Character » Smithers appears in 455 issues.

    Hubert Smithers (or just Smithers) is the Lodge Family's loyal butler.

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    Hubert Smithers, usually just called Smithers, is the stereotypical butler in service to Veronica Lodge's family. In earlier issues, he was instead referred to as Jeeves. When he was visited by his nephew, his first name was revealed as Hubert.

    Smithers' father was a butler before him, also for the Lodge family. He and Hiram Lodge were childhood friends, at which point he was called "Smitty."

    He speaks very formally, referring to people as "Master" and "Miss", even Veronica's friends. At times, however, he refers to them only by their first name, reserving his formal addresses for the Lodges themselves.

    While loyal to the Hiram Lodge and his family, Veronica and her friends make a great deal of work for him. Veronica often gives him large loads to carry for her, Archie is constantly requiring ejection from the grounds (after annoying Smithers or Mr. Lodge), and Jughead has a tendency to make jokes about his weight.


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