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During the Rogers Rebellion in Scotland in 1040, England's 20 year-old Prince James is lured to a tower of the Castle of Solway Firth and slain by assassins. Because his destiny was thwarted by human intervention, James' spirit is not allowed to rest. Trapped in the castle, he kills those who slew him, then does little else for centuries afterwards.

Finally in 1940, with the onset of the war, the British dismantle his castle and ship it to the United States for safekeeping. However, the vessel carrying the castle is sunk by an enemy submarine, thus freeing James' spirit. Making his way to the U.S., James comes to be known as Mr. Justice, using powers derived from "the spectral planes" to protect others from the kind of foul play that ended his natural life.


Among Mr. Justice's powers are flight, the ability to travel freely underwater, and the capacity to generate forces which blast apart souls and bodies alike. Mr. Justice can travel about as a hazy blob of ectoplasm or as a corporeal being, but in this form is then vulnerable to fire.


He is a member of The Terrific Three.


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