Chew #28

    Chew » Chew #28 - Space Cakes, Part 3 of 5 released by Image on September 2012.

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    Remember last story arc when Tony Chu got kidnapped? This issue he gets kidnapped again! How lame is that? Meanwhile, we shameless pander to comics' coveted "furry" demographic.

    The issue picks up right after the events of issue 27, John Colby and Poyo are visiting Tony. When Toni enters the room to find out what John is doing, through conversation she begins to think that he is up too something suspicious. Caesar and Vorhees also arrive at the Hospital moments later. Ultimately to get rid of Toni, Poyo bites off her left index finger and she is sent to surgery to get it reattached. Caesar, Vorhees, Colby, and Poyo all leave immediately to kidnap Tony. It is revealed that each team--F.D.A. (Caesar and Vorhees) and U.S.D.A. (Colby and Poyo)--wanted to kidnap Tony because he could find out the location of Professor Angus; whom had the knowledge on how to make rotten cow meat into nuclear weapons!

    After the two teams compared notes on Professor Angus being captured after originally wanting to sell his ideal to E.G.G., Caesar fed Tony some blood that was mixed in with a milkshake to find the location of the professor and E.G.G. The team arrived at an abandoned warehouse and eventually busted in to stop E.G.G. from interrogating the Professor. The F.D.A. and U.S.D.A. agents were all surrounded by E.G.G. agents, however Poyo came and saved the day by completely annihilating all of their oppressors. Colby interrogated Professor Angus and he was about to tell Colby that soon the meat that wasn't rotten was soon going to be able to explode as well, however Colby knocked the professor unconscious and did not gain the valuable information. In the end, it was shown that what the professor was talking about was true as a farm that owned cows were beginning to explode spontaneously!



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    Chew: Animals! 0

    Plot: In Space Cakes Part Three, John and Poyo enlist Tony's help! Also POYO V.S. TONI! The Art. Awesome, I love the cover and the logo is amazing! I love seeing the Chew gang as animals. Something I've mentioned before is how much I love the continuity with the art, Tony's room still looks the same and even the cards and balloons are the same. It's just pretty cool. Story. So we finally learn more on how Toni and that one guy know each other(I don't recall his name) and it's pret...

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