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"Doin' What's Natural," When Veronica spots Archie flirting with Betty, she immediately starts flirting with Reggie.

"Changing Times," With Pop staring at a financial downturn that may force him to close, Archie and the guys offer to update the shop's look.

"A Committee of One," Mrs. Lodge is spending all her time heading up various committees and do-gooder causes.

"Coachie At the Bat," Little Archie has trouble operating the pitching machine Mr. Lodge gave his Little League team.

"Cross Stitch," Veronica's attempt to sabotage the dress Betty made herself backfires when Archie prefers it with the stain.

"No Respect"

"Inferno, the Fire Breather," The Web stumbles onto a fellow super-hero seemingly robbing an art museum.

"Tribe Bribe," Reggie's latest prank on Archie, involving his playing Indian and Archie tied to a tree, ends up benefiting Betty and Veronica instead of him.


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