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    Ethel Muggs is a love interest to Jughead Jones.

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    Ethel Muggs was introduced as a tall, ugly and boy-crazy teenage student of Riverdale High School. She is considered an evolution of an older character called Ophelia Gleutenschnable, nicknamed "Zombie", who served as a love interest to Jughead in the 1940s. In either incarnation Ethel was unusually strong and agile. She soon became infatuated with Jughead Jones. The object of her affections would run while Ethel pursued. Over the years Ethel has developed into a more sympathetic character and a somewhat more appealing one appearance-wise.

    The modern Ethel is a rather plain-looking but athletic, smart and funny girl. She still tries to win over Jughead but storylines also feature her mostly friendly interactions with Jughead himself, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, etc. Jughead does get jealous when other boys turn their attentions to her. In the early 1990s, Ethel gained a second love-interest in Jeffrey. Jeffrey was a blind teenager and a bit of a peacock but appreciated her company. At the time Jughead was involved with Anita, a paralyzed African American genius but still got jealous. Jeffrey and Anita were eventually written out and the storyline was dropped.

    Ethel is a average student.

    Main love interest

    • Jughead- Ethel loves jughead. However, jughead often runs away from her. As a result, Ethel always chases Jughead and forces him to go out with her or date her. Perhaps due to this, Jughead is a good runner. Also, she is not below bribing Jughead to date her by baking cookies or treating him to food.

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