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"The First 100 Years," Years ago in a land of mythical legends, wicked queen Veronica puts out a contract on Betty by paying off a witch.

"Dumb Animal," Hot Dog outsmarts Veronica after she calls him a dumb dog.

"Aimless Anger," Sabrina accidentally casts a spell on herself that changes her hair to tangled wire and adds an ugly dimple to her nose.

"Take a Message!", Li'l Jinx forgets an envelope that her dad wanted her to mail for him.

"To Catch a Thief," The girls mistakenly think that a man looking for the Cabot's mansion is a thief.

"Night Shades," Teddy reconsiders wearing sunglasses after he sees everyone else wearing them.

"Mark of the Great," The adults fear for Archie's prospects in the business world after seeing his horrible English test penmanship.

"Work it Off," A broke Archie gets a job from Pop Tate after being unable to take Veronica to the dance.

"Stolen Sweets," Everyone keeps taking from the box of candy Archie intends to give to Veronica.


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