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Super Duck

First Super Duck

The First Super Duck was Daniel Webfoot. He derived his powers from eating Quackers, a duck-shaped cracker. He was Riverdale's first superhero. The Quackers were invented by Owlbert Einstein, an owl and scientist. Approaching middle age, he retired and gave his costume over to Owlbert, before moving to Florida.

Second Super Duck

When the menace of Roboduck, a duck changed by exposure to trash in Riverdales James Pond, emerged, Salem called upon Clifton Webfoot, a schoolteacher and son of the previous Super Duck. Eating the Quackers caused a powerful transformation.


Clifton's costume consists of a bright yellow turtleneck sweater with the letters SD on it in blue. He wears blue gloves and slippers. His cape and underwear are red.

His fathers costume was similar but different. He wore blue shoes and a blue shirt with SD in yellow and red shorts. The rest of the costume was identical.


Clifton's Quackers are different than his fathers, Owlebert having added oat bran to the recipe.


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