Chew #25

    Chew » Chew #25 - Major League Chew, Part 5 of 5 released by Image on April 2012.

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    "MAJOR LEAGUE CHEW" Part Five For sale: One Cibopath, slightly used, extremely damaged.

    While Tony is missing, Amelia goes around town, and also calling Tony's friends and family, to find out information on Tony's last location. When nothing turns up on her missing boyfriend, she heads back to work to take her mind off things. Amelia's ex-boyfriend, Dan, makes the mistake in talking about Tony's disappearance. Knowing that Dan talking about Tony's disappearance was no coincidence, Amelia follows her ex-boyfriend to an abandoned theatre where he is auctioning off Tony.


    While Dan made his speech about dreams and following them, Amelia was outside gaining information about what is going on inside the theatre. Knowing that she couldn't get inside without a disguise, she used her abilities as a Saboscrivner to borrow a costume and walk through the front door. Dan was about to collect his pay from a group of private scientist that bought Tony, but was interrupted when Amelia busted in the door and demanded they release her boyfriend before she opens fire. Knowing that the gun was a decoy, Dan was about to rape Amelia, but a badly injured Tony Chu uses the remaining strength he had left and throws a baseball at Dan's head ending up killing him. In the end, Amelia rushes Tony to the hospital and John Colby gains a new partner; Poyo!


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    Highly Recommended!In this, the finale of the Major League Chew arc, it is all about Amelia and her quest to find Tony. Someone that has not only been missing from her life, but from the majority of the pages within this arc of Chew. Obviously he makes an appearance in this issue, a very unforgettable appearance, in fact. But again, this issue is not about Tony, it is about Amelia, her character, her resolve and her skills - doing it all for the man she loves. It is a fantastic and gruesome love...

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