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    Dilton Doiley is a boy genius. He is a character in the Archie universe. For a brief period of time, he had his own comic series called Dilton's Strange Science. In this series, he and his friend Danni Malloy had wacky adventures involving science fiction and crazy inventions.

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    The first word Dilton Doiley said was Pythagoras, a great mathematician and historian, instead of mummy or daddy. When he was one year old, he was already solving complicated mathematics problems.


    Dilton is an only child. Mr. and Mrs. Doiley, amazingly, look very much like their son. All three Doileys have straight, flat black hair. And they all wear thick-rimmed glasses. But his parents aren't very smart while in another story,his parents were shown as quite smart, helping Dilton by building a satellite. They rely on Dilton for things like when the powerbox blows up. Dilton does have an elderly grandmother named Muriel. Muriel is very shortsighted. She mistook Dilton's girlfriend for a boy once when she was not wearing glasses! She too wears thick-rimmed glasses, although her hair is white.

    Dilton also has two cousins. One of them is a beautiful blonde girl. Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge were very unhappy when his cousin started flirting with their on-again and off-again boyfriend, Archie Andrews. They encouraged DIlton to usher her out of town. The other is an annoying little boy with brown hair and glasses. He proved to be smarter than Dilton. He once beat him at chess! The Doileys don't seem to have any pets, although sometimes Dilton brings in rats and chickens and the like to experiment on in his laboratory.


    Dilton is the typical "nerd" type. He is extremely smart. In one issue, it was revealed that his IQ was 200! He often helps out his friends with their homework using his smarts. In one story,he was able to use his immense smarts to throw the basketball in the hoop just by calculating! One story was that he helped the mayor straighten out his budget. Being this smart isn't always the best thing for Dilton, as Reggie Mantle, Riverdale prankster, sometimes pretends to be his friend just so Dilton could help him with his homework. Thankfully, this backfired for Reggie. Not only was he caught, he was also forced to do his homework all over again. But this proves that Dilton was too trusting. Dilton enjoys building things and thinking up inventions in his laboratory. (His laboratory is really just his garage, but in some issues, he has a secret passageway in his room leading to another, more elaborate lab.) He has a female robot to assist him. Dilton also has a talking computer, but this is rarely shown in most of his stories.

    However smart he is, Dilton is always very, very shy around girls. Once he asked his friend Archie Andrews to dress up and pretend to be a girl so that he could try his "flirting" skills out on him. Another time he invented a female robot to serve as a dating partner. That didn't work, and he switched to trying to get an actual Riverdale girl to like him. He even brought barbells and tried to work out! Dilton is a very resolved and sweet person. Too bad for the bullies who sometimes pick him for a target. You never know what new defensive invention he has up his sleeve! However, Dilton Doiley can be very fierce like a tiger, shown when Reggie mantle made fun of moose and Dilton pounced on Reggie, threatening him despite his smaller size.

    Dilton loves school sports. But due to his small size and built, he fails to be able to make even the tennis team. So instead he tried out for the part of the Riverdale mascot. At games, he's now the Riverdale Bird, in a heavy costume with feathers glued on. His endless cheer for the team made them win the championship, and Dilton was declared a hero. One time, Dilton even made the track team. This was never mentioned in any Archie comic again, though. Dilton doiley was once almost made the team captain of the basketball high school team but he gave up the chance in the end so as to not anger Archie and Reggie as veronica had promised to date the school captain.However, in another story, he was top of the tennis ladder and stated that he got very good in table tennis due to the computer.


    Dilton's best friend, oddly enough, is Moose Mason. Moose is a bodybuilder with a beautiful girlfriend named Midge. He is extremely jealous and will beat up anyone who tries to even talk to Midge. However, he's always very kind to Dilton. He calls Dilton his "little buddy". This is because Dilton is very small for his age. Moose always tries to protect Dilton from anyone who wants to tease him. Moose also encourages him to try harder in gym (not always with good results). In return, Dilton is seen in some issues tutoring Moose for a number of subjects.However, as moose is not very smart,sometimes he has to use creative methods such as creating a song for moose to remember for the test. One time, he even tried to get Moose elected for school president, while ending up winning the title for himself. However, even Dilton can't talk to Midge. Moose got mad at him in one story for that.

    He may seem like a loner in most comics, but Dilton is on very good terms with most of the Riverdale gang. His close friends include Betty Cooper, a sweet blonde girl, Archie Andrews and his best buddy Jughead Jones, and Big Ethel. He's wary of Reggie Mantle, a nasty guy who plays tricks on everyone.

    Despite being shy with girls, Dilton actually has had some dates and relationships before! His first love was Dannie Malloy, a redheaded girl. Danni was just as smart as him, if not more. The two spent lots of time in Dilton's laboratory, doing experiments and testing out inventions. They also went out for a while. Danni disappeared when the Dilton's Strange Science series ended. Dilton has also dated some girls like Big Ethel. Big Ethel really likes Jughead Jones, but he always ignores her. Fed up, she turned to Dilton who told her that she deserved better. What they both had in common was that their size made them stand out. They respected each other and understood the feelings of being awkwardly sized.

    One of Dilton's bigger crushes was on Veronica Lodge. Veronica, or simply Ronnie, is a spoiled rich girl. She's said to be the most beautiful girl in Riverdale. She lives in a mansion bigger than a mall. Dilton couldn't stop thinking about her in one issue. He even made a computer printout with her name written on it over and over! However, Veronica was cold when Dilton revealed his feelings for her. She was interested when Dilton told her that, since he was so smart, he would make a lot more money than the guys she currently dated once he was out of school. But Ronnie told her she couldn't wait that long. Dilton's crush was gone.


    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Height: around 5'2
    • Weight: around 110 pounds

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