.

    Midge rarely has any stories that center around her specifically. She has two primary roles in the Archie comics. The first is as one of the background members of the girl posse centered around Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper, alongside Nancy Woods and occasionally Ethel Muggs; in these appearances, Midge and the other girls do little more than play "straight man" to the daffier adventures and romantic schemes of Veronica and Betty. Her second role is as as the "girl sidekick" for her boyfriend, Moose Mason; she almost always appears with Moose, whether just going around the streets or at a dance, though she also enjoys harmless flirting whenever she is out of Moose's sight, most often with Reggie Mantle.


    Midge is a nice, smart girl. But you shouldn't be fooled by her seemingly innocent appearance. Sometimes if a guy is bothering her, she will purposely lure him to Moose, who almost always beats them up out of jealousy. Midge is a loyal friend. She is also said to be a very good student. She's on many of the school teams, volleyball being her best sport. Her dream is to become a stunt woman.

    Midge is very emotional sometimes. Her parents divorcing made her angry and upset at everyone around her. She's also a die-hard romantic, and loves old movies. In one issue, Midge forced Moose to dress up as Rhett Butler to her Scarlett O'Hara for a costume party. She always insists that he takes her to all the "couple's spots" around Riverdale. Once she asked him to say "sweet things" to her. Alas, Moose just compared the redness of her lips to the zeros he gets on his homework papers!

    Despite everything, Midge hangs out mostly with Moose. Moose is a bodybuilder, and is six foot two and very strongly built. Most of Midge's and Moose's stories center around Midge talking to other guys. Moose gets angry and punches said guy out. Oddly enough, Midge almost never tries to stop him. Instead, she just stands around, and walks off with Moose afterwords, leaving the other guy lying in a heap on the floor. It was revealed that Midge and Moose have been dating since junior high, and in some stories Moose is shown to have had a crush on her even when they were in grammar school. Midge loves her boyfriend very much, but sometimes he isn't very bright, leaving her frustrated at having to explain everything to him. Once she had to show him why the mailman was delivering "Mr. Occupant's" mail to his house. Yet another time, when Moose had amnesia, he could remember everything but her, making her very angry.

    Sometimes, Midge gets tired of Moose, and will try to date other guys. This doesn't work, mainly because she always misses "that big oaf", as she calls him. They always get together at the end of the story.


    Midge's Riverdale High buddies include sweet Betty Cooper, rich Veronica Lodge, Big Ethel, and Nancy Woods. Although Midge is not very close to any of them, she is always invited to their sleepovers and parties. At one point Midge became Betty's "temporary" best friend when Veronica and her got into a big fight. They soon made up, however.

    She's also on good terms with Archie Andrews, his best buddy Jughead (although sometimes she's a little grossed out by him), and Dilton Doiley, the resident boy genius of Riverdale. She isn't very close to them, however, as though she has few close guy friends because of her relationship with her extremely jealous and temperamental boyfriend. Once Archie Andrews tried to tame Moose's temper by purposely talking and flirting with Midge to see if he can handle it. He couldn't. Another time, Dilton tried to hypnotize Moose. That didn't work either.

    Perhaps Midge's most interesting relationship is with Reggie Mantle. Reggie, or just "Reg", is Riverdale's resident prankster. He's mean, nasty, and sometimes even cruel to everyone around him. He also has an extremely large ego, and always carries around a pocket mirror and a comb. Reggie likes playing the field, dating girls here and there. However, he has often shown a softer side towards Midge, flirting with her and calling her "beautiful". And sometimes, Midge seems to like it a lot. This, of course, makes Moose furious. The Midge-Reggie-Moose love triangle plot is mainly Reggie trying to date Midge without Moose finding out. This rarely goes the way Reggie planned.

    Once, Midge would tell Moose to back off, or break it off with him, so that she could truly date Reggie for once. These stories always end in Midge finding out what a braggart and a selfish person Reggie Mantle really is. Plus, Reggie is so nervous that Midge was lying and that Moose was really trying to hunt him down for stealing his girl that he couldn't concentrate on making any proper conversation with Midge anyway!


    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Height: about 5'7
    • Weight: about 130 pounds

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