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    A friend of Archie Andrews.

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    Current Events

    The gang from Riverdale are transported to a magical kingdom of fairy tales after Archie unlocks a book that he finds in the forest. By being transported there, the entire gang switch places with fairy tale characters who are transferred to Earth - Archie becomes Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, Jughead becomes Old King Cole, Dilton becomes William Tell, Reggie becomes the Big Bad Wolf, Betty becomes Red Riding Hood, Moose and Midge become the characters from the Prince and the Frog, Sabrina becomes the magic mirror and Veronica becomes Snow White. After the worlds are let back to normal, Archie must find the key to stop the flow of magical water from the mirror between the two which will revert things to normal. As he searches for the key, the other fairy tale characters return and fight for their roles back. Archie eventually finds the key but needs to be rescued by Tinker Bell. After he rescues her he switches things back but then finds that she is a new student at his school the following day.

    History Moose’s real name is Marmaduke Mason. He lives in the fictional town of Riverdale and attends Riverdale High. Moose is the best athlete at the school, but is lacking severely in the intelligence category. He is most famous for being protective of his long time girlfriend, Midge Klump. He likes for no male to speak, look, or try to seek her out. Often he has attacked even his friends for attempting to converse with Midge. His famous catch phrase is D-uh and now Duh.


    Moose is an only child. His parents rarely appear in any of the Archie comics. Moose's dad is depicted as a skinny, balding guy, almost the opposite of his son. He seems to be very concerned with his son's poor grades and does whatever he can to help Moose get them up. Mr. Mason once promised his son a dollar if he passed his test. Moose answered with, "Dad, I saved you one buck!" Moose's mother has almost never been seen before. Moose also has a little cousin called Pete. Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones once hung Pete up in a tree as a joke, not knowing that he was Moose's cousin. They quickly ran away after Moose found out.


    Moose is a typical "jock" character. He likes working out and has a gym membership. He's very good at sports, and on many of the school sports teams. Soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, and football are just some of the sports he does. Once he lost a bet and even joined the cheerleading team! He was so good that he was once offered a full football scholarship to a very good university. However, after learning that they wanted to place him in extremely simple classes so that he'll easily get good grades, he declined because he wanted to improve his grades, not just play sports.

    Moose later found out that he has dyslexia, which affects his way of thinking and learning. In one issue, he copied down all of his teacher's instructions on the board wrong. Ms. Grundy, frustrated and not knowing why Moose couldn't learn like the other students, took him off his sports teams. Moose was angry, and he arranged for an eye examination, thinking that there must be something wrong with his sight for him not to be able to see the board correctly. That's when his doctor told him that although he has 20/20 vision, his brain receives the signals incorrectly, which is why he thought that the words on the board were upside-down and backwards. Moose is currently trying to overcome his handicap.

    One important characterization of Moose is that he's very jealous and overprotective of his girlfriend Midge Klump. Midge is pretty and nice, attracting guys such as Reggie Mantle to try and win a date from her. This makes Moose very angry. He'll beat up anyone who tries to flirt or even talk to Midge. Sometimes he walks around spying on his girlfriend, on the lookup for any guy who might be checking her out. Moose is very temperamental and won't listen to reason sometimes. This makes him hard to talk to. Sometimes the guys will avoid him because of this.

    But all in all, Moose can be very compassionate. He'll use his strength to help people in need, like lifting a heavy branch off of a little kid, or helping pour cement on a unfinished sidewalk. He admires "smart" people like his best buddy Dilton Doiley. Moose also loves animals. He's constantly helping cats get out of trees, and he loves butterflies. He once made a video of butterflies for a Science Club contest, unlike the other contestants who pinned butterflies onto a board. He got first prize for that.


    Moose goes to Riverdale High School like most of the other Archie comics characters.

    He likes gym class and cooking class the best. Moose does very poorly on his schoolwork, though, which is very upsetting for him because he needs decent marks to be able to stay on the teams. This prompts Archie Andrews and the rest of the guys to try and help me study for things like upcoming exams. They often go to his house and study with him till three or four in the morning! Moose's mind works very slowly, driving everyone nuts.

    Moose is looked upon as a god by the school coaches, Coach Clayton and Coach Kleats. Moose is often the captain and the star of whatever team he's on. There is a constant battle raging between his English, Math, and Science teachers and the gym class coaches about his marks and whether or not he can stay on the teams due to his poor grades.

    Relationships:Moose mainly hangs out with his girlfriend, Midge Klump. Moose has had a huge crush on her ever since junior high. Midge loves him back too, but sometimes Moose's jealousy drives her crazy. Frustrated that she can't talk to other guys without her boyfriend getting mad, Midge, on several occasions, had broken up with Moose. But both people found out that they are still the ones for one another. They always get back together at the end of the story. Midge often has the difficult job of explaining simple things to Moose, like why the mailman is delivering Mr. Occupant's mail to him.

    Moose's biggest annoyance is Reggie Mantle, or just "Reg", Riverdale's resident prankster. Reggie is mean and sarcastic to everyone. He plays the field and dates all kinds of girls, but to Moose's dismay, he likes Midge the best out of all of them. Reggie will always try to date Midge on the sly. Moose almost always catches him at it, and beats him up. But that doesn't stop Reggie from trying again and again. Moose dating Midge makes her forbidden to Reg, thus making her that much more appealing to him.

    Moose has nothing but respect for Dilton Doiley, the boy genius of their town. Dilton has a garage that he turned into a laboratory and is always making some wacky invention. Moose thinks that Dilton is amazing because his friend has an IQ of 200, and will sometimes make math sound so simple for Moose. Moose in return protects Dilton from any bullies who try to taunt and tease him. Moose also motivates Dilton during gym class, which is Dilton's worst subject.

    Moose's Future

    In both futures his relationship Midge ended due to his anger issues, ended their relationship. Midge Sees that their relationship could have been abusive if it continued. He went to anger management and yoga class to finally control his anger. He met up with Liana who is his instructor. She called him Duke she also helps him when he is depress.

    Archie with Betty Future

    Moose becomes a Janitor and keeps diligent feeling trying to follow Svenson footsteps. He was discouraging for not keeping up maintaining the school with it breaking down. He found out that his assistant Miko was sabotaging it. He was rescued by Soapy at the time the school was on fire.

    Archie with Veronica Future

    As the town was in trouble he announced his true name and his candidacy for mayor. With the aid of Reggie in speaking matters and the scandal from the opponents side he became the Mayor of Riverdale. He has gotten a lot of attention from businessman for being an honest politician, especially for apologizing for the snarky remark on the ex-mayor being in jail.


    Hair: Blonde

    Eyes: Brown

    Height: around 6'2

    Weight: around 200 pounds


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